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  • High Performance Liquid Chromatography Lab Report

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    Introduction: High Performance Liquid Chromatography or also known as High Performance Liquid Chromatography is one of the most powerful and most commonly used analytical separation technique. HPLC is a form of liquid chromatography that separated solutes/compounds dissolved in the solution (High-performance liquid chromatography, 2012). It is an improved form of column chromatography, where the solvent is passed through under high pressure instead of letting it drip down due to gravity. The sample

  • Liquid Diet Vs Liquid Diet

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    whereby you need to ingest mainly liquids the whole day and completely eliminate solid foods. In fact the liquid diet is intended for people to be adopted before or after having a surgical treatment to clear the gastrointestinal tract. Yet, at present is much more popular being a weight loss program or a diet to shed unwanted weight rapidly. So, what exactly is a liquid diet plan? The liquid diet is of two types: clear liquid diet and full liquid diet. In clear liquid diet, you need to ingest fluids

  • Lava Lamp History

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    inspired by an egg timer sitting on a kitchen stove filled with two liquids bubbling because they were unable to mix. He enhanced on this by making it into a radiant lamp that is still being used around the world today! What is a lava lamp made of? A lava lamp is made up of two components: a wax compound and a liquid compound (such as water). The concept behind lava lamps is putting together two things that don’t mix. Wax/oil and liquid compounds do not mix so when they’re put together, it starts to

  • Amount Of Salt Experiment Results

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    Title: The Effect of the Amount of Salt (Mass) on The Density of Coloured Solutions Question: How does the Amount of Salt Solution (Mass) Affect the Density of Liquid Solutions? Background Research: Density is how light or how heavy something is, depending on its size. Density can determine an object’s mass or volume. If an object is more dense, it will sink and its atoms would be closely packed. When an object is not dense, it will float which will make the atoms loose. Scientists are able

  • Drinking Water Persuasive Speech

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    Drinking Water Is the Way to Go Specific Purpose: To show to my audience the importance of water to our body and to encourage them to drink water more often. Central Idea: Many people may take drinking water for granted, but keeping hydrated can have a huge impact on overall health. Despite how crucial it is that people drink enough water, a significant amount of people may be failing to drink recommended levels of fluids each day. I. The Attention Step Water is virtually everywhere, from soil moisture

  • Molar Mass Of Gas Essay

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    volatile liquid can be easily converted to its gaseous state, the gas that forms from vaporization is known as vapor and it is assumed to behave as an ideal gas. One of the properties that characterize a volatile liquid is determination of its molar mass. Dumas method also known as the vapor density method uses the vapor density of the unknown volatile liquid in determining its molar mass. The major assumptions of these methods are the substance behaves ideally. The molar mass of a volatile liquid can

  • Glaze Ice Formation Essay

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    This ice formation, which is less dense then glaze ice, is an opaque, rough deposit. At ground level it forms in freezing fog and consists of a deposit of ice on the windward side of exposed objects. Rime is light and porous and results from the small water drops freezing as individual particles, with little or no spreading. A large amount of air is trapped between the particles. Aircraft in flight may experience rime icing when flying through clouds with the air temperature and the temperature

  • Self-Design Lab Report

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    The Affect Different Liquids have on Dry Ice’s CO2 Release I. DESIGN: How long does it take a piece of dry ice to sublimate in different liquids? Background Theory: Dry ice is the solid form of CO2, therefore it sublimates instead of melts. Sublimation is a solid turning into a gas instead of a liquid. When placed in water, dry ice reacts by sublimating faster because of the added temperature. Eventually, the entire piece of ice will be sublimated, but different liquids could change the time

  • Swot Analysis Of Polypropylene

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    Question 1 Question Topic: A1 – Identification of Materials – Physical Characteristics Question: Given the Monomer Unit structure below answer the following: A: Name the plastic relating to it B: Write the density for both amorphous and crystalline (in g/cm^3) C: List 2 things commonly made with it. D: CALCULATE the molecular weight of polypropylene (g/mol) Answer: The plastic relating to the monomer structure above is Polypropylene. (PP) Polypropylene is one of the lower density fibers. The

  • What Is The Molar Mass Of Cyclohexane Experiment

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    Purpose The purpose of the experiment was to determine the molar mass of unknown solute number 1. This was done by using colligative properties of solutions specifically, freezing point depression. Colligative properties depend on the number of molecules that are present in the solution rather than the nature of the molecules [1]. This fact is useful because knowing this allows one to use the properties of the number of molecule in the solution without needing to worry too much about the nature

