Arranged Marriage In Shakespeare's Romeo And Juliet

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In Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet, Lord Capulet, Juliet’s father, decides that no matter what Juliet says she has to marry Paris even though she’s already married to the love of her life, Romeo. Getting married for a young person is the biggest life-changing event of their life and an important decision. The type of marriage a person has is mainly based on culture. Arranged marriages have evolved over time and are still in use today for certain people. Arranged marriage from the parents of a child is a bad idea because it may turn into a money pit for both spouses, it may restart old family feuds from the past, and it is unfair for a child not to be able to pick their own spouse to marry. How arranged marriage can turn into a money pit for both spouses is that if you got married to someone who doesn’t care then they might try and get a divorce. That means if there is a …show more content…

Also, arranged marriages from the parents decrease the chance of any physical or mental abuse. The author states, “The global divorce rate for arranged marriages was six percent compared to the fifty-five percent of normal marriages” (page2). This statement from the author proves that arranged marriages can and will last longer than a normal relationship. The claims that I have stated are a lot stronger than this one because the statistics here are not always proven every year throughout the world. Therefore, arranged marriages can and will lead to losing money for both spouses, startup family feuds, and cause a child of that parent to fell that they have no power to pick their own person to start a relationship with. The information from these paragraphs proves and shows why arranged marriages can lead to an awful lifetime for that certain person. The reader who is reading this argumentative essay should listen to these arguments about how arranged marriages will most likely ruin your

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