Black Mam Guitar Marketing Strategy

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Here, we are launching a brand of guitar. Guitar is a basic musical instrument which is very melodious to every tune of music. There are many types of guitars in the world but in our brand, BLACK MAMBA GUITAR, we are introducing only two types of guitars.
Musical instruments and accessories historically have been sold through small, local, “mom and pop” stores. Today’s marketplace is much more sophisticated. Our stores and websites compete against other large and small musical instrument retailers, online music retailers, online auctions, direct-to-consumer alternatives and a number of large mass merchants. The consumer landscape for musical products is more diverse, with each category of musician having different expectations, price sensitivities,
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The marketing of black mamba has different responses upon its customers. This response originates from customer’s knowledge about black mamba. The equity of black mamba depends upon the customer’s knowledge and response upon the guitar. The awareness of the guitar can be increased through repeated exposure through attention catching advertisements which portrays the guitar in an attractive way. People must be aware that this brand exists and it is most favorable option to be chosen among other competitive guitars. Moreover there should be strong and unique brand associations which represents the favorable image of black mamba. A brand essence is a promise by the company launching the brand, of specific benefits and values which has meaning and relevance for users. For consumers these promises differ from other competitive guitars. Brand essence is the customer’s thinking and feeling about the brand and its…show more content…
Tuning might seem a difficult task but it is really easy and fun to do. There are tutorials on internet demonstrating its performance and teaches about its tuning. It is easy to make adjustments and takes 15 to 20 minutes to tune and lasts till six months of playing it. The sound is awesome, a very tranquil tone and notes are perfect. It plays every sound that a guitar lover pleases to hear and its beauty lies in the serene and relaxing sound. It may be heard in a music concert but its pitch cannot be clearly heard as a listener. The musical sound seems calm and peaceful. Its finishing is quality oriented, plays new and remains new for a longer period of time. It is not heavily weighed although the performance is effective, is durable and can be easily carried around as compared to other heavy weighed guitars with inconvenience to carry along. Black mamba is also affordable with special discounts to local customers on special
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