Wuthering Heights Quotes And Analysis Essay

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The passage that I thought was interesting was,
“They were silent -- their faces hid against each other, and washed by each other’s tears.” Pg. 126
I think this passage shows the level of emotion Heathcliff and Catherine are experiencing. Heathcliff has fulfilled his lifelong wish to have Catherine in his arms, but she is near death. He is experiencing many feelings at once. He is joyful to be with Catherine once again, but he is heartbroken because she only has a few moments left before she dies. Heathcliff is also angry because Catherine has brought this harm onto herself. He claims that she has “killed” them both. Catherine in her final moments has finally understood the true meaning of love. This passage shows the emotional and passionate side of Heathcliff, and the passionate desperate side of Catherine. …show more content…

emotion. This passage is right after Heathcliff and Catherine get all of their feelings out. This is the emotional part. Catherine claims that Heathcliff and Edgar have broken her heart. She says that for as long as Heathcliff lives she will never be apart from him. They have a passionate and emotional embrace. Then Heathcliff goes off, telling her that she has caused this misery between the two of them. She has ripped his heart out and kept him waiting for all these years. This is when reason comes into play. Edgar storms into the room just as Catherine loses all her strength. Heathcliff gives her to Edgar and tells him to take care of her and keep her safe. This shows that even though Heathcliff wants her for his own he is willing to reason with Edgar to keep his true love healthy. He is also trying to be reasonable with his emotion towards Catherine. Although he loves her unconditionally, he realizes that she is the one that has broken him and caused all this trouble throughout the last ten

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