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  • Ugly Christmas Sweater Analysis

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    The Ugly Christmas Sweater: From ironic nostalgia to festive simulation The Ugly Christmas Sweater is a cultural symbol that brings happiness to all ages and gives personal, familial warmth to those during the Christmas season. The Christmas season nowadays is one of the most busy and stressful times of year in terms of financial and emotional stress. The Ugly Christmas Sweater parties may offer an escape from the holiday stress. The best part about the Ugly Christmas Sweater parties though is it

  • Disadvantages Of Judicial Precedent

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    Question 2 Stare Decisis In Malaysia legal system, stare decisis refers to the doctrine of precedent. This means that a case decided by court will be used to answer future legal disputes. Apparently, a later judge should make a same decision as the earlier judge since everything is being equal. However, a judge’s decision will contain some materials which are irrelevant. Thus, we cannot assume every material mentioned by the judge is important or binding when we are talking about ‘binding precedent’

  • Cultural Implications Of Internet Essay

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    The Social and Cultural Implications of Internet to our Society During the start of the Internet in 1981, it received numerous criticisms in terms of its role in the growth and well being of our society. It was praised and at the same time, criticized all throughout its evolution. The Internet during our time today serves as a new technology that is said to make our lives easier and helps the society achieve better understanding on things. Society adores it. It can make a lot of factors such as

  • Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas Analysis

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    What would you prefer a big unfulfilling Christmas or a small and joyful holiday with friends and family? The author Hugh Martin of the song “Have yourself a merry little Christmas” did a great job on demonstrating the the theme in every verse. The theme of the song is that you do not need a big Christmas to enjoy the holidays, that family and friend are what Christmas is about. This analysis will show the poetic devices used to carry the theme. The poetic devices that were used were repetition,imagery

  • The Pros And Cons Of Virtual Relationships

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    In the time of smart phones and internet, when the world has become a global village, virtual relationships have become very common. We normally come across news articles on people who met on internet and end up getting married and we also come across articles about cyber crimes. WHAT ARE VIRTUAL RELATIONSHIPS? Virtual - Not physically existing as such but made by software to appear to do so. A virtual relationship literally means having a relationship with someone in a world that physically

  • Advantages Of Court Martial

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    A court-martial is a military court. A court-martial is empowered to determine the guilt of members of the armed forces subject to military law, and, if the defendant is found guilty, to decide upon punishment. Most militaries maintain a court-martial system to try cases in which a breach of military discipline may have occurred. In addition, courts-martial may be used to try prisoners of war for war crimes. The Geneva Convention requires that prisoner of wars who are on trial for war crimes

  • Essay On Judicial Independence In Malaysia

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    The irritation is often correct of powerful and rich people and government officials, the politicians and media editors and their columnists. In the law and the courts, those who are used to be obeyed and feared commonly find it intensely annoying that there is a source of power that they cannot buy or control. The essence of a modern democracy is yet observance of the rule of law, where the rule of law will not

  • Hart's Theory Of International Law

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    International Law is defined by the United Nations to be the legal responsibilities of States in their conduct with each other, and their treatment of individuals within State boundaries. There has been significant discussion by all theories of jurisprudence as regards the character of international law, and whether or not it is consider to be true law. Most positivist theory were confined by the principle of sovereignty for their interpretation of international law however Hart provides two key

  • Common Law Characteristics

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    1. Outline the main characteristics of a common law legal system. “Common law dates from the 11th century when William I set up Royal Courts to apply a uniform (common) system of law across the whole of England” (Hughes & Ferrett 2011). Until that time there were laws that were differently interpreted from one city to another. “Common law is generally uncodified system. This means that there is no comprehensive compilation of legal rules and statutes. While common law does rely on some scattered

  • The Advantages And Disadvantages Of The Public International Law?

