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  • The Electric Guitar

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    The Rise of the Electric Guitar The electric guitar plays a very important role in the modern world. Ever since the last half-century, it has been a popular and crucial instrument in music. The electric guitar produces the resonant and sonorous music that we listen to today. The contribution of the electric guitar heavily impacted music technology today and gave rise to a significant change in modern musical styles. Before electric amplifiers and speakers were developed during the 19th century, people

  • History Of The Guitar

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    History of the Guitar The popularity of the guitar in today music society and culture, many would consider that it is a relatively new instrument in the music spectrum only developing in the past two hundred years. However, research has shown that the guitar, or the guitars found fathers, have been in existence since Renaissance period. The vihuela was a generic term coined over the string instrument as far back as medieval times. There were three division over that way the instrument was play, therefore

  • A Bass Guitar Analysis

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    provides both the rhythm and harmonic structure of the band. Unlike the percussion, the bass, most of the time drowned out by the other guitars and only has the bass line to prove its self. The lower strings of the bass guitar are what attracted me to struggle for weeks, to order mine, and try to learn how to play it. Starting off it took months to decide which bass guitar to get, looking at the bass players of my favorite bands to see what they had. The bass players that influenced me to buy the bass

  • The Electric Guitar And Its Impact On Country Music

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    The electric guitar helped transformed country music and blues in many ways. For starters, one of the first times we saw the use of an electric guitar was Leon McAuliffe played his in the 1939 's. At this time, this was still considered a novelty. It was great that we had risk takers him in that time who didn 't follow the norms, because if if weren 't for people like him, these things may have never taken off and music may have not progressed to the way we have come to know and love it today. This

  • As73 Electric Guitar Analysis

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    warm tone of a semi-hollowbody guitar to your repertoire with the Ibanez Artcore AS73 electric guitar. Available in a range of attractive finishes, including transparent cherry, brown sunburst, and deep black, this visually pleasing semi-acoustic guitar sounds as good as it looks. The AS73 deals with feedback concerns by mounting the humbucking pickups into a sustain block. This design feature also results in increased sustain. Besides sounding and looking good, a guitar has to be comfortable to play

  • Acoustic Guitar Research Paper

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    Acoustic Guitars for Beginners Tips on How to Select the Best Acoustic Guitar for You Nothing satisfies the soul like music and one of the most popular instruments for beginning wannabe rock stars and ballad writers is the ol’ six string – the acoustic guitar. There are hundreds of styles of acoustic guitars, so choosing the right fit for you can be a bit scary when you are new to playing! This article will guide you through the steps of picking out the very best acoustic guitar for your needs

  • Persuasive Essay On Building A Guitar

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    When looking for a guitar what exactly do you want to look for? The color, size, sound, texture, brass, nylon, etc. not all guitars are the same, nearly never the same. Different guitars have different sounds and pitches when built, put together and played. Tonewoods have a major factor in what the guitar looks like and sounds. The quality and structure of the wood is a very important factor on how the instrument is built. ¨various woods have distinct sound qualities, especially when used for the

  • Black Mam Guitar Marketing Strategy

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    Here, we are launching a brand of guitar. Guitar is a basic musical instrument which is very melodious to every tune of music. There are many types of guitars in the world but in our brand, BLACK MAMBA GUITAR, we are introducing only two types of guitars. Musical instruments and accessories historically have been sold through small, local, “mom and pop” stores. Today’s marketplace is much more sophisticated. Our stores and websites compete against other large and small musical instrument retailers

  • Comparison And Contrast Essay: The Electric Guitar

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    Within the wide spectrum of guitarists, young or old, the electric guitar has a diverse lineup for every player. The age-old debate as to whether the Stratocaster or the Telecaster is the dominant Fender model continues to this day. Many musicians will gladly speak about their guitar of choice, often in a bias manner. Regardless, there are notable differences and similarities to pay attention to between both guitar models. The Stratocaster features three single coil pickups each with their own individual

  • Peter Sprague's The Dance Of The Universe

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    Sprague returned home, opened his guitar case, and discovered the neck of his guitar broke somewhere between New York and San Diego. If that not enough reason for him to retire from playing guitar, his diagnosis with arthritis 15 years earlier should have given him reason. But instead of quitting his passion, he continues to play in concerts and produce his own and other people’s CDs. Whether playing to the sounds of his favorite jazz legends or the memory of guitar rifts, Sprague enjoys setting

  • Does Music Make A Difference In A Child's Life?

