Humidity Essays

  • The Mpemba Effect: Hot Water Freezes Faster Than Cold Water

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    The Mpemba effect is that, under certain circumstances and experimental parameters, it is observed that hot water freezes faster than cold water which sounds implausible since hot water, with a higher temperature than cold water, has a higher amount of internal energy which has to be lost before it starts to change its state and turn into ice. The effect got its name from Erasto Mpemba who discovered the effect that hot water freezes faster than cold water after he discovered that hot ice-cream freezes

  • The Three Main Components Of The Air Conditioning System

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    Air conditioning means, the air conditioning for the maintenance of the specific conditions of temperature, humidity (moisture in the air) and the level of dust inside a closed space. The conditions that remain are dictated by the need for the conditioned space is intended. The air conditioning system removes heat leaking into the structure from the outside and deposits it outside the structure where it came from. A basic air conditioning system consists of three main components: • Compressor:

  • Transpiration Lab

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    knowledge on transpiration, and how it is affected by various factors. This was done in an experiment involving five pansy plants. These pansies were placed into five separate environments with different factors labeled as Control, Intense Light, Humidity, Fan, and Dark. The objective of the lab was to determine how and explain why each environment affected the transpiration of their individual pansey. The main scientific principle being explored in this lab was transpiration. Transpiration refers

  • Personal Narrative: The Journey Back To High School

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    The entire ride had been an interesting one. No one had thought that anything like this would happen to a small band from SFT. Many of the students were thinking about the night before. Why wouldn’t we considering our basketball team had won state. Which was definitely better then what our current situation was. We were riding back to the high school from the girls’ basketball game in Wichita. The girls had managed to pull through and win state for our school. Despite the rough start, the shot from

  • Cause Of Climate Change

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    Climate Change – How important is awareness of the causes of climate change? I am interested in this topic because it is one of the most important problems we face today. Climate change affects not only to humans but also to all living things. Global Health becomes worse and worse because of the change, and it is now significantly be seen. Global warming, the ozone layers being damaged, deforesting, rivers drying up, unbalancing ecosystem and different kinds of pollution lead to certain climate

  • Essay On Matte Lip Cream

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    Matte lip creams are all the craze right now. there are many options and opinions out there on which ones are the best, and what first drew me to lip creams was the effortless matte finish, and the good thing about them being on trend now is that we're getting a variety of choices of them. when it comes down to it everyone has their own unique experience with them, and today I want to share my own with you:) from left to right: Sephora Cream Lip Stain (13), Sleek Matte Me ( Fandango Purple), Sleek

  • Humidity Logger Analysis

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    The Many Benefits Of a Humidity Logger Explained Humidity or the amount of water vapor in the air is a factor that affects us and everything around us including furniture and paintings. Vapor is the gaseous state of water and other liquids. How water vapor affects us? Why should you measure humidity levels in many industries and your home? What is the purpose of a Humidity Logger? We will cover all these important topics in this article. So, if you are a warehouse/museum manager; you will benefit

  • The Pros And Cons Of The Universe

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    The Universe has always been a mystery. Perhaps it is so mysterious; it takes most people interest, scientifically or fictionally. The universe and all the happening is a mystery itself, surrounded by many conspiracy theories and speculations. Based on the book “Conspiracy Theories”, about half of the conspiracies exist today are about the universe; the famous one includes: The Roswell Incident, Area 51, and 1969’s controversial moon landing. The universe is so big, continues research is being undergone

  • Mastectomy Bra Case Study

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    7.3.3 Difference of Core Body Temperature between Conventional Mastectomy Bra and Suggested New Mastectomy Bra The core body temperature approximately remained constant at the beginning of the 15 min sitting and then slightly decreased at approximately 10 min. The core body temperature was continuously increased since moving into walking phase (Figure 7.19). The results showed the mean Tcore of the conventional mastectomy bra (37.3ºC ~ 38.2ºC) was consistently higher than the mean Tcore of the

  • North America Case Study

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    the temperature is dropping and the dew point is holding steady, what is your forecast for the relative humidity? Explain your answer. The relative humidity would increase if the temperature dropped and the dew point remained steady. Cooled air is unable to retain much moisture and saturates the air, therefore it increases the relative humidity. If the temperature decreases, the relative humidity will increase as a result in this situation. 3. In what ways are severe thunderstorms different from

