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  • Acupuncture Essay

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    Acupuncture: The practice is the insertion of fine needles into acupuncture points (a.k.a. acupoints) just beneath the body surface. Needles varies in length between 13 to 130 mm (0.51 to 5.12 in), shorter needles for face and eyes, and longer needles for more fleshy areas; the diameters vary from 0.16 mm (0.006 in) to 0.46 mm (0.018 in), thicker needles for more robust patients. Acupuncture points are very precise locations and lie on channels of energy. The practice of acupuncture is based on the

  • Acupuncture For Children Research Paper

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    Acupuncture for Children Despite not being widely known Acupuncture for Children is becoming a more widely used treatment for headaches, stomach problems, joint pain, depression and other frequent health issues. Children are often apprehensive to have acupuncture as a treatment because of the stereotype of large needles being used but in reality the needles are extremely fine and often you cannot feel them at all. There has been a recent study carried out by an anaesthesiologist Yuan-Chu Lin, M

  • Acupuncture: A Complementary Medical Practice

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    An acupuncture is a complementary medical practice that entails stimulating certain points on the body, most often with a needle penetrating the skin, to alleviate pain or to help treat various health conditions. Acupuncture is used to treat other musculoskeletal conditions and pain conditions, including knee pain, low back pain, neck pain, morning sickness, headache, sprain…etc. The origin of acupuncture is, a long time ago, a Chinese soldier was wounded in a war. This soldier was wounded in his

  • Acupuncture Essay

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    Acupuncture for back pain is proven to be an effective therapy when performed by experienced acupuncturists. Many studies have shown that acupuncture can alleviate chronic back pain and enhance well-being in general. The studies also show that acupuncture techniques provide better results in relieving back pain than physical therapies and medications. How Acupuncture Works Acupuncture works by inserting very thin needles with certain depths into certain points of your body. Inserting needles into

  • Acupuncture Research Paper

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    Alternative Therapy: Acupuncture Background Acupuncture is part of traditional Chinese Medicine and has existed for over 2,500 years. It originated in China and has been practiced there as well as the Far East for thousands of years. There are sharpened bones and stones found that date back to about 6,000 BCE and are interpreted to be the instruments that they used for acupuncture treatment. During the 17th century, Acupuncture was introduced to Europe. The interest in acupuncture among the Chinese

  • Health Benefits Of Acupuncture

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    Acupuncture With more than 8000 years of history, acupuncture has been a popular therapy for various conditions, especially musculoskeletal health issues. The hallmark of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), it uses hair-thin needles that are inserted in specific points. Then the needles are either retained or manipulated gently to stimulate changes within the body to restore balance and promote healing. Below are the popular physical health benefits of acupuncture: Relief of Chronic Pain Acupuncture

  • Medical Acupuncture

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    Acupuncture is considered by many to be an effective, tried and tested healing system which has been used for thousands of years. The various types of acupuncture use needling techniques whereby acupuncture needles are inserted to identified points which can be found all over the body. These points are considered to have little whirlpools of energy (qi) at them and they are all connected to various body parts and organs via pathways or channels which are called meridians. The traditional origins

  • Informative Essay On Acupuncture

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    Acupuncture is a complete medical practice that is focused on correcting any imbalances in the body. It began 2,500 years ago in China to prevent, diagnose and treat diseases and to improve overall health. While there is no proof yet that acupuncture modifies the flow of energy throughout the body, there is proof that it influences the activity of adenosine, which is an amino acid that becomes active under the skin to relieve pain after an injury. This may explain why pain relief is often felt after

  • Informative Essay On Acupuncture

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    Acupuncture has been used as energy therapy . Its origin dates back to ancient China, where the use of needles was used to unlock the energy of the body . The flow of energy in the body is important, because it prevents diseases and helps metabolism. The history of acupuncture dates from the year 2500 a. C., practically of the beginning of the humanity. The first needles used for this medicinal method were made of stones used by the emperors of Ancient China. Over the years, more methods were

  • Acupuncture In Today's Society

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    Question: Can acupuncture therapies make a valuable contribution to health in today’s society? Summary of the research question and outcome For the Research Project I decided to investigate whether acupuncture therapies are making a valuable contribution to health in today’s society. I decided to do this as I’m interested in health and the idea of acupuncture was seemed very interesting. I wanted to explore how useful and effective acupuncture is, which would determine if this ancient therapy

