Compare And Contrast Classical Greece And Han China

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From 600 b.c.e to 200 c.e 2 empires with distinct political, religious and social structures were formed in Han China and Classical Greece. The Han dynasty differed greatly with Classical Greece in how it governed, what they believed and its social structures which lead to it being able to sustain a much larger population and last for a much large period of time compared to classical; Greece.
To begin the Han dynasty continued the centralized government begun by their predecessors the Qin dynasty by having a monarchy however there were still regional governments. This differed greatly from the political structures in greece because in greece governments were organized in city states and many city states ran things completely different form others. For instance Athens was a democracy in which all male citizens over the age of 18 were allowed to vote. On the other hand Sparta was an oligarchy where power was placed in various military leaders. The primary characteristics that made Han china far superior to ancient greece was their civil service exam which lead to the government being lead by educated bureaucrats compared to just people based on their family title. Many people claim that Greece was superior because they allowed for citizen participation in a democracy …show more content…

Although this was not a happy lifestyle to live in this was still far superior to being a slave in greece which was a very common occurrence because in greece 36.5% of the population were slaves compared to only 7% of the population being slaves, mean people or other demeaning jobs in Han china. In addition Han china had a population of 65,000,000 vs only 315,000 in athens which was one of the large greek city states. This data proves that Han china’s form of government can control a larger

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