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  • Julius And Ethel Rosenberg Research Paper

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    United States Army’s Signal Intelligence Service (SIS) launched a secret program with efforts to gather and decrypt (and later exploit) Soviet diplomatic communications. It took nearly two years before American cryptologists were able to break the KGB encryption. The information that was gained – in more than 2,000 messages – provided “insight into Soviet intentions and treasonous activities of government employees” (“VENONA”). The Venona files are most famous for exposing Julius and Ethel Rosenberg

  • Goodnight And Good Luck Film Analysis

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    The film one has chosen to review and analyse is George Clooney's “Goodnight and Good Luck”. It is set in America in the 1950's, a full decade after World War II ended, a period of economic growth and recovery after the Great Depression. It was a time of revolution in terms of social, economic and cultural advancement. Having said that, it was also a period of political turmoil, paranoia and intimidation under Senator Joseph McCarthy. This movie explores the way journalist Edward Murrow used his

  • Soviet Intelligence In The Cold War

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    When one thinks of espionage between the United States and the Soviet Union, the first time period that usually comes to mind is the Cold War. The Cold War is perhaps the point when Soviet Intelligence was at its peak performance in obtaining large quantities of intelligence at an exceptionally expedient pace against the United States. This superb performance, however, did not materialize overnight; it took vast networks of agents and procedures for recruiting and handling assets that required trial

  • Spies: The Rise And Fall Of The KGB In America

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    such as, their access to resources not available to the Soviets, their ability to gather new recruits, and their skill to not draw attention to their work. Haynes, Klehr, and Vassiliev created Spies: The Rise and Fall of the KGB in America (2009) to exemplify the history of the KGB in America and the USSR’s reasons for needing American agents. Because the Americans offered so many outlets to gather information, the Soviets sought them out in order to gain a competitive advantage over a world that wanted

  • Battleground Berlin: CIA Vs. KGB In The Cold War

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    Battleground Berlin: CIA vs. KGB in the Cold War offers an in depth analysis and account of the most heated period of espionage warfare in Berlin. The book’s conclusion with the building of the Berlin Wall is a logical endpoint to the story as the almost overnight construction of the Berlin Wall represented the closing of the Iron Curtain – as clandestine meetings between agents were no longer possible, thus ended Berlin’s role as a unique operational asset in it’s access to the East. The main strengths

  • Aldrich Aims Essay

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    collection that were utilized in the case are dead drops, signal sites, and double agents. The deception method used in the case are the KGB efforts to divert attention from Aldrich. Aldrich used the dead drops method to pass documents and receive money through impersonal clandestine communication sites. It was used to increase the security of Aldrich’s communications with the KGB. Aldrich would leave signals to the Soviets to indicate the sites where the dead drops site will be. He did so by using placing

  • The Manhattan Project

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    the height of the Arms Race between the United States and Soviet Russia and it was intended to create the first nuclear bomb. The creation of this bomb would eventually escalate the arms race into a full out Cold War. Conclusion: The result of the KGB operative infiltration into the manhattan project was an increased speed at which Russian nuclear scientists developed their own bomb. The Soviets took the US by surprise as they had created the bomb five years before predicted. The creation of their

  • What Does Joseph Stalin Symbolize

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    Stalin”, to be viewed as one of the people. Throughout his leadership in Russia, Stalin was known to enjoy living lavishly while his people lived in famine. He was able to live in luxury by eliminating those who oppose his decisions with the use of the KGB, in which Stalin used as personal assassins (ABC-CLIO). With the

  • Kirk Mcgarvey Character Analysis

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    crazier version of the Tom Clancy novels with an insane plot full of fast-paced action and romance. It starts with a man infiltrating the American embassy in plain sight of the personnel and security with the help of a false identity. The man is a KGB agent Arkady Lurshin who is in the embassy on a mission to plant bombs that are sure to bring down the embassy. Meanwhile, the man he is impersonating is whiling his time with one of his lover with no clue of what is happening at the embassy. He arrives

  • How Is Napoleon Similar To Joseph Stalin Animal Farm

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    leader. This was also the case for what Stalin did except he had a force of people called the KGB… According to the article Relating Animal Farm to History: KBG vs Napoleon's Dogs, “The KGB eliminated rebellions and anti-USSR groups.” This quote show that like Napoleon's secret police of dogs would kill anyone who a threat to napoleon or disagreed with what he was doing would get kill just like the KGB would kill anyone who was against how stalin was ruling and people who disobeyed the

