Concert Essays

  • Hmong Concert Report

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    were three sections where people can sit which in the left side has barely anyone sitting, in the middle section it was full, and in the right section there are half as many people in the middle section. I can see that most people that came to the concert are in their 20’s to 30’s, which there were no old people or teenagers. You can hear echo’s when people are talking in the auditorium. The audience became silence as the lights were shut off dark. Soon there was a light shining

  • Reflective Essay: Marching And Concert Band Performance

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    again; I went to the junior summer camp last year (2016) and had a wonderful time preparing music with musician I did not know and got to learn. I have truly grown as a musician these past years, have had memorable experiences during marching and concert season, one goal I have is taking my playing abilities into college. I started playing clarinet in the sixth grade and spent that year learning as much as I could in a public school with 43 beginning clarinets. That summer going into seventh grade

  • Music Class Analysis

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    of the most enjoyable class i’ve taken this year. It was a happy environment where you can be yourself, and have fun. I took a lot of things away from this course, and made a lot of memories. At the end of the course we had to perform in two concerts at a local church. A couple weeks in advance we would go to the church during chorus class on Tuesdays and Thursdays. I really enjoyed taking the bus and getting to leave the school for about a hour. The first day we went to the church I was kind

  • Characteristics Of National Honor Society

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    An ideal member of the National Honor Society must demonstrate the following characteristics: Leadership, Service, and Character. To qualify for such a prestigious organization, one must qualify with a GPA of at least 3.5. Academically, I have been able to do so, maintaining a cumulative GPA of 4.11 and yet to receive an overall grade below A- in these past three semesters of High School. Moreover, I have been taking two languages, Malay and French, as well as juggling advanced classes such as Integrated

  • African Night Analysis

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    African Night was truly an Amazing Experience and I commend The African Student Union for providing us with authentic African culture. Africa Night took place March 3rd in the Fine arts building. The audience was mainly college students on the Friday night's show, I attribute this to the lower prices on Friday, as appose to Saturday. For most of the performance the audience listened and watched in awe, but in some portions of the performance I noticed the audience shouting and dancing to some of

  • The Importance Of Music To Film Music

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    Music as an artistic way to accompany people from their born to grow up, and it influences people to have their own analysis to art performance, no matter its musical or film music. As I start to take this course, I begin to pay more attention to the film music and realize how the importance of music in a film. Through the learning of unit 4, I got some important concepts of dramatic film score. The music change makes the film industry get into a new page, and directors begin to accept the existence

  • Concert Experience

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    Introduction / description of the concert experience as a whole I went to the FGCU choirs and Fort Myers Mastersingers concert and it was like entering a whole new world. At first I thought a classical concert was designed for an older more sophisticated crowd but I was wrong. As I stepped into the Bower School of Music, I could feel the presence of art all around me. The pristine architecture of the venue was mind blowing. Other concerts that I have attended did not have the same calm but exciting

  • How To Make Shoe Laces Essay

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    You might have played or run for 3 or 4 years, and you have never had a problem with your shoe laces, but that first time comes, and you curse your whole shoes out. A regular shoe tie can certainly come undone, which brings about an unsafe situation. If your shoes aren’t tied properly, then your foot will move around far more inside the sneaker. This will only get worse as the laces loosen more and more with each step that you take. You also risk on stepping on your shoe laces, have somebody el¬se

  • Concert Critique

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    The concert on May 5th turned out to be pretty good. The concert turned out to be enjoyable and was a fun time for people to listen to their children either play an instrument or sing. I heard multiple good things about our concert, things such as how cute the elementary kids were and how good the band played. I think we sounded better than other years. This is the best we will sound when compared to the years to come. We have improved quite a bit, however, which did help us for this concert. There

  • Marching Band History

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    Clark Bolding Gibbons US History 19 May 2016 History of Marching Band Marching band has evolved massively since the days where their sole use was to send signals to troops on the battlefield. Since then many different variants of the musical art form have been created including show bands, field bands, and drum corps. Every single form of marching band we have today can be traced back to the Ottoman Empire’s military in the 1200’s. Their band, called the mehter, was composed of many variants

