Gymnastics Essays

  • Informative Speech On Gymnastics

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    Introduction Hello, my name is Hayley Brown. Ever since I was a little girl about the age of four I always wanted to be a gymnast. At the age of five my mom enrolled me in gymnastics. I was in gymnastics until age seventeen. I felt it was my time to quit then because I was the oldest one on my team at the gym. My favorite event was the floor exercise because of all the different things you can do and all the different routines. What I love about it is you can start with one thing and transform it

  • Personal Essay: Gymnastic Analysis

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    Even in the aftermath, gymnastics still manifests itself in my life. Even after I quit, the sport I dedicated myself to for years fails to drift away. However, what used to be a meaningful endeavor is now a

  • Personal Narrative-The Joy Of Gymnastics

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    future goals through practicing. I believe that practice will create courage. Starting in seventh grade I took upon a new challenge, cheerleading. I had never done anything in my life that was related to cheer other than when I was a child doing gymnastics. When beginning tumbling, things started off slow, I learned little by little. I started off with one tumbling class a week, and then eventually made my way to joining my middle school cheer team. As about a month or two passed, I gained

  • Personal Narrative Essay: The Sport Of Gymnastics

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    I had done gymnastics ever since I could remember. Being the rambunctious three year-old that I was my parents decided to enroll me in gymnastics. Over the years, the gym had become my second home. I loved the smell of the chalk on my hands, the feel of my sore body as I left the gym, and the excitement of the next challenge. I especially enjoyed witnessing all the hardworking girls ,just like myself, strive for their dream. Every little gymnasts’ dream, including mine, was to go to the Olympics

  • How Gymnastics Changed My Life

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    FLIP FLOP TO THE TOP: How Gymnastics Has Shaped My Life It started off slow and it nagged at me for years. I could feel it eating away at my skin and I knew that someday I would succumb to its demands. The girls with the tightly pinned back hair wore suits of red, white, and blue. I was glued to the screen as they stood at attention ready to enter the arena. They leapt in the most graceful way and I tried to copy their balletic movements. They tumbled and tucked across an endless floor and

  • Case Analysis: Rivalry With Flip Factory

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    In the market of gymnastic equipment and warehouse both are very niche markets that allow the power to be evenly split between the suppliers and the buyer. If the buyer or the supplier were to try to change the price up or down there is enough competition in the market to just switch to another, but not so over saturated such that people are low balling each other to take over market share. Currently the competition in this market place is few and far through because in the city of Calgary along

  • Cheerleading Essay

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    International Olympic Committee Recognizes Cheerleading as a Sport Gymnastics was apart of the very first Olympics, figure skating was added in 1908, and synchronized swimming in 1984. All of these sports are closely related to cheerleading, yet cheerleading today is not apart of the Olympics as well. Gymnastics tumbling is the same tumbling that cheerleaders do in a routine but some people still say that gymnastics is more of a sport than cheerleading is. Figure skaters have a set routine that they

  • Personal Narrative: Viktoria Komova

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    At that moment, I was as nervous as I have ever been. Viktoria Komova’s performance determined if I would become the Olympic gold medalist in Women’s gymnastics. My hardwork, determination, and strength brought me to where I am today. Her score popped up and excitement was brought upon me. I just won the Olympic gold medal. The five of us walked in confidently, heads up and chests high. All eyes were on us as we approached the locker rooms, especially me. Stories of me almost quitting two

  • An Informative Essay: The Sport Of Cheerleading

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    The vast majority think about cheerleading as a feeble action that requires young ladies sprucing up in charming garbs and waving around tufts. On the other hand, cheerleading is an exceptional game that requires practice, devotion, and learning of abilities. Much the same as some other game, material science is included in cheerleading 100%. Material science is found in each and every movement and trick. Cheerleading depends on tricks, tumbling, and bounced and since material science is so included

  • Why Cheerleading Is A Sport

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    What creates the border between a casual hobby and a sport? Typically, activities that require practice, dedication, and determination are classified as sports, along with the element of competition. Commonly, baseball, soccer, football, and swimming are argued to be sports, while art, music, and video gaming count as hobbies. The line separating sports and pastimes can get hazy when cheerleading is mentioned, though. As a gymnast, I notice no reason why cheerleading shouldn’t be considered a sport