  • Air Masses Research Paper

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    Air Masses Air masses are very large bodies of air that have a similar temperature and humidity. They move through the atmosphere as a unit. A front is where two air masses meet. These two air masses have different densities and do not mix easily. There are 4 types of air masses, there is the maritime tropical, continental tropical, maritime polar, and continental polar. . Maritime tropical air masses form over the Pacific and Atlantic ocean also over the gulf of Mexico. In the summer they

  • Essay On California Forest Fire

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    well, such as high temperature, relative humidity,

  • Sealcoating Case Study

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    70 degrees with a relative humidity of 50 percent or less. Ideal wind speeds are around 4 mph. Sealcoating should not be exposed to precipitation for at least 24 hours. In Central Kentucky, the normal conditions match the ideal recommendations rather closely during the month of May. May is the first month in which historical overnight lows average above 50 degrees and daytime highs are just above 70 degrees. The average humidity is below 20 percent, but by July, humidity normally exceeds 60 percent

  • Unit 8 H1n1

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    Infection control refers to action devoted to policies and procedures that reduce the risk of spreading infections, reduce the occurrence of diseases caused by bacteria and viruses, parasite. The infectious diseases are normally spread by human to human, human to animal contact or by ingestion of food, droplet in the air, and contact with a surface that is the vehicle of the infective agent. H1N1, commonly known as the swine flu, a viral infection, was a cause of 2009 world-wide pandemic. The virus

  • Rid Of A Sinus Headache Essay

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    How to get rid of a sinus headache Many people suffer from headaches, and is not usually a sign of a serious or life-threatening illness. But they can be very painful, and the best way to cure a headache often depends on what is causing this. Sinus problems, headaches, which may lead to severe. They are mainly due to pressure build up in your sinuses when you have swelling and mucous membranes secrete mucus properly. This type of inflammation is a tumor (benign or malignant), a rare bone infection

  • Ap Human Geography Chapter 8 Review

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    cyclones in the Northern Hemisphere, winds blow counterclockwise and inward. Thus causes Earth’s surface winds to move into the center of the cyclone as air rises. The are going through the expansional cooling process and with that, the relative humidity will increase causing stormy weather to occur in that environment. Critical Thinking 7. For a cyclone to form, there needs to be horizontal divergence. It is needed because it would cause the process where the divergence air above the location

  • San Diego Compare And Contrast Essay

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    marine effect. The biggest difference in the two climates is the average temperatures, precipitation, and the humidity levels. But outside of the factors the climates are relatively the same, both not getting much rain but San Diego gets more out of the two, Phoenix having the higher Average temperature, and San diego being more humid due to it’s access to a beach. with lower humidity in Phx, the temperature swing is much larger than an area next to an ocean it cools very quickly and is usually

  • Volume And Pressure Lab Report

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    The purpose of this investigation was to demonstrate a relationship between change in volume and pressure. It kept the room temperature, room humidity, and mix of particles constant so that only the volume influenced the pressure. 10 tests were conducted with the volume beginning at 60 mL and decreasing at equal intervals of 4 mL, ending at 20 mL and each test had 3 trials so that the average represented a more accurate result. The results of each trial were recorded in Table 1. Then, the averages

  • Sick Building Syndrome Essay

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    The term Sick building syndrome (SBS) was named in 1986 by the World Health Organization (WHO). SBS is also known as "building-related symptoms", “building-illnesses” is a medical condition where people in a building suffer from symptoms of illness or feel unwell for no apparent reason (World Health Organization. n.d.). The main objective of this essay is to determine the association between indoor environmental quality and symptoms of SBS. Data were collected through multifactorial previous studies

  • Atmosphere In Golf

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    ball goes in the air at a high altitude, the further it will carry, this means that a golfer with a higher trajectory will be at an advantage as opposed to a golfer with a lower trajectory, who generally relies on roll out to achieve more distance. Humidity and air pressure play a large role in carry distance. For example, playing in the morning, when there is more moisture in the air, will add a few yards to the carry of your golf ball as opposed to the afternoon, where it heats up and dries, and there