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  • Essay On Unc Mascots

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    don’t know that the amazing UNC mascot that continues to be known and loved was created from $25! The Idea of a Ram came from the North Carolina fullback Jack Merritts nickname, the “Battering Ram.” Rameses is a very entertaining mascot and impacts the community in a very positive way. Therefore, The University of North Carolina mascot should be introduced into the Mascot Hall of Fame. The University of North Carolina mascot Rameses should be nominated into the Mascot Hall of Fame. Ramses has had a

  • Native American Mascots

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    controversy over using Native Americans as mascots for various activities. It has influenced several teams to change their mascot in an attempt to please the Native Americans they have offended, but there are still many teams that have yet to change their mascots. It is inhumane to target a race of people and imitate them in such a disrespectful way, using stereotypes that have no relation to who they are or what their culture is. We use Native American mascots at games to cheer on the crowd and perform

  • Major Essay On Mascots

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    point them out by their mascots and names. Little did we know that our team’s mascot or name may be offensive to a particular culture and has an underlying meaning. According to the Director of the Smithsonian Institution’s National Museum of the American Indians, as early as 1912 Indian names for sports teams have been used in the professional sector. Following this example many high schools started naming their teams using Indian culture and the use of Indian inspired Mascots. We may like the way

  • Essay On Ethnicly Related Mascots

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    Do ethnically related mascots truly need to be changed in the world of sports? Most would respond with a resounding “Yes,” arguing that names such as “Redskins” and “Chiefs” are derogatory, and need to be removed. On the other hand, others argue that these mascots show pride and dignity towards America’s past history. The debate on whether or not it is appropriate to name sports teams after native and foreign groups of people, has become a tremendous debate, but the side with a more cogent argument

  • Mascot Hall Of Fame For Willie The Wildcat

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    bring them good luck”. This is the definition of a mascot and Willie the Wildcat is one of them. The Mascot Hall of Fame is a hall of fame for the United States mascots. To get into the Mascot Hall of Fame you have to have an impact on the sport and community, have groundbreaking performances, and is memorable and unique. It’s important that Willie the Wildcat should be nominated for Mascot Hall of Fame because they want to remember the mascots and their great effects on the community. Plus, KSU

  • Indian Mascots

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    tribes and the government are taking on the use of Indian names and mascots in sports. This controversial topic has been discussed and argued over for at least the last decade, if not longer. People are starting to wonder if using these kinds of names are appropriate or offensive to the tribe the team is named after. The debate raises this question: should Indian names and mascots be allowed in sports? In the article “Indian Mascots—You’re Out” by Jack Shakely (2011), the author tries to convince

  • The Pros And Cons Of Banning Native American Mascots

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    Mascots are entertaining animals or historical figures to represent a sports team or a school. However, what is considered fun to others may be harmful to many more. Most Native American tribes do not like schools and teams to use their name as a mascot. There have been many discussions lately whether to ban the use of the names relating to American Indians. Native Amerian mascots should be banned. These names may be racist and belittle the moral values of the tribe. These names and actions can hurt

  • The Symbolism Of Mascots In Speak By Laurie Halse Anderson

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    A school mascot is a symbol of pride. Of home. Of family. It captures all the hope and self worth of the students in a school, and all the competitiveness, loathing, and rivalry of the other schools. A mascot is an important symbol in life, and also in the book Speak by Laurie Halse Anderson. A book in which the main character, Melinda, attends Merryweather High, a school going through many dramatic changes in mascot throughout her freshman year. These mascots symbolize the very dramatic changes

  • Pros And Cons Of Mascots

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    other hand opponents will argue that using these names is degrading the Native American culture. According to the author, many research’s asked the question, what does these names or mascots represent? The author point view shows that these mascots might bring more harm than good. According to many studies, mascots is a great representation to the Native American people and what they stand for including pride,

  • Cosmo The Cougar Should Be Inducted Into The Mascot Hall Of Fame

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    Mascot Hall of Fame Induction Before Cosmo the Cougar was the official mascot for Brigham Young University, the school was represented by two real animals. The school kept two live cougars on their campus. At every game, the cougars would roam around the sidelines, in a cage of course. In 1929, after let’s just say the cougars escaped, so the school switched to Cosmo as their permanent mascot. Now, Cosmo is able to roam around the BYU campus without alarming anybody (7 facts). Cosmo the Cougar should

