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  • Ski Jumping Lab Report

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    Brief Information of the experiment: Independent Variable: Different Wind direction (Check Photo 1 below) 1. One direction from East, South, West, North, Upward, South East (SE), South West (SW), North West (NW), and North East (NE). 2. Two different wind direction simultaneously: Ex) From West & East (W-E), South & Upward (S-U), North East & North West (NE-NW), South East & South West (SE-SW), South East & Upward (SE-U), North West & Upward (NW-U), West & Upward (W-U), and North West & South East

  • How Does Le Chatelier Relates How Systems At Equilibrium Respond To Disturbances?

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    Le Chatelier’s Principle relates how systems at equilibrium respond to disturbances. Equilibrium is disturbed when concentration, pressure, or temperature changes. Reactions want to stay at equilibrium. For the reaction to go back to equilibrium, it must shift to the left or right to settle the disturbance. In the given problem, the instructions were given to find the partial pressure of the reactant and the product using different equations. The equations used the formulas of (PNO2)^2/PN2O4=0.60

  • Major In Nursing Research Paper

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    Should I Major in Nursing Science or not? Nursing is hard job. Nurses who work hard by taking care of the patient. I am in college with no career choice. I had no experience about what it will be like to be a nurse. My mom always wanted me to be an accountant. So I decided to major in accounting. Accounting is all about numbers. And I was good at math in high school. I was enjoying math, and never got bored when I was doing my homework. However, I like to study about human body structures. Taking

  • Azirines Derivatives Research Paper

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    Azrines derivatives have been reported to possess variety of activities against microbial organisms. Azrines derivatives also showed other anticipated biological activities. Azrines also used in synthesis of various intermediates compounds for industrial purposes. These compounds have different functionalities in their structures. Azrines are widely used as antibacterial and cytotoxic. Some azrines azrines compounds have various functional groups.1-13 Azirine compounds and their biological activities:

  • Intermolecular Interactions Between Halo-Cyclopropenone Derivatives

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    Abastract The intermolecular interactions between halo-cyclopropenone derivatives (HC3OX;X= F, Cl, Br and I) and hypohalous acids (HOY; Y=F, Cl, Br and I) were investigated using the MP2 method with aug–cc-pVTZ basis set. Three types of complexes are forming by:1) hydrogen bond, 2) both hydrogen and halogen bonds, 3) halogen bond interactions. The results indicated that interactions in type 1 complexes are stronger than those in types 2 and 3. The H–O bonds show red shifts with complex formation

  • Isoxazoline Synthesis

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    6.1.1:- Synthesis of Isoxazoline derivatives :- Isoxazoline are five member heterocyclic compound. isoxazole and their derivatives have received much attention because of their wide application in medicine and pesticide chemistry. Many isoxazole compound including oxacillin sulfamethoxazole have been developed as pesticides and drugs. Isoxazoline derivative synthesized by various ways [1-2].[3]

  • Essay On Kepler's Three Laws Of Planetary Motion

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    Planetary Motion, however, it is essential to illustrate the scenario, as shown in Figure 7 above, and state facts based upon it. Firstly, we have r, the position vector that moves as a function of time, v, the position vector’s derivative, and a , the position vector’s second derivative. If the acceleration is always straight in towards the origin, which is the case with centripetal acceleration, the

  • Spectrophotometry Essay

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    solution. Assay of Multi-Component samples: The assay of components of mixture sample can be done by following methods: 1) Simultaneous Equation method 2) Absorbance Ratio method 3) Geometric Correction method 4) Difference spectrophotometry 5) Derivative spectrophotometry The basis of all the spectrophotometric techniques for multicomponent samples is the property that at all wavelengths, a) The absorbance of a solution is the sum of absorbances f the individual components or b) To measure the

  • Jp Morgan Chase Bank Case Study

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    headquarters are Located in Manhattan in New York. Its stock forms part of the SP500 index and the Dow Jones. JP Morgan Chase bank is a subsidiary to the holding business JP Morgan Chase & Company. It is known for its leading derivatives business. However, in 2012 the derivatives business posted a loss of $2 billion which months later the figure escalated to $5.8 billion. This happened from its Chief Investment Office in London. How did JP Morgan lose? It is from the Chief investment Office (C.I.O)

  • Swot Analysis Of Whitbread Plc

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    INTRODUCTION Whitbread plc (WTB) is a Company listed on London stock exchange in the business of leisure and hospitality and it also forms part of FTSE 100 Index. WTB runs multinational hotels, restaurants and cafe shops and is headquartered in the UK. The major brands which it operates includes: • Premier Inn • Costa Cafe • Beefeater • Table Table • Brewers Fayre • Whitbread Inn The Group has several subsidiaries, associates and joint ventures, held under direct or indirect control. The major