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    International laws are, by definition “A body of rules established by custom or treaty and recognized by nations as binding in their relations with one another” ( International law is a very significant topic because it affects everyone globally. In this research report, I would like to explore the advantages and disadvantages of international laws and consider if they should be enforced in all countries. The modern system we use today was developed in the 17th century

  • Juvenile Justice Act Case Study

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    JuThe juvenile Justice Act, 1986: The Parliament of India has nacted Juvenile Justice Act in 1986 As Central legislation to provide for the care, protection, treatment, development and rehabilitation of neglected and delinquent juveniles and for the adjudication of certain matters relating to, and disposition of, delinquent juveniles. The Act envisages a comprehensive approach towards justice for juvenile in situations of abuse, exploitation and social maladjustment. The juvenile Justice Act was aimed

  • Jus Cogens Case Study

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    He suggested a provision Article 15 of his draft that a treaty, or any of its provisions, is invalid if its performance involves an act which is illegal under international law and if it is declared so to be by the International Court of Justice." In his Comment he made it clear that the test was not inconsistency with international law pure and simple but inconsistency with such overriding principles of international law which may be as constituting principles of international public

  • Advantages Of Human Rights

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    Do you think that human rights should be seen as a universal or culturally-relative phenomenon? Human rights are the basic freedoms, protection and restrictions that belong to all human beings regardless of gender, nationality, religion, age or race. The question on whether human rights should be the same in all over the world or not has been raised ever since the United Nations established the Universal Declaration of Human Rights(UDCR) in 1948[2]. The debate between the human rights universalists

  • Importance Of Constitutional Reform

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    more limited than it is now, the legislature has too little independent and needs to be more independent to be better able to restrain the executive and represent the people and the use of the privy council being the highest court of appeal should be change to the Caribbean court of

  • Pros And Cons Of Public Participation

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    What is public participation. It is the deliberate process through which interested or affected citizens, civil society organisations and government actors are involved in policy making before a political decision is taken. It is the process through which stakeholders input and shares control over development initiatives decisions and resources and resources which affect them. it has been said to move beyond the traditional methods of public consultations by creating opportunities for

  • Advantages Of Human Rights In Malaysia

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    The Human Rights Act 1998 protected the fundamental rights and freedoms, including some rights which are absolute that cannot be interfered with by the state, as well as other rights which governments might derogate if necessary under Section 14 of the Human Rights Act 1998 (Genn 2014, p. 19). Absolute rights are where the government can never take away or withhold these rights. For example, the right to protection of life under Article 2, the right to freedom from torture or inhuman or degrading

  • Ruth Bader Ginsburg's Impact On Equality Between Men And Women

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    these prejudices against women and the struggle she faced lead to her involvement in women’s rights and equality. She became a lawyer and eventually rose up to become a supreme court justice, in the highest court in the land. Honest and hardworking americans, like President Bill Clinton, the first female supreme court justice Sandra Day O'Connor, Harvard professor and dean Albert Sacks, Marty Ginsburg and more have helped Mrs. Ginsburg to where she is today. Ruth Bader Ginsburg stands for equality

  • Advantages And Disadvantages Of European Union

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    European union is the modern version of the organizations gradually formed by the member countries of after the second world war with the primary aim of avoiding another war. At first the European Coal and steel community was created in 1950 to unify mining and manufacturing industries among France and Germany particularly and then atomic energy was added to it. Later in 1957 a treaty was established which transformed these unifications into a complete and formal institution. In the year 1986 it

  • Relationship Between EU Law And International Law

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    in the study of the European Union, is the question of the relationship between EU law and international law, including the EU law regulations in relation to the international agreements made by the member-states of the EU, both before and after the accession to the union. The European Union law walks hand in hand with international law. The inevitable connection between them two is due to the fact that the international law forms the basis of the legal system of the European Union. Nevertheless

  • European Commission Role

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    The European commission has become a single institution in 1967; from then on this particular institute of European union is constantly growing in its size and its operations. The European commission is the driving source of energy behind the European union. Representing the citizen of the Europe in European union and representing European union at the global stage. The European commission is politically independent organization comprising of different political background’s in fact the commission