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Many people today think that rapper Jay-Z is an example of this rags to riches type of story, he had began selling drugs and then ended up rapping to become the millionaire he is today.

In the novel The Great Gatsby, author F. Scott Fitzgerald portrays the idea of the american dream into one character, this character goes by the name Jay Gatsby. Jay Gatsby’s is idolised throughout the book for being very rich and throwing very magnificent parties but, what many people do not know about him how he has obtained this rich and wealthy status. Jay Gatsby or James Gatz was born into a poor family but still ended up becoming wealthy because he started bootlegging and making connections with gangsters which made him a fortune. Just like Gatsby Jay Z also started off poor. For example, one reporter states, “Jay-Z lived with …show more content…

Jay Z is also super wealthy like Gatsby, his net worth as of now is 810 Million Dollars, this is all due to endorsements, concerts, merchandise, investments and real estate. (http://time.com/money/5108647/jay-z-net-worth)

The Great Gatsby is a great novel that highlighted issues in American like class divide between the rich and poor, and this book gives its characters traits that have relations to the idea of the American dream, one of the characters they really emphasize this on is Gatsby. You can argue Gatsby even idolises the American dream in The Great Gatsby, Just his whole backstory in the novel and the fact that Gatsby Comes from nothing and makes something out of that itself idolises the American

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