Dbq Han Dynasty

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For decades people have been wondering if the Han dynasty was effective or not. The Han dynasty was the dynasty after the Qin dynasty. Unlike the Qin dynasty that only ruled a short time of fourteen years, the Han dynasty ruled over four hundred years. So with the evidence that I have read, I believe that the Han dynasty was an effective government for a number of reasons.
My first reason to believe this is that in the chapter warfare in TCI it says that the Han had a large and well organized army. First of all, it says in TCI “Historians estimate [estimate: a guess as to the value or size of something] that Han armies had 130,000 to 300,000 men.” this shows that this dynasty was strong with a huge army. The text also says that “The army was …show more content…

It says in TCI that the Han made improvements on the Chinese governments and they softened the harsh rules and brought back Confucianism into that government. It says in the text “The government of China during this time functioned as a bureaucracy. A bureaucracy is a large organization that operates using a fixed set of rules and conditions.” this shows that the government changed because of the Hans and for that better, with a bureaucracy it was strong and effective. During this time it says in the text that “They had many responsibilities, including overseeing the maintenance of roads and canals.” At this time they also got ready for a family or any type of great disaster.This shows that these people were always getting ready in case of famine or anything. The text also says that “Before the Han dynasty, social status determined which government officials got jobs. The Han, however, based their choices on ability and knowledge”this shows that the people had based their standards on these people by their knowledge and ability and not status or blood, which was a huge and different thing that he 'd never happened and was the beginning of something new. So this was the second reason that I think the Han government was

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