Case Analysis: Rivalry With Flip Factory

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In the market of gymnastic equipment and warehouse both are very niche markets that allow the power to be evenly split between the suppliers and the buyer. If the buyer or the supplier were to try to change the price up or down there is enough competition in the market to just switch to another, but not so over saturated such that people are low balling each other to take over market share. Currently the competition in this market place is few and far through because in the city of Calgary along there is only 8 other gymnastic based centers, to whom all focus on different areas or styles of gymnastic teaching/ability. Rivalry with Flip Factory is almost no existent because of the change to the market place they are creating with professional …show more content…

Traviss has built up the company through its dynamically changing programs and treating customer well. This idea of evolution in the program is the greatest strength for Flip Factory because as the clients master a skill the program changes to accommodate that and then challenges them to learn more every visit. In alignment with the growth and change that Flip Factory has it works to have transparency and openness so unlike many other classes were parents can’t see the results or what they are practicing until the “performance” day Flip Factory has a mezzanine with open space to view as well as coffee/drinks to promote mingling with the parents as they wait and …show more content…

The positives of expanding is that the vision and difference of Flip Factory can then be experience by a multitude of people across the city, province, country and world. Growing the successful model will bring in additional revenue and now that the first location has worked through the bumps of a new business it will be easier to duplicate. Currently Traviss has great believe in her staff and their own growth potential which would be helpful when training new staff and giving management roles to the current staff at different places. Luckily the current staff/coaches at Flip Factory have a large network across Canada and the world so looking for partners would be easier and done through personal introductions instead of cold calling or pitches. Some cons to this plan of expansion is that Traviss has already worked hard to get to the place they are at currently and expansion especially internationally would take a big hit to her work/life balance as flights and travel would become a standard work we when setting up new locations. Also, depending on the approach that is taken self-expansion or franchising the

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