  • Personal Narrative: Quitting The Marching Band

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    director ended up making where low brass wasn't a section, everyone was there individual leaders. Which Ozzy a hissy fit over, because he wanted the section to be whole, but in the end he got over it. At the end of every Marching season, we have a concert and play every song we have played that season and awards are given out. Due to all my hard work and practicing I got the “Most Improved”

  • Jazz Concert History

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    performed its tunes. A Jazz concert can be a fantastic opportunity to not only hear some great music, but learn about its cultural significance in American history. All of this can be reflected in a well-written report about a jazz concert”.) by Bill Varoskovic. The latest concert that I attended On wednesday october 21,2015 was the cumberland county college jazz showcase. It was held in the the performance art center. This was my first time attending a Jazz concert. Therefore, I didn’t know what

  • Concert Review: The Fifth House Ensemble Concert

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    The concert I attended, with my sister and friend, was held at FAU’s beautifully quaint University Theater. The room was only half full with student, professors, and various other adults. The Fifth House Ensemble performed three different “acts”. The first was a few different comedic opera songs about “Employees Wash Hands”, “Cascading Water”, and “Lipstick”. These songs were comicial with a refreshing twist. Megan Ihnen was the solo singer throughout the pieces. The second act was a concerto featuring

  • Concert Analysis Essay

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    way. When people go to concerts, they don’t only listen to the music being played, they also look at what music and songs they are playing or singing, and the order of the songs. The order of the concert has an effect over whether the audience will enjoy the music or not. Above, I listed what I think the order of the songs should be. The concert repertoire should be in this certain order, based on our concert’s intended purpose, what our audience is feeling during the concert, and what Christmas means

  • My Bassoon Concert

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    This concert was performed in a small hall in the main music building. The performer was a music professor who was doing a bassoon concert. She was accompanied by three other musicians playing the piano, flute, and oboe. Except for the final composition, she only performed with one other instrument at a time. The performance was broken down into 4 songs, each rather long in length. There was a brief intermission in between the first two songs and the remaining two. Most of the songs were long and

  • Essay On A Band Concert

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    WOW, who knew that band concerts could be so nerve racking. Once you get through one you want to do it again to get things right and to do the things you already do right. I believe that this band concert was very successful. I was not playing do to an injury that is now getting better. I will be reflecting on my last rehearsal I think I did very well at my last rehearsal was very successful. I believe I was successful in articulation. To succeed in articulation you half to pay attention to the

  • Triumph Of The Will Analysis

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    Alan Sennett gives more interesting insight about the power of imagery in his journal article, Film Propaganda: Triumph of the Will as a Case Study: Of particular significance and artistic merit is the aforementioned opening sequence that constructs Hitler as a god-like figure descending from the heavens through the clouds over Nuremberg to visit his adoring worshippers. The powerful religious imagery of the first part of the film surely could not have been achieved simply through competent montage

  • Winter Choral Concert

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    The Winter Choral Concert went really, really well. It contained some great pieces of music, but only a few of which I knew. Mrs. Mormann is the new chorus director and she is great at what she does. The winter concert is only the second concert that Mrs. Mormann has conducted at the Asheboro High School Performing Arts Center since she became part of the AHS team. The first group to perform was the AHS Concert Chorus. This portion of the concert went really well. It included some greatly performed

  • Nutcracker Concert Analysis

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    typical nutcracker performance, this one had a little twist to it. On Saturday December 2nd, I attended The Nutcracker Suite, op. 71a (1892) musical concert ensemble at the Performing

  • Jazz Concert Report

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    Music 105 30 March 2015 Synopsis of Combo concert Not very long ago, we have an event in our university, which was based on music most prominently. I have started to attend concert in USA not very long ago because of the difference between the cultures between my country and USA. But, this concert was very important to attend as it was happening in my own university so I decided to go for it. Now, I am actually very happy on my decision to attend the concert because it was so good rather I should say