Woodrow Wilson's Contribution To The Progressive Era

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The Progressive Era is one of the reasons America still stands strong today. It lasted from the 1890’s to the 1920’s and seeked to reform American policies and government. There are 3 main people who have contributed to the Progressive area - Theodore Roosevelt, William Taft, and Woodrow Wilson. These three presidents enforced and introduced laws and regulations that allowed more flexibility and choice for the people, and they are still in use today. If it weren’t for them, America would still be overly ruled by corporations and silenced by the government and our people would be sick. Firstly, Theodore Roosevelt, who served from 1901-1909 introduced and enforced many laws and regulations during his terms. He introduced the Meat Inspection Act and Pure Food and Drug act …show more content…

He passed the Federal Reserve act and was known for his speeches called the New Freedom. The New Freedom was composed of 3 reforms, the Tariff Reform, Business Reform, and Banking Reform. The Tariff Reform was to lower tariffs and replace them with taxes instead. The Business Reform was made possible through the Federal Trade Act (which he also passed), which searched out and halted illegal and unjust business practices. For the Banking Reform, modeled after the Federal Reserve Act, made it possible for farmers to make a living by creating Farm Loan Banks. In conclusion, the Progressive Era improved America in many ways. From lowering taxes and stopping criminal businesses and monopolies, every single Act passed by the presidents helped. Roosevelt’s, Taft’s, and Wilson’s legacy still lives on today in the form of banks, food regulations, and National Parks. Without the people’s freedom, the American Dream is not possible, as everyone deserves a chance at success. With the Progressive Era it was now set in stone that the American people can achieve the American Dream and have a chance of prosperity, stability, safety, and

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