Young Victor In Mary Shelley's Frankenstein

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Young Victor belonged to a very happy family and had an amazing life. He was smart and had many that loved him. From a young age, everyone saw potential in him due to how much he loved to learn. Instead of taking in the beauty of nature, he would first want to find out what made things tick. Everything was great for him and then one day he went to go study at Ingolstadt. However, he left a bit later due to a sad tragedy. His mother had died and she told her wish that she hoped Victor and his adopted cousin Elizabeth were to be married one day. Victor was depressed, however he saw this as a natural cycle of life and moved forward. He went to Ingolstadt there he built his creature. He spent 2 years isolated from his loved ones and finally finished his creation. Realizing what he had done, he ran in…show more content…
The creature took the life of Victor’s soon to be wife and Victor was torned. To make matters worse, his father died three days later. Seeking revenge, Victor set off to find the creature and to kill him. He followed the creature Throughout most of Europe and some of Asia. He then followed the creature to an icy ocean where his fate would be set. After a while, the ice broke and Victor was getting closer to his death until he noticed Walton’s ship and he went aboard it. He stayed with Walton weak and ill, telling him his story of the creature and making friends with him. He motivated Walton’s crew to do something’s that were insanely hard. However, his rage for revenge raged on, but his body could not keep on and he slowly died. In his final words, he decided that it was not the creatures fault for everything that had happened, but it was his. He then died not mad, not sad, but with a forgiving heart and a smile that showed he was okay. Victor was a very happy young man, motivated to do what he thought was right and without much of a thought. May Victor rest in peace and be with his family in the
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