Villainy Concert Report

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The concert that I attended was called Voices of Villainy. It was held on October 19, 2015 in the Performing Arts Center. This event was put on by the Texas A&M University- Corpus Christi choir. It was made up of twenty singers, with the majority of them singing solos. There were three duets during the whole show. The pieces that everyone performed were taken from movies and plays that include villains. The songs were all ones that the villains in these movies originally sang. The singers sang along to a piano accompaniment, but that was all. The pieces sang during Voices of Villainy were taken from popular movies and plays that the audience could identify with. These pieces were written for a specific character to sing. Some of the movies and musicals …show more content…

All of the pieces were sang in monophony, with the main voice singing over a piano accompaniment. The first piece was performed by a woman singing in soprano. There are also multiple times where the composer used an accelerando and a ritardando to display a change in the attitude of the singer. The beginning of the song starts off in a slower tempo, then speeds up during the chorus, then slows back down. The second piece was one of the duets, and it had consonance when the two men singing sang in harmony with each other. In “Revenge, Timotheus Cries” the piece was disjunct due to the many distinct leaps between notes that the singer sang. As I was listening, I tried to listen for the tonic note but my ears are not attuned enough to find it. However, I do know that there were points in which the composers used dominant and subdominant notes that rested at their tonic note. There were also some songs that were arias. They were being sung in a context where time in the original movie or musical was stopped. There were also a couple of liberettos, where the characters were singing what they normally would have been simply

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