  • Compare And Contrast Animal Farm And Joseph Stalin

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    ended up worse than before the revolution. Everyone agrees that the animals and Russians revolted and both clearly share similar characteristics in three similar people: Mr. Jones and Czar Nicholas II, Napoleon and Joseph Stalin, and the dogs and KGB. First, Mr. Jones and Czar Nicholas II behaved

  • Stalin Vs. Snowball In George Orwell's Animal Farm

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    Stalin vs. Trotsky. Napoleon vs. Snowball. These animals are the people that want to change everything. The change isn’t necessarily for the better. In 1917 Czar Nicholas 11 was overthrown just like Mr. Jones was ran out of the farm. Animalism is something that the animals have came up with but is later corrupted. Right before, the revolution began Karl Marx was killed just as Old Major was. The greater allegory in this story is to show you how corrupt the Russian Revolution was. In the beginning

  • The Importance Of Gouzenko: The Right To Privacy

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    information that Canada had on the atomic bomb, to mark them as ones that he would take. On September 5, 1945, Gouzenko stuck 109 documents underneath his shirt and walked out of the embassy right under the noses of the Soviet Union’s security agents, or KGB agents, at the embassy. After stealing the documents, he went to the Ottawa Journal to leak the information to the public. Infact, to sell his point, when he got there he said the words, “It’s war. Its Russia.” However,

  • Fbi Affidavit Case Study

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    The FBI affidavit implies that the investigation of Nicholson 's espionage for Russia was triggered following his failure of three polygraph examinations administered by CIA polygraphers as part of his routine security update in October and December 1995, when questions "Have you had unauthorized contact with a Foreign Intelligence Service?", "Since 1990, have you had contact with a Foreign Intelligence Service that you are trying to hide from the CIA?" revealed a high probability of deception or

  • How Does Orwell Use Dramatic Irony In Animal Farm

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    them to fight for a false cause: himself. Parallel to Stalin during the Russian Revolution, Napoleon is aware the other animals are starting to recognize the abuse of his dictatorship; he immediately selects these nine dogs as his guard dogs, or the KGB during the Russian Revolution. With their fierce looks and menacing growls, the dogs engender fear into the others as they confess to false crimes and perpetually die. Orwell 's use of dramatic irony fits perfectly with Animal Farm, as the dogs do not

  • Communism In Kurt Vonnegut's Harrison Bergeron

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    Communism can be summarized in this sleek maxim, “From each according to his ability, to each according to his need” (“What is Communism”). Communism as we know it today is based on the writings of two German economists, Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels (“What is Communism”). In their book “The Communist Manifesto” published in 1848 they argued that the problems in society were caused by an unequal distribution of wealth (“What is Communism”). In order to obtain happiness for all the distinctions between

  • Symbolism In Animal Farm

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    Leon Trotsky because he is smart, passionate, fluent, and less subtle and devious than Napoleon. Snowball seems to win the loyalty of the other animals and build his power. Snowball is chased off of the farm by napoleon’s dogs which represents the KGB and Napoleon covers it up by saying that he left. Snowball also tries to build a windmill which represents industrialisation and was banished from the farm, this relates to how Leon trotsky tried to industrialise Russia and was banished from

  • Jfk Assassination Conspiracy Theory

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    It’s the year 1976, the United States Senate has just called for a new inquiry into the infamous assassination of President John F. Kennedy, who was shot in 1963 during his own motorcade in Dallas, TX while running for re-election. The CIA along with the FBI were coaxed into releasing new documents on Lee Harvey Oswald, and individuals who had not given evidence previously were persuaded to come forward. Pieces of evidence such as sound recordings and photographs were being subjected to scientific

  • Stalin's Great Terror Monologue Analysis

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    Affair can be hard to understand and there are many misconceptions surrounding it. I hope that after today everything will be cleared up. Before my husband Vladmir and I arrived in Australia, we had been part of the Soviet State Security system or the KGB for twenty years. We worked on cyphers and cryptanalysis which means deciphering codes without being told the key. You may have heard about something called Stalin’s Great Terror. During the 1930s, Soviet leader Joseph Stalin killed anyone who he considered

  • What Of A Gold Fish You Wish Analysis

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    to door to door asking about what there three wishes would be. He is gaining relationships from gathering information. Sergei does not like when people knock on his door because that brings back memories that cause him to have a bad experience with kgb. When Yonatan knock on Sergei door that brought memories of awful experiences. With those memories he is having a rough relationship with Yonatan knocking on his door and his