  • How Does Acupuncture Help Cure Migraines

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    How Does Acupuncture Help Cure Headaches and Migraines? Acupuncture involves the insertion of fine needles into specific pressure points on the body which stimulates the nerves and helps blood flow throughout the body. Blood flow in the tissues increases when the small vessels around the area of the needle dilate. The pain of a migraine may be associated with the dilation of blood vessels in the head, increasing circulation in this area can worsen the patient’s symptoms. At New York AcuHealth, they

  • Benefits Of Acupuncture

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    Acupuncture for digestive problems Traditional Chinese Medicine has long understood the importance of a good digestion. Through digestion, all living creatures have the ability to transform food into valuable nutrients that the body needs. If the digestive force or the stomach is blocked weak or working at full capacity, the body will not receive the nutrients it needs to function or won’t be able to eliminate waste which may bring serious problems. Acupuncture has existed for quite some time as

  • Pros And Cons Of Complementary And Alternative Medicine

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    the past year. Evidence shows that CAM modalities such as acupuncture, diets, herbal medicine, homeopathy, massage and supplements show promise in effectiveness. The toxicity and limited efficacy of current treatment medicine for rheumatoid arthritis has caused patients to turn to CAM in hopes of improving their symptoms. Acupuncture shows to be effective in treating many painful conditions including chronic knee and neck pain. Acupuncture is defined as the insertion of needles into the skin and underlying

  • Meta-Analysis Examples

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    examples of meta-analysis show very little difference between treatments. One example performed by Madsen et al. studied the effects of acupuncture on patients with various pain conditions. 13 trials were performed on 3,025 patients. There was not much difference between the sham and the real acupuncture, but a larger difference with the group that received no acupuncture. This is perhaps due to the fact that these clinical trials were not blind for the patients or the practitioners. Dr. Colquhoun

  • Dbq Han Dynasty

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    For decades people have been wondering if the Han dynasty was effective or not. The Han dynasty was the dynasty after the Qin dynasty. Unlike the Qin dynasty that only ruled a short time of fourteen years, the Han dynasty ruled over four hundred years. So with the evidence that I have read, I believe that the Han dynasty was an effective government for a number of reasons. My first reason to believe this is that in the chapter warfare in TCI it says that the Han had a large and well organized army

  • Complementary Medicine

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    scientific medicine. Complementary and alternative medicine can be used together and is known as CAM. CAM is, “a broad range of modalities outside the traditional Western medicine approach to care” (Ritter & Graham, 68). Some examples of CAM can include acupuncture, yoga, and herbal medicine. Within recent years there has been a rise in the use of CAM. The 2007 National Health Interview Survey (NHIS) reported that 38% of U.S. adults and 12% of children use some form of CAM (Ritter & Graham, 70). The reason

  • Asthma Research Paper

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    the effectiveness of acupuncture in treating asthma, it reveals that there was no therapeutic effects of acupuncture on asthma, because at the end of the study there was no difference recorded between the control group and the group that is treated by acupuncture[8]. Additionally, acupuncture is associated with many risks such as infection because contaminated needles can transmit blood born infections such as AIDS and hepatitis [9]. In medical care point of view, acupuncture may enhance patient’s

  • Argumentative Essay On Acupuncture

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    years acupuncture has been used as a traditional medicine in Asian countries. Its followers reveal that can relieve pain and brings sense of wellness. Others believe that acupuncture does not cure chronic pain and it is all psychological. However a recent study “A randomized trial comparing acupuncture, stimulated acupuncture, and usual care for chronic low back pain.” has discovered that people can perceive different views in regards the meaning of acupuncture. The concept of acupuncture is to

  • Essay On Complementary Medicine

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    (NCCAM) stated that Complementary medicine term commonly refers to using a non-mainstream approach together with conventional medicine system. These complementary medicines consist of huge variety of therapies, products and health care practices like Acupuncture, Aromatherapy, Chiropractic Therapy, Herbal Remedies, Homeopathy, Hypnotherapy, Kinesiology, Meditation, Music Therapy, Progressive Muscle Relaxation, Reiki, Shiatsu, Spirituality & Prayer, Tai Chi and Yoga. Complementary medicine are also used

  • EFT Research Paper

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    What is emotional freedom technique? “EFT is an emotional healing technique, which is also capable of dramatically relieving many physical symptoms “ “EFT is a form of psychological acupuncture that uses light tapping with your fingertips instead of inserting needles to stimulate traditional Chinese acupuncture points. The tapping on these designated points on the face and body is combined with verbalizing the identified problem (or target) followed by a general affirmation phrase. Combining these