  • Cheerleading Classification Essay

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    How many people think cheerleading is a sport? According to the Google Dictionary, a sport is an activity involving physical exertion and skill in which an individual or team competes against another for entertainment, and cheerleading follows these guidelines. There are a three different types of cheerleading. The first one is sideline cheering, which is like high school cheer. The second one is competition and the last one is college cheer. A sport says that you must physically exert

  • Reinforcement In Gymnastics

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    1. INTRODUCTION Gymnastics it is not only a great source for physical exercise but also a great source for encouraging discipline as well as time-management skills. In addition, it is an important arena where feedback, reinforcement, and motivation are working together to help, both the gymnast and trainer in achieving better performance. For gymnasts, this can be translated into taking pride in accomplishments, feeling competent, enjoying the process while learning new skills. For coaches, it is

  • Essay On Cheerleading

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    Cheerleading: Is It a Sport? You do cheer your whole life and do just as much as other athletes. Someone walks up to you and says cheer isn’t a sport. How would you respond? Competitive cheerleading has become one of the fastest growing activities in the country. There is competitive cheer and non-competitive, know as school cheer. Although there is a big difference that people don’t know about. While it’s true competitive cheer would seem like it’s not a strenuous activity, but competitive cheer

  • Competitive Cheerleading Essay

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    A competitive cheer team performs a two and a half minute routine with music that includes stunts, jumps, and tumbling. It is judged by a panel of experts on difficulty and execution. Many believe cheerleading is just cheerleading, little do they know what competitive cheer actually consists of. As you dive into looking at the sport, you realize that it is not all just jumping around in short skirts with pom-poms and trying to look pretty. A competitive cheer team has one main goal: to win. It meets

  • Personal Narrative: My Involvement With Cheerleading

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    While I have various interests and talents that have me involved in numerous activities and clubs, the role which best defines me is my involvement with cheerleading. I cheer in High School and on a competitive team at Cheer Athletics which required a significant amount of my childhood to train to reach the highest competitive level. While High School cheer is mostly social, competitive cheer is my passion as it requires significant tumbling, jumping, stunting, and dance related skills that are

  • Professionalism In Gymnastics

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    Through my experiences as a gymnastics coach and working in a physical therapy office, I learned what professionalism is. This has prepared me for the challenges I expect as a student in a doctoral program. People have called me an “old soul.” I behave more proper than my peers, see the good in people, and I am always responsible. Although I conduct myself in a mature manner in the workplace, I know how to have fun and enjoy what I do. I found a passion for gymnastics early in life. After 10 great

  • Importance Of Visualization In Gymnastics

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    Introduction: Gymnastic can be a scary sport and that is why in order to be successful, athlets have to be able to deal with isuses such as outside distraction, fear and anxiety, in an effective way. Those are pretty much everyday issues for a gymnast and controling them is a important task especially since there is a potential risk in overcoming the athlete`s levels of self-confidence, motivation and performance. The gymnastic coach task is not only to provide the gymnasts with the physical tools

  • A Career In Gymnastics

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    When most people think of athletes, they don 't usually think of a gymnast. Though to many the sport of gymnastics is rarely seen as anything beyond pretty girls doing pretty dances with some tumbling. To anyone who actively follows gymnastics, you 'd know that the males and females in gymnastics are some of the most disciplined, strongest, athletes there are. Most female gymnasts peak in their early to mid-twenties, meaning if they want serious careers in the sport, they have to focus most if

  • Gymnastics Lab Report

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    Gymnastics Procedure for identifying physical fitness strength and weaknesses: 1. Make sure the correct equipment is used and the equipment is fully functional. 2. Make sure to wear the proper kit. 3. Stretch fully and properly. 4. Complete the fitness tests. Fitness tests: 1. Plank Test The plank test is a simple fitness test of core muscle strength The plant test measures the strength and the ability to tolerate the situation without giving up. It works the back/core stabilizing muscles

  • Persuasive Essay On Gymnastics

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    GO TEAM GO Were you able to play the sport you trained during school? If not, you are like me, I do gymnastics as my weekly sport and there are many reasons why schools should have a gymnastics team. Some reasons include gymnasts want to be able to join a team,itś fantastic for anybody´s future, and the sport is good for more than just gymnasts. My first reason is that gymnasts want to be able to join a team. The reason why this matters is that, from my experience, we feel left out because we want