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  • Unit 207 Handling Cash And Account Analysis

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    confirmation a booking and for security Cheque most common for businesses to only ac-cept business cheques or bank cheques. If personal cheques are accepted, the ac-count holder’s drivers licence number and address should be written on the back as some form of security Voucher a gift voucher permits a certain

  • Advantages And Disadvantages Of Reconciliation In A Company And A Bank Account

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    These errors can include addition and subtraction errors, double payments to the vendor, lost cheques and missed payment. The company might have recorded an invoice as paid in its general ledger, but a bank reconciliation might reveal that the company forgot to write the cheque. At times, the bank might make an error in the company’s favour. The company will be liable for returning that money, even if it has already spent it.  Payables

  • Swot Analysis Of Habib Bank

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    TABLE OF CONTENTS Title Page # Acknowledgment EXECUTIVE SUMMARY • Industry overview • Mission Statement • Vision Statement • Core Value • Product lines • History of Habib Bank Limited • Board of Directors • Senior Management BUSINESS OPERATION • Organizational Structure • Business process analysis • SWOT Analysis • Marketing and competitive Strategies LEARNING AS A STUDENT INTERN • Duties CONCLUSION 04 05 06 08 08 09 09 11 12 13 16 17 18 29 31

  • Activities In General Banking

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    activities to do and chance of learning. In general banking and accounts department I deal with customers on daily basis. I learnt how to fill the deposits slips/credit vouchers, E-banking form, ATM form, cheque book application form, reactivation of dormant account form, and also learnt how to fill the cheque. MISS JAWERIA WAHEED guide me how to deal with customers when they

  • Non Interest Income Case Study

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    From the above, we have understand that non interest income is one of the type of bank income that charge by the bank through the penalty to customers or charge by giving the some services to their customers. One of the most common type of the non interest income for the bank is the service fees income. What is a service fees? A service fee is the fee that have been charged by the bank through the bank help their customer to manage their bank account. When the customers make the transactions to deposit

  • Advantages And Disadvantages Of E Banking

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    facility. Customers ' numbers are normally not the same as account numbers, because a number of customer accounts can be linked to the one customer number. The customer can link to the customer number any account which the customer controls, which may be cheque, savings, loan, credit card and other accounts. Customer numbers will also not be the same as any debit or credit card issued by the financial institution to the customer. To access online banking, a customer would go to the financial institution

  • Globalization In Banking

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    registers and paper bank accounts are no longer used. Emerging trends include IT implementation and management, IT for business innovation, Managing IT risks and IT for internal effectiveness. E-banking includes services like credit and debit cards, e-cheque, and DMAT accounts, telephone banking, ATM, EFT (electronic funds transfer), ECS (electronic clearing services), EDI (Electronic Data Interchange), mobile banking and internet banking. RTGS (in March 2004) and National Electronic Fund Transfer i.e

  • Advantages And Disadvantages Of Pay Order Instrument

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    mail. • Pay Order: Pay order is the intra city mode of transferring funds. It’s a Cheque drawn by the bank on itself. There three parties involved in the pay order instrument are; purchaser, Bank, receiver. It can be purchased by any customer. • Outward Bills for Collection: The bills which the Bank sends to the other bank in intra or

  • Cash Department Case Study

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    much care. Though my manager gives me this opportunity to work in cash department for a week and I try my best to learn as much as possible. In cash department I saw that receipt counter receive cash and maintained it. Payment must make against the cheque holder after verification of signature by the certified person. Cashier also has responsibility of transferring

  • Internship Report On Bank Internship

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    2.4.1 BRIEF INTRODUCTION OF INTERNEE’S OFFICE/BRANCH: Internship is a requirement for the Degree of BBA Honours so; I did my internship in National Bank of Pakistan. The Head Office of National Bank of Pakistan is located at I.I. Chandigarh Road, Karachi. The Branch where I did my internship was the Rawalpindi Cantt. Board Branch of National Bank of Pakistan. A total number of 18 branches of NBP are currently working in Rawalpindi Region. This Branch of National Bank of Pakistan has Branch Code 0642

  • Advantages And Disadvantages Of Saving Deposits

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    Bank Deposits Bank deposits consist of money placed into banking institutions for protection. These deposits are made to deposit accounts such as savings accounts, checking accounts and money market accounts. The account holder has the right to withdraw deposited moneys, as set forth in the terms and conditions governing the account agreement. (staff i. , 2017) • Saving Deposits Saving deposits means mainly for business people and middle class people to help them to deposits their small savings.

