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  • The Role Of Hurricane Katrina In Gulf Mexico

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    On Friday, August 26, 2005 Hurricane Katrina made landfall in the Gulf Mexico. Through the hours, Hurricane Katrina approached the west of New Orleans region. Hurricane Katrina was category 5 storm and this storm was 155 miles per hours. Most tragically, more than 1,100 people in the New Orleans area lost their lives by May 2006 the total had surpassed 1,500 for the Gulf Coast as a whole” (Johnson, M. L, 2006, p.143). Furthermore, New Orleans authorities and Federal government made a plan to evacuate

  • The Role Of Eutrophication In The Gulf Of Mexico

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    a number of human activities that may contribute to eutrophication in bodies of water such as the Mississippi River and Gulf of Mexico (Eutrophication in the Gulf of Mexico: How Midwestern Farming Practices are Creating a Dead Zone, 2012). For example, prior to the 1950’s when rivers are channelized for navigation and flood control purposes (Eutrophication in the Gulf of Mexico…, 2012). A second illustration would be “landscape alteration”, which consists of deforestation and agricultural drainage

  • Suwannee Argumentative Essay

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    people, including Floridians, probably haven 't heard much about. With a population of roughly 300 people, it 's easy to see why the small town of Suwannee is overlooked. The fishing village settles where the mouth of the Suwannee River and the Gulf of Mexico meet. It is a great destination spot for fishermen and boaters in this water-loving state. "Our friends own a house over here, and, when we visit,

  • Coastal Erosion

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    Louisiana marshes are disappearing pulling the state’s land into the Gulf of Mexico and turning into open water. This is due to coastal erosion, global warming, and the increase in human activity. These can and will affect New York and the rest of the country just as much as it is going to affect Louisiana, which is why this issue should not only drawn to the attention of New York, nevertheless in other states too. Tax money contributed by New York and other states combined can help prevent the state

  • Katrina's Economic Impact

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    Katrina’s Economic Impact: New Orleans, USA (August, 2005) Hurricane Katrina was the one of natural disasters that did the most damage in U.S history. The Katrina’s strongest winds are blowing at about 175 miles an hour. The center of the storm is about 225 miles an hour. It cause immediate and significant damage both the region’s economy and country’s economy. The actual cost of Katrina’s damage was between $96-125$ billion. Half of the damages resulting from flood in New Orleans. From the

  • Gulf Oil Spill

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    Gulf Deep-water Oil Spill The Gulf oil spill is considered the worst oil spill and one of the worst environmental disasters in the U.S. history. It was April 20th, 2010, that the Deepwater BP oil rig exploded and penetrated in the Gulf of Mexico sea. The Gulf oil explosion killed 11 workers but most of the impact was on marine species such as turtles, herons, gulls, birds, fishes, and sea mammals. Moreover, 16,000 total miles of coastline have been affected, including the coasts of Texas, Louisiana

  • Personal Narrative: My Life After Hurricane Katrina

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    windy day, and the clouds were moving in. Nobody knew that by the time the sun came up the next day, the landscape, and everything we knew, would be changed forever. Hurricane Katrina was a category five hurricane making its way towards us on the gulf coast of Mississippi and Louisiana. As the day grew older, the air got dense and colder and that taste and smell hit me that said rain was on its way. This day would become the starting point of what would be an interesting year for this twenty-year-old

  • Alligator Point Research Paper

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    be lots of wildlife for you to see as you travel there. Also, there are plenty of hiking trails along the levee system that are worth traversing. Bald Point State Park This state park provides visitors with some of the most scenic views Florida’s Gulf Coast has to offer. It consists of over 4,000 acres of land where guests can engage in any number of outdoor activities. Some of the most popular activities at the park include birding, wildlife viewing, hiking and biking. There are two handicapped-accessible

  • Apalachicola Bay Research Paper

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    River, which is a relatively unpolluted alluvial system. The bay is surrounded by four barrier islands: St. Vincent Island, Little St. George Island, St. George Island and Dog Island. The water exchange between the relatively fresh bay and the saline Gulf waters occurs

  • Economic Impact Of Hurricane Katrina

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    storm that hit our coast. Hurricane Katrina was a category five storm that tore through the Gulf Coast. The storm occurred August 23rd, 2005 until August 31st, 2005. Hurricane Katrina was one of the deadliest hurricanes to ever hit the United States. An estimated 1,833 people died in the hurricane and the flooding that followed in late August 2005, and millions of others were left homeless along the Gulf Coast and in New Orleans (Zimmerman). Hurricane Katrina in the end had done about $100 billion

