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  • Jay Z Themes

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    A couple of weeks ago rap icon Jay Z added fuel for the second half of 2017 & released his thirteenth studio album 4:44. Just a week after it 's release the album has received general acclaim from critics & has already gone platinum, thanks to the assistance of Tidal & Sprint, providing another reason why 2017 has been a good year for hip hop. The entire album is produced by legendary hip hop producer No I.D., who creates soulful beats that share the same color of emotion that each track displays

  • Jay Z Accomplishments

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    Jay Z Introduction: Shawn Corey Carter is reputed as an American rapper, entrepreneur and investor. He is actually recognized by his stage name Jay Z. He is also famous as one of the most economically prosperous hip hop artists of America. Jay Z is acknowledged as one of the world’s best-selling inventor of all time. Having depleted more than 100 million records, he was ranked by MTV in the agenda of The Greatest Mcs of All-Time in 2016. Early life and background: Jay Z was born in Brooklyn

  • Jay Z Thesis

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    way, not only in the hip-hop world, outside of it also. The most prominent rap entertainer of all time is none other than Jay- Z. He created numerous hits, for example, “99 Problems,” “Empire State of Mind”, and “Holy Grail” just to designate a few. Jay Z has multiple sides to him; he teaches us how to be successful, and show us what 's important in life v.s. What’s not. Jay - Z gives several sides of himself when creating his music and variety of businesses, by staying true to himself. Once in a

  • Jay Z Research Paper

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    Jay-Z is a billionaire of Hip Hop. Shawn Corey Carter “Jay- z As the most famous rapper in the world Jay Z is the most entertainer and best businessman of his company. He’s mostly studies greatness in hip hop music, Artists producers in America. He’s also a leader in Def Jam Records, creating a clothing line. What I know marrying the women singer of his dreams Beyonce Knowles in 2008. Early life He was the last of her four children of his mother. Jay-Z mother Gloria Carter, believe that he was

  • Social Stratification Of Jay Z

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    To focus my work, I follow rapper millionaire Jay-Z. It will include the path he took in order to get rich, his areas of wealth and cultural impacts. This wouldn’t be considered the ideal journey to success, this is a journey of a man who went from a drug dealer turned rapper turned entrepreneur and family man. Not too many can say they went from dealing drugs to becoming the cultural force that he is today. [This is a curious outcome given that Jaz-Z, as African American, is from an underrepresented

  • Jucky Carter Character Analysis

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    Shawn Corey Carter, better known by his stage name Jay-Z, is quite the success story. Carter faced hard times as a child growing up in a single parent home located in drug infested Brooklyn, New York but was able to defy the odds and become a multimillionaire entrepreneurship and a huge hip-hop mogul in today’s society. Not everyone would be able to climb a latter of this magnitude in one lifetime; this takes a special type of individual. One must possess certain qualities and specific character

  • Argumentative Essay On Lil Wayne

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    Jay started out with nothing growing up in the streets of Brooklyn, but eventually his successful rapping career earned him some success and his business investments and deals got him the rest of his fortune. Not to mention the fact that his wife is also

  • Rick Rubin: The Rise Of Hip-Hop

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    Jews were instrumental in its boom. When people think of Jews in hip-hop, the mind immediately thinks of the group of 3 white men from Brooklyn, the Beastie Boys, but there is a name that not many people may know of, but should. This name is Frederick Jay Rubin, better known as Rick Rubin. Rubin has amassed 8 Grammys over his career for his producing. Rick Rubin’s skills aren’t just limited to one genre, as he has produced for artists that range from Slayer to Adele. One of the biggest, if not biggest

  • Song Vs A Goal In Life

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    is that rap has a more angry tone and more violence involved than poetry. Jay-Z in the other hand argues that rap should be considered poetry. He said that “I hope readers take away from this book that rap is poetry. It’s thought-provoking; there’s thought behind it,” he said. “There’s great writing in rap as well. You never hear rappers being compared for like the greatest rap writers of all time.” (Horowitz 1) What Jay-Z is saying is that rap music takes a long process to make, writers do not just

  • Analysis Of Miranda's Hamilton: An American Musical

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    Lin Manuel Miranda’s renowned Hamilton: An American Musical, has become extremely well known for its soundtrack, being nominated alongside modern hip-hop legends, and eventually claiming victory in the 2015 billboard nominations for best hip-hop album, and being openly accessible to people through many music platforms. Miranda’s use of hip-hop in the telling of a what would otherwise arguably be a dry topic of the American underdog, Alexander Hamilton by connecting a white-washed old story to a diverse

