Renaissance Period Marriage

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Arranged Marriages of the Nobility During the Renaissance period, arranged marriage was very common due to the fact that money, political power, and land would result from the marriage. Even though arranged marriages are depicted as an incompetent commodity there are benefits of the marriage for both the husband as well as the wife and that is why there are still arranged marriages today. An arranged marriage is where a third party selects the couple to married. In Renaissance time non-arranged marriages were almost unheard of with the nobility. According to the website William Shakespeare info when the third party is paring the couple they think about how that person could bring prestige or wealth to their family. According to Chateau …show more content…

An arranged marriage was the norm during the Renaissance period because of the many advantages. According to William Shakespeare info website practically every marriage in Renaissance time included a dowry. The dowry was all the property or money brought forth by the bride to her husband on their wedding day. Once the dowry was finalized the bride was essentially her husband’s property. In the book The Family, Sex, Marriage book it says in most circumstances the eldest son would inherit all of the family’s money. Therefore, the daughters were dependent on getting married. If there were no sons to inherit the money or land, the daughters were possibly considered for that inheritance. However, if that happened, it was still unlikely that the daughters would inherit anything due to the time period; women were not seen as equal to men. Even though money was a huge factor in arranged marriages, another factor was the political stabilization. According to Tudor history website an example of this is Catherine of Aragon. She was betrothed to Arthur the son of Henry VII of England at age three. This created peace between Spain and England. Six short months later …show more content…

According to arranged marriages| Modern/Basics an arranged marriage was required during the Renaissance times, whereas today they are viewed as just more of a very strong opinion for whom an individual should marry. In very few cases couples are now obligated to get married. The core reason for an arranged marriage today is for a brides and groom’s happiness or what they believe. In the Renaissance time, many couples would first meet each other on the day of the wedding. Today, that is very uncommon; couples now have time to meet and get to know each other. Over time arranged marriages have changed. It not looked at as an obligatory action that needs to take place, but it is seen as an event that occurs for the happiness of the individuals

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