Border Essays

  • Border Security Thesis Statement

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    The need for security of our borders has become more prevalent since 9/11 and the use of Border Patrol has helped to ensure this security. Along with the increase of security on our nation, the increase on regulations governing not only police officers and government employees the regulations for Border Patrol have grown to ensure they are staying within the scope of their jurisdiction. Even though warrantless searches are deemed constitutional for Border Patrol, due to the amount of immigration

  • Border Patrol America Rhetorical Analysis Essay

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    Rhetorical Analysis on Border Patrol States After a bad experience with border patrol agents Leslie Silko, a Native American writer felt the need to fight back in the only way she knew possible, by writing “Border Patrol States.” She eloquently writes an article that is timeless and relatable even today about the unjustness people feel at the border checkpoints. Silko’s article is able to pull feeling from the audience through the use of multiple rhetorical devices. It’s clear while reading the

  • Into The Beautiful North Character Analysis

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    Since Tres Camarones does not have much contact with other people outside of their community, the only information Nayeli has to go on are stories from her aunt Irma and the expectations she made in her head, making the thought of crossing the Mexican border into America seem easy. In the beginning, before she leaves for America, she says, “The Americans will be happy we're there! Even

  • Globalization In The Tropic Of Orange Analysis

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    Nish Chhabra Novel Genre Globalization in the Tropic of Orange In the Tropic of Orange, Karen Tei Yamashita mixes the real with elements of allegory, consciously embodying elements of what is now considered the magical realism genre. Set in a world where one would not expect magic to occur; Yamashita demonstrates the consequences of globalization through fusing it with Latin-American magical Realism. While not purely mimetic of the actual world, the fictitious world created by Yamashita is also

  • Karl Marx's Theory Of Alienation In The Contemporary World

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    Karl Marx considers labour as a conscious act and not just as another physical act. He believes that humans through labour derive their subsistence and survival, they establish a relationship with their prolific powers and hereafter sustain themselves and form a connection with nature and can use it in their lives. Thus, labour doesn’t just remain a physical act, but also one that brings about realisation of one’s self. Marx compared the situations under feudal and capitalistic soc ieties, and he

  • Bread And Roses Analysis

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    The movie “Bread and Roses” really gives the viewer a clear sign of what it is like being employed in a minimal paying job, while belonging to the lower class. It is sometimes effortless to discern the social economic status that an individual belongs to, based on their income, appearance, and sometimes even race. However, just because it may be easy to recognize, how it came about is a lot more difficult to explain. The occurrence of the events in the movie “Bread and Roses” can be explained by

  • Essay On Disadvantages Of Criminalisation

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    The uneducated have more criminal cases against them, as do those who are in the 36-45 age group”. “It is fashionable to deride politicisation of criminals, especially when correlations (which don’t necessarily indicate causation) suggest that to be successfully elected as an MP, one should have criminal connections and money, with education perhaps a disadvantage”, he adds. And agrees that some candidates are “accused and not convicted because of warts in the criminal justice system”, he writes

  • Rhetorical Analysis Of Ho Chi Minh's The Declaration Of Independence

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    Ho Chi Minh, a revolutionary for the Vietnamese nationalist movement was a key figure for many during the Vietnam War leading his country to independence. The Declaration of Independence, written by Ho Chi Minh focuses on the reasons for behind disclosing independence for Vietnam. Before the Vietnam war, two authors depicted their view on human values, specifically on the importance of independence, Henry Thoreau, and Ralph Waldo Emerson. Thoreau, a man imprisoned unjustly for one to two years, later

  • Karl Marx Alienation Analysis

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    The founding fathers of sociology, Karl Marx and Emile Durkheim, have played a profound role in influencing the development of sociology. This essay takes a critique stand on the similarities and differences in Marx’s concept of alienation and Durkheim’s theory of anomie. Karl Marx’s works which are still popular to this day, attributes to the adaptability of his concepts in today’s society. For example, Marx’s theory of “alienation” has grown popular in not only political and existentialist philosophy