  • Banking System In India

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    1.INTRODUCTION Banking system is the backbone of any nation’s economy, so it is very important to have a system with the lack of failures. In the repid growth in the Indian banking system we also found growth in the bank scams in India. As the banks always deal with money, temptation is high for some of those associated with banks to find out loopholes in the system to make personal gains fraudulently. This is especially true for developing countries like India. "The banks are the lifelines of the

  • Importance Of Post Office Savings

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    Post Office Savings Post office savings are offered by the Indian post office as their savings and investment schemes. Post office schemes are also like commercial bank schemes. Initially, institutions called banks used to operate the savings bank account. Thereafter, postal department took up the responsibility of providing a facility to save through their post savings accounts. When this account became popular, the Government of India could collect crores of rupees. Post office saving is the best

  • Customer Satisfaction In Banking

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    Abstract Purpose of the study was to study the factors affecting customer satisfaction in banking sector of Pakistan and to find the connection between service quality, customer satisfaction and customer loyalty. Research of the study is quantitative and surveys research method has been used in it. Data was collected from different such as: Khairpur and Sukkur. Results of his study show that there is important correlation between service quality and attributes and customer satisfaction. It also

  • Bhatkal Urban Cooperative Bank Swot Analysis

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    2.2 COMPANY PROFILE: Name of the bank: Bhatkal Urban cooperative bank Ltd Bhatkal Address: Urban bank building : 66|1 1st floor main road Bhatkal : India Karnataka581320 Telephone: 08385-223532 Establishment: 1964 Branches:  Kundapur branch (9880730437)  Murdeshewar branch (9880730438)  Mangalore branch (9880730440)  Shirur branch (9880730441)  Mangalore Branch (9880730442)  Nawayat colony Branch (9880730443) E Mail: FAX : 08385-223768 The Bhatkal urban Co-operative Bank

  • Functions Of Commercial Banking

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    are: • Securing the cash kept there and enabling withdrawal whenever required. • Giving cheque books for all kinds of bills as well as payments to be delivered through post. • Gives loans like, personal, commercial, and mortgage for purchasing houses, property or for business. • Gives credit cards and deals with the transactions and billings through credit card. • Gives debit cards to be used instead of cheque. • Financial transactions can be done at its branches or with the help of ATMs (automatic

  • Trust Bank Case Study

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    or implied and the court can infer implied consent in the circumstances of the case. In Sutherland’s case, the defendant bank dishonoured a cheque drawn by S on her account in favour of her dress-maker. There were not sufficient funds in the account; but the real reason for the dishonour was the bank’s knowledge that S was betting, since she was drawing cheques in favour of book-makers. The bank thought that the account was not of a type where overdrawing should be allowed. S telephoned the bank’s

  • A Day In The Life Of A Manager Case Study

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    A Day in the Life of a Manager Prepared for Puan Norzan Abdullah By Chan Choi Leng October, 2014 HELP University Executive Summary The case study is about the day in the life of a bank manager. The bank manager is called Majorie Wong-Gillmore and she is working at the Milpitas branch of Security Pacific National Bank. Every day, the bank manager has busy routine to perform activities and the management of the business. The relationship between Wong-Gillmore and her customers, her staff

  • Advantages And Disadvantages Of Multichannel Banking

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    Referred to as self-service banking and omni-channel banking as well, multichannel banking refers to the concept of equipping bank customers with more than one communication channel through which they can take care of any and all of their banking needs. And, in this booming digital age, its no surprise that creating a means for digital and comprehensive self-service banking channels is a prime concern for banks right now. Of course, we already have a number of multichannel banking avenues already:

  • Citibank Credit Card Case Study

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    1) What are the different categories of credit cards from Citibank India? Citibank India offers credit cards in categories such as travel, shopping, fuel & lifestyle. In addition, the bank also extends Corporate card for companies and institutions. 2) I am a frequent air traveler and interested in PremierMiles credit card from Citi. Please tell me more on how much miles I can earn. PremierMiles card is exclusively designed to meet the needs of the discerning air traveller. You can earn 10 miles