The Heroic Qualities Of The Wright Brothers

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There are many people in the world who are influential. These people impact the world in a positive way by inspiring people to follow their dreams, show leadership to others, and by their acts. An individual that shows these traits would be the first ever person to create a successful plane, Orville and Wilbur Wright. The Wright brothers are influential because of their accomplishments, character, and his heroic acts.

There are many accomplishments they made, but their biggest is they made the first successful plane. I know this because it says on “The Wright brothers, Orville and Wilbur were two American brothers, inventors, and aviation pioneers who are generally credited with inventing, building, and flying the …show more content…

One example of why he is influential because of his heroic acts is because on the website it says, “Orville and Wilbur Wright were two brothers who fulfill a definition of a hero with their amazing accomplishment of inventing the first successful plane.” This quote shows me that people think he has heroic acts because it says they fulfill a definition of a hero. Another example why he is influential is because the same website says, ”Now treated as heroes, Wilbur and Orville Wright continued to set new records in distance and duration in front of amazed crowds.” This piece of evidence shows me that people around the world see him as a hero to the world because it says they were treated as heroes. Last piece of evidence is according to the same website it says, “A hero like Wilbur Wright is someone who follows their dreams.” This quote shows me that he follows his dreams and made a change to the world with his heroic acts. This is my last reason why Wilbur Wright is influential.

In conclusion, the Wright brothers are influential. He had great character, legacy, and he made one of the best accomplishments in our world. If you knew how long it took to invent something, and Sir Geoffrey De Havilland, who invented the jet in 1949 and it took them a long

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