Woodwind Instruments In The Renaissance

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The Renaissance is an essential stage period for all modern music and most musical instruments we use today. Several styles and techniques we see today were discovered during this time. Most importantly, a good number of musical instruments we use today have been developed from sample of instruments that were used during Renaissance (Smith 38). However, woodwind instruments are some of the instruments that were discovered during Renaissance period. The woodwind instruments family is made of a piece of wood, are usually played using fingers and blowing in the air by mouth, used for both ecclesiastical and secular music festivals, and has exotic shape. It is because many of these instruments were not being used or have been converted into a more modern form of instruments that we used nowadays.
Most of the woodwind instruments were made in a pipe-like a shape with very tiny holes in their sideways and used more often during the 16th century. According to Smith (50), from the year 1450s to 1550s, several woodwind instruments were designed in different sizes and shapes and performed using human voices. Many instruments such as guitar, trombone, trumpet, oboe and flute, which we use today, can be traced back to previous elements of the Renaissance. The woodwind instruments were much softer than most of the instruments we use today because they were made of wood and just wood but special wood and curved in a special way. However, some of the woodwind instruments, which were used
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