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    Reinig,3 Owen Reinig Rachel Worthington English 101 8 Dec 2016 Can music make a difference in a child?s life? Does music affect how a child develops throughout the early stages of life? In 1991 a phrase was brought out, it was the ?Mozart effect.? This phrase was used to describe the effect of Mozart?s music on children. Everyone thought if they let their children listen to Mozart, they would become smarter. People believed in this so much that the governor of Georgia asked for money to be set

  • Muddy Waters Research Paper

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    Muddy waters, or McKinley Morganfield son of Ollie Morganfield and Bertha Jones was a well-known Blues Musician, guitarist born in Issaquena County, Mississippi. Waters father was a farmer who played the blues guitar and his mother sadly died when McKinley was only three years old. Upon his mother’s death McKinley was sent to live with his grandmother Delia Jones in Clarksdale, Mississippi. While living in Clarksdale with his grandmother, McKinley enjoyed playing in the mud it was then he was dubbed

  • Lynyrd Skynyrd Music Analysis

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    music can punctuate and electrify the generation of today. By understanding the origin of Lynyrd Skynyrd, an individual could feel how this Southern Rock band injected sorrow, joy, and sometimes confusion in their electric jams. They loved their guitars. This group was not a Confederate flag-waving, redneck band. Their music

  • Chris Cagle Song My Life's Been A Country Song

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    remember, the strength for moving on....” describe how music is always there for people. What exactly is country music? According to the Webster Dictionary, it defined country music as “folk music of southeast and southwest United States accompanied by guitar, banjor, or other stringed instruments.” People have their different interpretation of country music. People who do not adore country music might think it is just talking about jacked-up trucks, beer, and women. For instant the lyrics to Luke Bryan’s

  • The History Of Mariachi Music

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    steps forward and begins belting out the lyrics to a son, or traditional Mexican folksong. Meanwhile, a guitarron—a huge bass guitar—provides a steady rhythm, accented by the much smaller five-string vihuela. This is mariachi music! Mariachi music originated hundreds of years ago in colonial Mexico. The earliest groups consisted of string instruments such as violins, guitars, and a harp. These groups would provide entertainment solely for the local community. Different styles of the music, and the

  • Lurie Bell Brothers Observation

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    observed that was most in attendance were African Americans followed by Caucasians. The concert included a wide array of songs. My favorite song from the set was “Sweet Little Angel”. I love the sounds that the guitarist was able to make with the guitar. I could not keep myself from bobbing my head and really getting engrossed into the song. The instruments were poignant and well played

  • Sungha Jung's Major Accomplishments

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    Born in South Korea, Sungha Jung covers many popular songs, is a self-taught acoustic fingerstyle guitarist and composes his own music. He grew up with a fascination for guitar, often watching his father play. As he got older, he decided he wanted to become a professional acoustic guitarist. He has a few influences and followers, though he is still quite young. As his career grew, so did his talent and he ended up earning a few awards for his music. Sungha Jung continues, to this day, playing and

  • Epitomizes Scott's Narrative Essay

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    The collection opens with the title track "Rewind That" and its solitary guitar riff by Matt Stevens. It 's an intriguing begin, and the guitar work makes foresight, sets the state of mind, and sends the message that

  • Alice In Frogs Analysis

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    The intensity of Layne Staley’s vocals in Frogs during the Alice in Chains’ MTV Unplugged performance harmonizes perfectly with Jerry Cantrell’s slow, powerful guitar harmonics. You look at this nimble, scrawny, pink haired man and wonder how his voice seems to come from a three-hundred pound, tough biker; a voice so gritty, raspy, yet powerful. He transitions his singing by going low to high so smoothly it’s as if he’s a young boy who has just reached his pubescent stage in life and is struggling

  • The Winding Stream Analysis

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    The video we chose to illustrate Country music is The Winding Stream: The Carters, the Cashes, and the course of Country Music. The film is accessible to students and can be easily found on Netflix. The UTSA library does not have the film on hand however you can make a request and they will get it for you. In this film the life of a Virginia family known as the Carter Family, is shown and how they made an impact on music by creating a folk band. The Winding Stream is not only a movie but is a