  • Hurricane Andrew: The Most Destructive Hurricane

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    from Miami. Meteorologists say that the hurricane´s barometric pressure was 922 millibars and its winds were at 145 miles per hour. Leaders were afraid that people would develop violence.(Funk) By August 25th the hurricane reached the Gulf of Mexico. The hurricane started moving north. The very next day Andrew reached Louisiana. Andrew hit only 90 miles west of New Orleans. In New Orleans over a million families were evacuated from their homes. (Gorman)

  • The Role Of Flooding In Louisiana

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    Louisiana has one of the most fragile coastlines that are prone to flooding because of natural recurring disasters such as hurricanes ( Since Louisiana has a lot of different types of water bodies, such as the Gulf of Mexico, bayous, rivers (i.e. Mississippi River), a lot of the residents are at a greater risk of being flooded ( Throughout the years, Louisiana has experienced millions and millions of dollars in damages caused by hurricanes or flooding. The most

  • Tragedy In Thomas Scarseth's Of Mice And Men

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    "A Teachable Good Book: Of mice and men" by Thomas Scarseth provides a unique angle to observe the themes in Of mice and men. He states that this story is that of a tragic one. Scarseth continues by giving examples of the uniqueness of the text, telling of the literary dissatisfaction people experience with tragic stories. He goes into depth about the personality and mannerisms of each character and why some conflict arises because of those personalities. Scarseth states that “Tragedy exists even

  • Rhetorical Analysis Of When The Levees Broke

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    When The Levees Broke Rhetorical Analysis Essay On August 29th, 2005, Hurricane Katrina made landfall on the coasts of southeastern Louisiana. Shortly after, New Orleans’ flood protection system failed, causing floodwalls and levees to topple and break. Covering major points in the film, as they broke, the lives, spirits, and thoughts of many Americans were also broken as well. In a documentary released on August 16, 2006, director Spike Lee utilizes rhetorical strategies to produce a profound

  • Hurricane Katrina Impact

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    Hurricane Katrina struck New Orleans August 23, 2005 as a Category 3 storm. It was one of the costliest and deadliest natural disasters to occur in the United States history. The final death toll was 1, 836 and more than half of these victims were senior citizens. The hurricane caused $81 billion in property damages. Additionally, the total economic impact is expected to exceed $150 billion. ("11 Facts About Hurricane Katrina") Before the hurricane landed, officials were well-aware of the threat

  • Speech About Hurricanes

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    Introduction Good morning Bahamas, I am Chief Meteorological Officer Jane Doe of the Bahamas Meteorological Department. The Bahamas Meteorological Department is responsible for studying, predicting, and forecasting the weather and climate around the Bahamas. We also are responsible for tracking hurricanes and other weather phenomenon. Over the past few years numerous hurricanes have tremendously affected the Bahamas. Quite often Bahamians contact our department to ask questions about the weather

  • Kissimmee River Research Paper

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    Kissimmee River, is one of the most beautiful rivers in the world. The Kissimmee River is often compared to the Nile and the Amazon River. Surrounded with wetlands, marshes, plant vegetation, bald eagles, deer, alligators, fish, and birds. Florida was struck with hurricanes in 1926 and 1928 disturbing Florida 's ecosystem. The Hurricane in 1928 was the second deadliest hurricane in US history, causing massive flooding from the storm surge of Lake Okeechobee with over 2,400 deaths. They did not

  • Hurricane Imma Research Paper

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    In 2005, August 29th, hurricane Katrina hit the US Gulf Coast. This impacted both Louisiana and Mississippi. In Louisiana alone, there were 971 hurricane Katrina related deaths. In total, the amount of recorded deaths because of hurricane Katrina were

  • Short Essay On Hurricane Katrina

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    toll of about 1833, with millions of others remaining homeless. The loss that the nation suffered as a consequence, as per the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), went beyond $108 billion (Zimmerman, 2015). First hitting the US’s Gulf Coast, the hurricane fast spread inland making a landfall with the strength of a Category-3 rating. The hurricane ranked sixth in terms of strength. As well, it was a large storm with waves stretching to between 25 and 30 nautical miles, with an extreme

  • Summary: The Katrina Breakdown

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    Running head: THE KATRINA BREAKDOWN 1 THE KATRINA BREAKDOWN 2 The Katrina Breakdown Sylvia M. Bermudez Grand Canyon University March 14, 2018 The Katrina Breakdown In August of 2005, the eye of Hurricane Katrina hit the area near Buras, Louisiana, with winds reaching over 140mph. Hurricane Katrina was a Category 4 hurricane that caused destruction and chaos across the regions of southern Louisiana, Mississippi, and Alabama (Starling, 2011). The Katrina hurricane was one of the worst