  • Stereotypes Of Team Mascots

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    Are team mascots using stereotypes? What about the team names? And their logos? Mascots and team names are stereotypical or offensive. These are all teams that have stereotypes. If a team name, mascot, or insignia is offensive, then just change it; it is just a sports team. Even if a team changes it, it is not like every jock, or sports fan is not going to know theyour new name, mascot, or insignia. Using Native American images and names in professional, collegiate, and high school sports teams do

  • Native American Mascots In The NFL

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    league sports such as the NFL and the MLB use Native Americans as Mascot. One of the teams in the NFL and MLB have been using Native Americans mascot for decades, and many people and organizations have tried to bring the controversy to light, but have been ignored. This controversy has been happening in some schools in the United States as well as in Canada, and it still continues. The well-known team that uses Native American mascot is by the Washington redskins in the NFL. The Native American see

  • The Pros And Cons Of Smithville Mascots

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    There are many sports mascots today that are being accused of being offensive. Smithville is a school that is being questioned as being offensive. Smithville schools have had the mascot of a warrior for about half a century. However, now people are thinking that the use of a warrior as a school mascot is offensive to Native Americans.This is a recent problem that is just now being discussed. This wasn’t a problem when we came up with the name, so why is it a problem now? The Smithville Warriors should

  • Essay On Non-Indian Mascots

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    misidentified Native Americans speaking out on behalf of the mascots. Many of those who spoke out in favor of the mascots were found to be “self-proclaimed” Native Americans. These people were maybe one-sixteenth Native American or confusedly said to be related to a Native American chief or princess. The article by Pauline Strong supports this idea stating “given this pattern of socialization, many non-Indians come to feel deeply invested in Indian mascots... Such an emotional investment is a form of White

  • Native American Mascots Essay

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    Native American themed mascots such as Braves and Warriors should not be used due to the misrepresentation they give of Indians. There are many sports teams and schools that use Native American themed mascots. The use of these Native American mascots have created a lot of controversy among people. One side of the argument centers around the idea that Native American mascots are misrepresented and stereotypical. The other side talks about how Native American themed mascots are used to honor Native

  • Native American Mascots Research Paper

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    Native American Mascots in Sports Native American mascots have been around in professional sports since the early 1900s. That is over 100 years! Professional sports teams should keep their Native American mascots because it is a national tradition, and an it honor for the Native Americans and they are mostly not offended. First of all, most Native Americans aren’t offended by the mascot names. High schools across the country have the “offensive” names with portions of their school being

  • Persuasive Essay On The Boston Mascots

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    The most influential organization to chime in is the National Congress of Native Americans. They partnered with the United Church of Christ in an effort to abolish all names and mascots relating to their ancestors. How is it that the Redskins name stays intact with all of these high powered organizations going against it? Despite all these reasons to change the name of the football team, there are many supporters for the name Redskins

  • Native American Mascot Research Paper

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    Native American Mascot Controversy In a recent study conducted by the sociology professor at California State University, James Fenelon, it was found that out of 786 Native Americans 67% agreed that the term ‘Redskins’, used in sports team’s names, is offensive. Redskin’s and any other Native American term, slang or imagery is offensive and should not be used because these things are sacred to Native American culture, and most of the mascots and the terms used are stereotypical, degrading, and dehumanizing

  • Native American Mascots Research Paper

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    Offensive for Sports Teams to Use Native American Names and Mascots? Imagine you’re sitting in a stadium of screaming fans, all around you people are yelling their support, “Go Chiefs!” To some this is being considered a bad thing. It isn’t offensive for sports teams to use Native American names and mascots because it’s an honor to be a mascot and other groups of people are also symbolized by mascots. First off, the definition of a mascot is “An animal, person, or thing adopted by a group as its

  • Native American Mascots Research Paper

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    Offensive For Sports to Use Native American Names and Mascots? Do you think that its offensive to use Native American names and mascots? It is not offensive for sports to use Native American mascots and names because the name could show where they are from and the names that theses teams have that are “offensive” are actually very popular names. First off the mascot that they choose to represent there team might show where they are from. The mascot was never choose to insult who they are, it is there