  • Reflection On Social Stratification

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    SOCI1001 Introduction to Sociology Mak Samuel Kit Wai / UID 3035197072 Date of Submission: November 20, 2014 Reflective Memo Topic : Social Stratification (1143 words) The modern world we are living in consists of a complex structure, in which different classes of people and various kinds of institutions form our stratified society. In the beginning of the essay, I am going to observe and understand our society with three classical sociological theories suggested by Emile Durkheim

  • Summary Of Judith Butler's 'The Suppliants'

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    The Suppliants is a tragic narrative regarding fifty maidens of Egyptian King Danaus who escaped from Africa to Greece. Their father accompanied them as they run to avoid marrying their fifty cousins. The marriage would have been committing incest in the eyes of God. In the ancient Greek city-states granted asylum only to those who took refuge in a temple or sacred place and called upon the gods for protection. The Suppliants therefore, had to be accepted officially as asylum seekers and be protected

  • Border Culture

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    Complexity of the Masculine Role in the Border Culture “In the past twenty years the population of border cities has exploded largely as a result of migration from poor, rural areas of Mexico.” (Broughton 569) This has resulted in a drastic change in the landscape of the culture in these border cities. “The movement to and beyond the border has been shaped dramatically by gender. Men have consistently made up about 75 percent of border crossers from Mexico since 1970.” (Broughton 571) History

  • A Day Without A Mexican Analysis

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    importance of Mexicans in regards to job creation are the border security guards in the 2004 film A Day Without A Mexican directed by Sergio Arau. When the Mexicans disappear when the fog comes in “... Border Patrol has no work to do in the field because the Mexican side of the border is shrouded in fog and so they end up sitting around wondering about what has happened…” (Marambio and Tew 484). With the disappearance of Mexicans the Border Patrol finally realizes the positive impact the Mexican population

  • Essay On Border Wall

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    “We are trying to get a border wall to protect millions of low income Americans against folks who aren’t supposed to be here. So, it’s a national security.”~Mick Mulvaney. There are many controversial opinions about the wall that the government is willing to build. A border wall would be necessary for specific reasons, such as drug control. believes that a border wall will prevent drugs. believes that a border wall will stop illegal substances from coming into this country

  • The Importance Of Border Controls

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    Migration and border controls are one of the most controversial and debatable topics in the USA, given its current political status. People of color are constantly being stopped and thoroughly checked at the migrations stands in airports every day, every hour. People of color are seen as enemies and criminals, while Caucasian people are seen as innocent. The superiority of being a Caucasian and disdain to any other nationality/ethnicity has reached epidemic proportions. It is nothing new that every

  • The Border-Personal Narrative

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    and a white center. My trembling, shaking, shivering ankles could not wait until the moment I could rest. The sky was sparkling with sunlight as the light breeze carried, until I had finally reached the border. However, my spurt of hope was short lived as a dozen of protesters lined up on the border. The protesters roared with frustration as they refused to allow

  • Border Thinking Essay

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    A border can simply mean an edge or boundary of something or a line that indicates a boundary marking and separating one place from another. In a broader sense, border separates “one nation from another or a nation or, in the case of internal entities, a province or locality from another” (Martínez 1994: 5). As an edge or boundary of something, a border evokes a concrete meaning that one can easily picture. As a line separating two areas, the borders can be in the form of fences, walls, gates, or

  • Border Security Analysis

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    an instrument to promote effective border protection may include analytics, biometrics, cargo imaging scans, surveillance systems, drones and robotics. It was posited that the use of analytics, biometrics and cargo imaging scans can be used to help tackle immigration fraud by highlighting groups of people that are at a higher risk of over-staying, failing to pay

  • Border Security Quotes

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    Border security truly is Canada’s first line of defence for Canada’s safety. There are over 1200 border crossings in Canada and they protect the entire country and are the first line of defence on terrorism and illegal activity. The CBSA (Canadian Border Security Agency) does a whole lot more than what people see in their encounter with the border security. The CBSA is a federal agency that is responsible for immigration enforcement, border enforcement and customs service. Today I’ll go into detail

  • Essay On Border Identity

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    the terms of borders and identities have always been connected to each other. Passing through the other side of a border usually means transforming of the personal identity and culture into something delicate. This situation is especially true when passing through the border of Mexican and United States. Living on the border or after passing through it, it is almost like each immigrant’s identity, although it should be limitless, is surrounded with borders. The existence of the borders that wraps around