Travis Scott The Rodeo Informative Speech

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Have you ever walked into a concert, unsure if you would make it out alive by night’s end? Have you ever been fully aware that the next song about to be performed may incite a riot so large, it ends your life? These were the anxious, thoughts swirling around my head as I entered the Marquee Theater to see Travis Scott, or as I called it “The Rodeo”. At barely 5’3" and 105 lbs, I was pretty certain I’d be sacrificing my life or, at least, a limb. The show was standing-only and if you know of Travis Scott, you know this isn't an understatement. If you haven't heard of Travis Scott a quick Google search will show the destruction that ensues when Travis hits the stage. Since Travis’s first album, “Rodeo” was released September of 2015, Travis has been dominating the rap game. Travis…show more content…
As the show wore on guys who looked like they just ran a marathon, released themselves from the middle of the crowd. I heard “I’m tapping out” exclaimed several times. Each song brought the crowd to an increasingly higher level of energy. I’d never been to a concert where I felt the excitement to hear my favorite songs but also anxious because I knew it how excited the crowd would get. At around 12:30 I can distinctly remember thinking, oh god, here comes my favorite song, fearing for my life but overwhelmed with excitement. I really thought I would make it but about an hour into the show, but I too “tapped out” and moved to the back. I could only describe the concert as a fight for survival, in a good way. It was exciting to finally go to a concert where no one was acting “too cool” to go crazy. Travis guided along the fans throughout the night, there was never a dull moment. Toward the end of the night, a fan leaped onstage, but Travis halted securities to attempt to kick him off. Instead, he let him dive off the stage back into the sea of
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