  • Effects Of The Mmamba Experiment

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    It didn’t make any sense. Although, in 2013, physicists found out why this strange effect takes place. It has to do with the chemistry of each individual molecule. “When water heats up, the hydrogen bonds stretch and store energy as the liquid gets less dense and molecules move apart. The extra stretch in the bonds allows the bonds between molecules to relax and shrink a little, giving up their energy. This is equal to cooling.” What this explanation basically means is that superheating

  • Bubble Lab Report

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    can. Out of all the geometric shapes, a sphere has the least surface area. Bubble soap is mostly made of water, soap, and glycerin. Glycerin is an organic compound, and its common sources are animal fat and vegetable oil. It is a clear, odorless liquid, and has a sweet taste. It is commonly used in soap. Glycerin can make the bubbles last longer and make the soap film more flexible. The molecular formula of glycerin is C3H5(OH)3. It is a chain of three carbon atoms, and each carbon atom is bonded

  • Hot Water Vs Cold Water Essay

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    Does it mean, is it related to the latent heat of freezing, or the appearance of the first ice crystal or the solidification of the last bit of liquid water? If you selected one of the above as your answer, how would you observe the time at which that event occurred in a specimen of water? For example, in Fig. 3, how long did it take for the water to freeze? Now, imagine that we have combined the

  • Girl Child Observation

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    Observation 0:05 (Ch.1) Picks up a small cup dipping into water and emptying, she then picks up a smaller container repeating the same action. Ch.1 states “This is a tiny cup, this is tiny cup” She scoops water from small cup into a slightly larger container. Ch.1 observes another child standing to her left complete a similar process. Ch.1 is holding a purple plastic scraper in her left hand. 0:17 (Ch.1) is asked by the Ed. “how many should we do, this is one, two scoops?” regarding filling the

  • Research Paper On Snowboard

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    Introduction: When a snowboard is “waxed” this means that performance grade ski wax is melted by a hot iron onto the base of the snowboard and spread out evenly. This wax fills the tiny cuts and scraps of the polyethylene base, that snow tends to stick to, and creates a smooth surface. This helps protect the base of the snowboard from being worn and makes the board glide over snow easier. The purpose of this guide is to instruct beginner level snowboarders how to apply wax to the base of their

  • Plc Advantages And Disadvantages

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    There are 2 types of PLC systems to consider when choosing the correct PLC. Unitary (brick) A unitary PLC is a contains a basic system in one compact unit. The features include a main module which contains a CPU, the input and output modules and a power supply. They are usually fitted directly to the component or machine that needs to be controlled. Unitary PLC’S are usually used for any application that doesn’t require a lot of inputs/outputs. For example, a sensor on a conveyor belt, it would only

  • The Mpemba Effect Speech

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    The Mpemba Effect is the observation that warm water freezes quicker than cold water in certain circumstances. Warm water seems counterintuitive, but ultimately catalyzes the freezing process. In this analogy, the warm water represents disobedience and the freezing process represents social progress. Disobedience has a negative connotation, which contradicts the idea of positive progression, but in many cases, can actually accelerate it. Many commonly misinterpret disobedience as violence, when

  • Ninhydrin Test Report

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    Amino acids are known as the building blocks of all proteins that consists of 20 amino acids which are found in within proteins convey a vast array of chemical versatility. Amino acids are comprised of a carboxyl group and an amino group that attached to the same carbon atom which is the α carbon. They vary in size, structure, electric charge and solubility in water because of the variation in their side chains (R groups). Detection, quantification and identification of amino acids in any sample

  • Hard Floor Corded Vacuum Summary

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    Comprehensive review of BISSELL PowerEdge pet Hard Floor corded Vacuum Hard surface cleaning ,Bissell PowerEdge is an affordable vacuum. Innovative style is one of the best features. Notice that " v- nozzle" is a letter on the machine, making it easier to collect large dirt and debris pieces that can be left on a regular basis. As the nozzle is larger, it is still able to pick up small things well. BISSELL does not allow dirt. Thanks to the rotation ,it is easy to clean the floor, not just

  • Why Objects Fall In Fluid's Viscosity

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    After the experimentation, you may ask yourself “Why did all of these spheres fall at a different rate when Galileo said that objects fall at the same rate (in a vacuum)?” The reason why the objects fell at a different rate in the fluids given was because the fluid’s viscosity varies. The viscosity of a fluid can impact an object that you drop into it, because there’s a resistance of some sort impacting the rate of which they fall. For example, when both spheres were dropped at the same time into