  • The Razor's Edge Analysis

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    Looking back on this movie, there were numerous instances that I really felt the religious impact of the film, and the search that the main character was on. From going back home from the war and all that happened, to living normal life again, and then going to various places looking for something. It was a pure aspect of searching for a higher calling, or looking for explanations that are not available to the every day person. How The Razor’s Edge depicted Hinduism was a little soft in my opinion

  • Troye Sivan Swimming Pool Poem

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    “Swimming Pools” by Troye Sivan was a hidden hit. The 2015 released bonus track was a part of Troye’s 2015 pop album “Blue Neighbourhood”. “Swimming Pools” personally relates to me because my perception of it is tied in with its water metaphors. The song is discussing the drawbacks of a relationship, with me my relationship is with my stress and anxiety, two issues I’ve had for awhile now. I believe that this song is a great representation for life’s drawbacks. The use of water metaphors brilliantly

  • A Rhetorical Analysis Of Kanye West's Speech

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    Kanye West is a rapper that is known for his high sense of fashion, his family, his music, and his outlandish opinions that usually cause a scene. To some he seen as a genius, and to others an idiot. His most popular scene was at the 2009 Video Music Awards when he interrupted Taylor Swift making it known that he thought Beyoncé deserved the award Taylor had just received. This broke the internet. Kanye's second most recognizable scene was at the 2015 Video Music Award's when he went on to tell

  • Notorious Film Analysis

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    The overall goal of the film Notorious directed by George Tillman Jr was to display a young rappers dream to being a famous with popularity and money. The main character is Christopher Wallace, later known as Biggie Smalls or the Notorious B.I.G, and the film is based on a true story about Biggie’s achievements and failures through the duration of his rap career and life growing up in the ghetto. The film itself displays a different walk of life that are within the ghettos of Clinton Hill, New York

  • Cultural And Social Criticism In Shirley Jackson's The Lottery

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    The short story, The Lottery appeared on the June 26, 1948 edition of The New Yorker. Although the subscribers noticed nothing different about this edition of The New Yorker, it contained a story that would arouse divergent feelings among the readers and the public in equal measure. In fact, this story continues to elicit these feeling even in the 21st century, resulting in heated debates whenever the story comes up. It remains as controversial a story as it was more than half a century ago. The

  • Eminem's Personality

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    Marshall Bruce Mathers III, better known by his stage name Eminem (EMINƎM) is a rapper from Detroit, Michigan who is not difficult to classify as a creative genius who dominated a black race music industry. Since the release of his debut album The Slim Shady LP (1999), Eminem has dictated the hip hop charts worldwide. A holder of thirty awards and fifty nominations, Eminem’s awards include seven Grammys and an Academy Award for Best Original Song. He was the first rapper to ever acquire an Academy

  • Analysis Of 'Uptown Funk And Rock Around The Clock'

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    I have chosen “ Uptown Funk” by Bruno Mars and “ Rock Around The Clock” by Bill Haley as this assessment ‘s topic. Basic information of two songs will be mentioned first, then similarities, differences and connections will be discussed afterwards. First of all, Bruno Mars is a songwriter and popular singer who came from Hawaii, and he released “Uptown Funk” on 2014 , it won the Grammy award for Record of the Year. It is a pop, funk boogie with Minneapolis song. “ Uptown Funk” is talking about

  • Gore Verbinski's Short Film

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    Gore Verbinski was a former musician at an young age, than later becomes a filmmaker. Making short films in the early 1980’s and later winning two oscars awards. Verbinski started his actual film career by directing other known bands music video for a short period of time. His love for music is alway, but secretly applied in his movies. Than Verbinski moved on from music video directing to commercial directing. That was also short lived because he started to make his first movie Mouse Hunt. Verbinski

  • Childish Gambino So Into You Analysis

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    Over time artists have created covers of previously produced songs to revitalize a song and give an artist a way to express their own creative ideas with said song. Childish Gambino, a critically acclaimed actor, writer, and producer scored a Top Ten debut chart placement, a gold record, and a nomination for Best Rap Album at the 2015 Grammy Awards with the release of his album Because the Internet (Billboard.com). However, Tamia a six-time Grammy nominated singer with the one of the most recognizable

  • Hae Min Jay Accused

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    Adnan Syed was accused of her murder. Adnan claims he had nothing to do with the crime one guy, Jay claims that he was with him since the