Compare And Contrast Mesopotamia And Ancient China

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Ancient Mesopotamia"Land between the rivers" (3500 B.C.E) and Ancient China(as early as 3500 B.C.E) are two of the many civilizations in history. Both civilizations left evidence of their way of life and accomplishment Mesopotamia ranging from the 12- month calendar, plow, cuneiform, ziggurats and number system based of on 60 count. China from ink, pictographs martial arts, great wall of China, and the art of porcelain. Mesopotamia had several civilizations within its own such as Assyrians, Sumerians, Babylonians etc.
Ancient Mesopotamia and Ancient China shared the same type of government. Although Ancient Mesopotamia began ruling its lands with priest kings eventually came to rule just as Ancient China, both civilization believed kings had divine approval. Social classes among both civilization followed the upper class, middle class, lower class structure. Upper class among the two consisted of the higher gods, kings, priest etc. Middle class consisted of peasant farmers, merchants, fisherman etc. Lower class consisted of slaves, lower gods and many more. Mesopotamia followed "Hammurabi's code of Law" and China followed "Confucius Golden rule" …show more content…

They looked up to the forces of nature such as rain, wind, water and sun. Mesopotamia civilization believed that the forces of nature are inhabited by spirits. This was known as animism. This also went hand in hand with their cosmological point of view. Ancient China agricultural communities linked local spirits with natural forces. Although China held great spiritual appreciation for the gods of nature its most powerful, and divine of the spirits were those of deceased ancestors who they believed rested in heaven and served as a link between earth and heaven. This relationship of believing in many gods was expressed through worshiping ancestors, and sacrificial rituals for the many

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