Aldrich Aims Essay

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Aldrich Aims started working as an intern with the CIA in a program offered to the families of CIA officers. His father, Carleton Aims has been an intelligence officer with the CIA for a number of years. Aldrich trained to become a case officer after college with the background of foreign cultures and history. The thoughts of espionage first came when he started to have financial problems because of the divorce settlement to his first wife. With his considerable knowledge of Soviet operations and experience in clandestine operations, Aldrich conceived of a plan to obtain money from the Soviets without being detected by the CIA and FBI. His job scope of assisting other CIA officer which assessed Soviet embassy officials as potential intelligence …show more content…

He is thought to have single handily shut down the CIA’s eyes and ears in the Soviet Union by telling the Russians the names of sources, derailed vital CIA operations and put dozens of CIA officers at risk.
The covert methods of intelligence collection that were utilized in the case are dead drops, signal sites, and double agents. The deception method used in the case are the KGB efforts to divert attention from Aldrich.
Aldrich used the dead drops method to pass documents and receive money through impersonal clandestine communication sites. It was used to increase the security of Aldrich’s communications with the KGB.
Aldrich would leave signals to the Soviets to indicate the sites where the dead drops site will be. He did so by using placing chalk markings on mailbox that will be used for the dead drops. Cover names were also used to protect his location in case a dead drop site was ever compromised.
Aldrich was working as a double agent to collect intelligence for the KGB. He feed information to the KGB under the supervision of the CIA officials. He used his role as a CIA employee to provide information to the KGB about the Soviet agents of CIA and other security services of United States. Other information includes information about double agents operations and leads on possible recruits for the KGB within the

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