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  • Copyright Law: Vanilla Ice Vs. David Bowie/Freddie Mercury

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    INTRODUCTION Now with the copyright law, Copyright Act, Chapter 63 established on 1987 with the new revised version on 2006, any author who creates their own original works automatically has the privilege to have copyright protection. Original works means works that are created with own effort and through processes of developed ideas and their whole new way to express their ideas in their final product. Not only are the works protected in their own country but also countries that signed the international

  • Hegel's Theory Of Personality Analysis

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    INTRODUCTION Georg Friedrich Wilemls Hegel’s theory of personality can be used to justify protection of a work under copyright law against John Locke’s theory of labour. Hegel’s theory is centered on the concept of free will and personality of an individual and, according to him intellectual property is the way by which individuals distinguish themselves from one another. Property allows individuals to exercise their subjective freedom. Every intellectual property contains the aspect of personality

  • Compulsory Licensing Under Copyright Essay

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    LICENSES UNDER COPYRIGHT LAW A license is a temporary transfer of interest in a copyright from the owner of the copyright to the licensee. In a license, the rights granted are scarce. It allows the licensee to use the copyrighted work without fearing any claim of copyright infringement brought before by the owner of the copyright. It varies from a copyright assignment as this is subject to a license agreement and also the sole ownership rests with the original owner of the copyright. An assignment

  • Pestle Analysis Of The Music Industry

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    In this part of the research, macro and micro environmental aspect used to analyze music industry. PESTEL analysis used for macro environmental and Porter five forces for micro environmental. Through PESTEL analysis, it is easy to face with a lot of factors such as Political and Economic in music business. But the most important factor in this kind of analysis is Technology because it is also heavily influencing social factors within the music industry, according to developments in social and mobile

  • The Copyright Act 1987

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    3.0 Copyright Copyright can be defined as a form of protection given to the authors or creators provided by the laws or the exclusive legal rights to reproduce, publish, distributed or sell the matter and form of something. It is prevent other from taking their work for free and it also prevents people from altering the work without permission. Unlike a patent, a copyright is not monopoly it is a right of protection against copying. Copyright is acquired by bringing a work into existence. There

  • Copyright: Should Copyright Penalties Be Tougher?

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    Have you heard the term copyright? I think yes, but you may be wonder what it means or what it does. Copyright is a form to protect your work against plagiarism or any kind of misuse. But should copyright penalties be tougher? My answer is no. Tougher laws won’t solve the problems that copyright is fighting in today’s world, like piracy. Increasing the penalties will only make the problem bigger. Like Oscar Wilde said: “the best way to get rid of temptation is drooped into it.” This means that people

  • Four Common Misconceptions About Copyright Piracy

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    Copyright piracy is a serious issue in today’s society, copyright piracy is the unauthorized reproduction of another one’s work such as music, books, and movies. During this essay, I will analyze the film “Good Copy Bad Copy” and compare it to two articles “Four Common Misconceptions About Copyright Piracy” and “Digital Piracy and The Copyright Response.” The main issues that are raised in the film “Good Copy Bady Copy” are the conflicts that have arisen between current copyright laws and recent

  • Summary: The Ethics Of Movie Copying

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    are intangible works, and many of them are easy to copy and pass to another person. However, paying for a CD that contains the information does not grant individuals the right to reproduce it. 2. Copying and selling a CD is illegal. There is a Copyright law that protects artist’s rights over its products. The problem is that it is difficult to detect every individual who makes copies. I know that there are larger illegal groups that reproduce

  • Copyright Law's New Makeover

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    Copyright Law’s New Makeover The ability to create, publish, and produce creative material is one of the most complex and beautiful gifts around and those who do so should have faith in the protection of their work. Copyright laws are the broadest of laws out there and are even harder to understand. Even still, they were put into place to protect the creative works of the public and punish those who infringe upon them. New technological advances are making theft of these products easier for those

  • Theme Of Ideology In V For Vendetta

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    Film is specifically made to be sold. Film is an art that is also a source of income. No matter the format, be it big budget or independent, film is a commercial product. According to Comolli and Narboni in their essay “Cinema/Ideology/Criticism”, film is “transformed into a commodity”. Film is “a product, manufactured within a given system”, is it the product of the ideologies that dominates where it was constructed. Ideologies are a basic foundation for filmmaking and without ideologies there would