  • O-Vanillin Lab Report

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    The purpose of this experiment is to perform a two step reductive amination using o-vanillin with p-toluidine to synthesize an imine derivative. In this experiment, 0.386 g of o-vanillin and 0.276 g of p-toluidine were mixed into an Erlenmeyer flask. The o-vanillin turned from a green powder to orange layer as it mixed with p-toludine, which was originally a white solid. Ethanol was added as a solvent for this reaction. Sodium borohydride was added in slow portion as the reducing agent, dissolving

  • Aromatic Aldehyde Formal Report

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    thionyl chloride at 0’c is an in-situ preparation procedure: FILTERATION: Evaporate reaction mixture and dissolved in hexane and then filter it. The best TLC system for filterate is ethyl acetate : hexane , 4.5:0.5 3.3.2 PROCESS 2 FIGURE 3.5ACETYL DERIVATIVE PROCEDURE In 75mg of gemzar, 2ml ethanol is added and then solubility is checked. After 5 minutes add 0.1 ml (5 drops) DMF, then add 0.104ml Et3N and add 0.036 ml acetyl chloride and stirr it for 17 hours r at 47C

  • Ibuprofen Mechanism Of Action

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    Spectrophotometric methods are described in this paper, the simultaneous determination of paracetamol and ibuprofen using derivatives of the ratio spectra method (Yousry M., 2011), and the determination of Ibuprofen using difference spectroscopy (Hapse S.A, 2011). The objective of this work is to use these methods to establish a straight-forward, rapid and precise method in the

  • Shale Oil Hedging Case Study

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    of shale oil presents key strategic prospects and encounters for the oil and gas industry. It growths energy independence from many countries and yet at the same time reducing the stimulus of Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC). Derivatives markets have become increasingly important in the world of finance and investments. The objectives of hedging strategies using futures is to remove uncertainty on a price risk. Although hedging reduces the risk but it is not necessarily the case

  • Quinazolinones Research Paper

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    kingdom, microorganisms and animals. The first quinazolinone, i.e., 2-cyanoquinazolinone was synthesized in the late1860’s from anthranilic acid and was found to possess anti-convulsant activity. Interest in the medicinal chemistry of quinazolinone derivatives was stimulated in the early 1950’s with the elucidation of quinazolinone alkaloid i.e, 3-[ keto-(3-hydroxy-2-piperdiyl)-propyl]-4-quinazolone from an Asian plant Dichroa febrifugin, which is an ingredient of a traditional Chinese herbal remedy

  • Case Study 1: Banc One Corporation Asset And Liability Management

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    Banc One Corporation has falling share prices as it is written from a 48 ¾ to 36 ¾ in April 1993. The basic reason behind this decline is that its exposure to derivative securities. This decline in share prices raises concerns among the Banc One’s Investors as well as its analysts since they are uncomfortable with huge amount of derivative usage particularly swaps. They think they are not able to measure risks they exposed so this create uncertainity about the firm’s financial stability. However

  • 4 Oxadiazole Research Paper

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    heterocyclic compounds has received considerable attention and importance due to their remarkable and wide variety of applications. 2,5-Disubstituted-1,3,4-oxadiazole and its derivatives constitute an important family of heterocyclic compounds. Due to their remarkable unique properties, 1,3,4-oxadiazole and its derivatives have been frequently employed in drug synthesis, various commercial and industrial applications. In fact, 1,3,4-oxadiazole ring carrying substitution in an appropriate position

  • Isatin Research Paper

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    (Isatin) In nature, isatin is present in plants of the genus Isatis, in Calanthe discolor lindl and in Couroupita guianensis Aubl. It has also been found as a component of the secretion from parotid gland of Bufo frogs; in humans it is a metabolic derivative of adrenaline [1]. Isatin can be synthesized by different methods, for instance Sand Meyer isatin synthesis,

  • Oxazole Synthesis

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    in DCE did not proceed to acylation, the reaction of introducing trifluoroacetyl group at the C4-position of oxazole without Lewis acid gave substituted oxazole (4a). Contrary to our expectations, isolated oxazole had been not trifluoroacetylated derivative (3a), reaching rearrangement compound (4a) in one step.After our optimization of the acylated condition, the use of 1.3 equivalents of TFAA and THF as a solvent and condition of the temperature at 60 degrees for 22 hr led 90%

  • Pyridine Lab Report

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    (resonance energy) Production[edit] Chichibabin synthesis In its general form, the reaction can be described as a condensation reaction of aldehydes, ketones, α,β-unsaturated carbonyl compounds, or any combination of the above, in ammonia or ammonia derivatives.[66] In particular, unsubstituted pyridine is produced from formaldehyde and acetaldehyde Formation of acrolein from acetaldehyde and