Zeina Condon's Narrative Paper About Neutering

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In Zeina Condon’s narrative paper, she writes about her kitten receiving erections after being neutered. More importantly, she mentions how she did not know what was going on with her cat, and had to discover that he was simply having erections after being neutered. Almost all of the facts and events within Zeina’s narrative were true. However, her paper suggests that she, and her family, were extremely concerned and worried about her kitten’s safety and health. After thorough investigation, Zeina and her family did not experience a significant amount of concern or fear, if any. In addition, Zeina also made several factual claims about cats’ health in general, without any research or evidence to back up her claims. Rather, Zeina made factual claims in her paper based on her personal opinion. …show more content…

For example, she stated that neutering is beneficial to cats health. However, while discussing her narrative Zeina stated “I am not actually sure about this, but I included it in my essay anyway,” Upon further research, neutering does not affect cats medically in any positive way. In fact, neutering cats, only improves their behavior and can create rare medical complications and side-effects (Pros and Cons of Spaying and Neutering in Cats). Also, Zeina stated that she discovered that her kitten was simply having erections, rather than a medical issue, from a website titled “Kitten Erections: Are They Normal?” However, she later admitted that she did not remember what website she learned about cat erections on, so simply made up the title. In fact, Zeina stated that the title probably did not mention erections at all. But since she was making up a title, she decided to make it funny. So, Zeina’s narrative included factual inaccuracies, based simply on opinion, and a desire to make the paper more

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