  • The Importance Of Task Oriented Leadership In Organizations

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    Leadership in organizations is an issue of vital importance and is a determining factor for the proper functioning and performance of the company. It is important to know that leadership manages the success of the business and personal goals and it helps the company to grow internally and externally. Understanding leadership in organizations means to change the ideals and create new activities that will contribute to the fulfillment of the goals. Trust Some challenges that leaders face today is to

  • What Is Susan Jacoy's A First Amendment Junkie By Susan Jacoby

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    Susan Jacoby is greatly known for her reputation work in “A First Amendment Junkie” published in 1978. She is recognized in the society, especially by women because of writing a reputational essay which reflects her open views and ideas relating to the censorship of pornography in the society. Her argument is that first amendment is the most important thing and that censorship is a wrong thing. In her essay, Jacoby stands by her belief that it is very wrong to suppress any form of censorship against

  • Case Analysis: Silvio Napoli At Schindler India

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    into a customer-oriented service company and saw India as a major opportunity as price and service were both major factors in purchasing decisions there along with the fact that there was very fast growth in the urban environments. India had passed a law that forced slightly higher quality elevators to come to market due to safety regulations. There was also a political decision by India that allowed for 100% wholly owned subsidiaries, which made it the perfect time to send Napoli there to start up

  • Starbucks Logo Analysis Essay

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    1. Introduction Starbucks logo has evolved during the 40 years that the company existed. Its colour and shape changed, but the central figure, the siren, remained. The current version of the logo was created in 2011 with the help of Lippincott, a branding firm. The target audience of Starbucks is the middle class, the company’s development strategy and branding (the logo being a huge part of it) are designed to attract that audience, and so far the company has been successful in doing so. 2.1 Symbolism

  • Why Plagiarism Is Bad

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    Why isn’t it enough to just copy and paste in an assessment even if you reference your source 1 Introduction; what is Plagiarism? [The Oxford English Dictionary tells us that the word 'plagiarism' derives from the Latin plagiarius, meaning 'kidnapper'; the plagiarist is the kidnapper of others' ideas, writings, and inventions. Kidnapping is always a premeditated crime - always a sin of commission rather than omission. Kidnappers do not accidentally kidnap, nor do they kidnap through sloth, ignorance

  • Andy Warhol's Role In The Art World

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    Andy Warhol Andy Warhol was an American artist who had a substantial role in the movement in the art world known as “Pop Art”. He had many different works that stemmed from multiple bases such as celebrity culture, artistic expression, and advertising for many giant corporations. Warhol turned into quite the success as a commercial artist and when he finished that part of his career he turned out to be a unique artist. He used different techniques for producing art, anywhere from photography, painting

  • Herzberg's Two-Factor Theory Analysis

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    Talent development is comprised of organizational human resource processes that are designed with the intent to aid in the motivation, development/growth, attraction, and retention, of productive and engaged employees. In order for a human resource or talent development program to be successful, the employee/individual must be motivated to not only participate in the activities but to learn and apply what has been learned to improve performance. Professionals in the HR/Talent Development department

  • The Importance Of Royalties In The Sound And Music Industry

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    It is the UK’s leading collection society as it groups the societies MCPS and PRS together and it offers collective rights management for musical works on behalf of its 125,000 members. (Collective Rights management- the licensing of copyright and related rights by organizations acting on behalf of rights owners) The role of an MCPS is to collect and distribute mechanical royalties on behalf of songwriters, composers and music publishers. This means that royalties would be collected every

  • Vik Muniz: The Problem In Waste Land

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    “Behind every great fortune is a crime.” The nature of the world we live in and the art industry are complex. Being an artist is a tough job. Well-known artists usually get a lot of media attention on any regular basis while some up-and-coming artists, get little or no such attention. Therefore, artist are always competing among themselves to come up with the best work to captivate people, stay on top, make a name for themselves and also a living allowance. Paintings, prints, drawing, crafts, photography

  • Argumentative Essay On Pirate Movies

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    For instance, copyright is “the exclusive legal right to reproduce, publish, sell, or distribute the matter and form of something (as a literary, musical, or artistic work)”. Should we agree with these definitions and consider this act as illegal in the United States? People should have the right to share movies that they have bought without any punishment, because, first, BLANK; second, BLANK, and third, BLANK. However,