Women's Liberation Movement In The 1960s

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In the 1960’s a movement began amongst women. It was a movement for women that were seeking equality and rights.There were many movements going on at the time, but this was one of the larger movements. The movement started in the 60’s and carried through the 70’s and so on. It was an important movement that broke down the walls that kept women confined to social standards back then. This movement was the building blocks to why women have the rights we have now. The Women 's Liberation Movement was one of the more known feminist movements that happened after World War II. This event motivated women in developed countries to want the right to be something other than a stay-at-home mom and housewife. Women felt they deserved to be treated like men, meaning wanting the same pay and job opportunities. Women working wasn 't a topic usually discussed because women weren’t really allowed to voice their opinion on many topics that were important to them. This was seen as off putting and unacceptable. Men basically ruled women, women had to run every idea or opinion by their husband and nine times out of ten it wasn 't even really listened to or acknowledged. In the 60’s the movement came to a head, even so women were still thought to be too emotional for jobs of a man. Women were not taken seriously by men and rarely appreciated, just demeaned and seen as a lesser group of individuals. Their opinions didn 't matter to anyone but themselves. A poll in 1962 says 96 percent of women

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