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Disney opened their first park named Disneyland in Anaheim California in 1955, in their quest to create the happiest place on earth. It was shortly followed by Disney world, which was constructed in Orlando Florida in 1971. The Magic Kingdom took 6 years to build, but Disneyworld will never be quite finished.

On July 17 1955 when Disneyland had completed construction in just 12 short months. It was time for opening. It was time for the Walt Disney company to learn a lesson or two about opening a business. on the opening day anything that could go wrong, did go wrong. But don’t worry, it wasn’t such a bad thing after all. With the failures that went down on that tragic July day, the Walt Disney company would be able to keep a few tricks up their sleeves , for when they opened Disneyworld.

Their first lesson was, if you paint a picture let it dry !. No body will die from a few paint smears, or their heels digging into the melting tarmac, but if …show more content…

Would you rather die of dehydration in 100 degree heat?, or perhaps you prefer to walk around with a bladder busting at the seams ?. Well lets go with dying of dehydration in 100 degree heat. Thank you again Walt for not making us choose at the opening day of Disneyworld. It’s the simple things in life that make experiences better, like not dying of dehydration in 100 degree heat. A plumbers strike didn’t keep the opening day of Disneyworld being a success.

So now you know that the Walt Disney company learnt a lesson or two about opening business. Rest assured knowing that the same mistakes were not made in the opening of Disneyworld. But in the middle of mayhem there is always a hero. The hero's of the day for Disneyland's opening day go to the fabulous cast members who kept the atmosphere festive. If it wasn’t for them Disneyland would be a flop just like Alice in wonderland. Walt sure new the recipe for success. Who wouldn’t after baking with a recipe for

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