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  • Journey To Mecca Analysis

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    Journey to Mecca is a documentary feature that tells the astonishing story of Ibn Battuta, the most tremendous scholar of the Old World, which follows his first pilgrimage between 1325 and 1326 from Tangier to the sacred city of Mecca. Mainly, the vision that he saw was the primary motive for him to fulfill the pilgrimage which leads him to do more escapades. The documentary follows the marvelous explorer through his mission to perform the pilgrimage(hajj), which took him 18 months to accomplish

  • The Importance Of Climatology

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    Climatology is the scientific study of spatio- temporal characteristics and variation of climatic elements like rainfall, temperature, evapotranspiration, humidity, pressure, winds and air masses. The word Climatology is derived from two Greek words ‘klima’ and ‘logia’. The klima means place or zone and logia means the study of climate. The climate is the average study of weather. The standard average periods for climatic analysis are 30 years defined by the World Meteorological organization (WMO)

  • Knowledge Globalization In William Coelho's The Alchemist

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    When you think of globalization, do you think about country leaders being interconnected and working together? In most scenarios that is quite accurate, but in the novel The Alchemist, globalization is shown in a simplistic manner. The simple act of sharing a book with another person can be an example of knowledge globalization, this refers to the sharing of knowledge with others. Globalization is the process of interconnecting others within culture, tradition, beliefs and economic stability. In

  • Indian Tourism Impact

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    Social and Economic Impacts of Tourism in India INTRODUCTION India as a tourist destination entices immense attraction from various sectors. Tourism has emerged as one of the major industries to boost the Indian economy, contributing substantially to foreign exchange earnings and serving as a potential generator of employment opportunities. India has immense possibilities of growth in the tourism sector, with its vast cultural and religious heritage and varied natural attractions, but the

  • Indian Architecture In India

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    One of the most enduring achievements of Indian civilization is undoubtedly its architecture. Indian architecture, which has evolved through centuries, is the result of socio-economic and geographical conditions. Different types of Indian architectural styles include a mass of expressions over space and time, transformed by the forces of history considered unique to India. As a result of vast diversities, a vast range of architectural specimens have evolved, retaining a certain amount of continuity

  • Swot Analysis Of Relais And Chateaux

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    SWOT Analysis Relais & Chateaux, known as "the best chain in the world" by its guests, is a unique collection of its kind, embodying the charming luxury versions. Since its a well-known company, SWOT analysis is a must to understand how should they act in the market. The SWOT analysis is a useful tool for understanding and decision-making for all sorts of situations in business and organizations. The SWOT analysis enables companies to identify the positive and negative influencing factors inside

  • Effects Of Tawfik Ethical Decision Making

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    THE EFFECTS OF TAWFIK ON ETHICAL DECISION MAKING PROCESS: THE CASE OF MICRO AND SMALL BUSINESSES IN MALAYSIA This paper examines the effects of tawfik or the will and ability to carry out something in ethical decision making process. Decision making requires art and science in the process to understand issues or problems, consequences of the decisions to the relevant stakeholders, methodology to execute the decisions, and evaluation on the decisions. The study interviewed 10 owners and decision

  • Motivation Forces In Tourism

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    Introduction Young travellers is a growth market in the global world (Richards and Wilson, 2003). World Tourism Organisation (2008) estimated the youth travel market worth US$136 billion in a year, which has 3-5% volume growth per year globally and the spending increased 8% a year. The Federation of International Youth Travel Organizations, a global trade association specialise in youth travel, serve more than 16 million young travellers a year and the annual turn-over generated more than 8 billion

  • Short Essay On Superstition

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    [Description of superstition including generally accepted meaning, how common it is, what folk group uses it, etc.] This superstition always used by the older generations (who are Muslims) to their kids or to any Muslim children. This superstition has been passed down from generations to generations, especially those who lives in a village and have strong beliefs towards Islam. This superstition is also well known among Muslims all over Malaysia and Indonesia because we tend to have the same beliefs

  • The Primitive Culture: Kumbha Mela

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    Culture means a “manner of life”, ‘method of belief’ in everyday life; culture is the full area of variation of learned human conduct sequence. The word was first used in this style by the great English Anthropologist Edward B. Tylor in his book, Primitive Culture, printed in 1871. Tylor said that culture is "the complicated entire which comprise facts, trust, skill, rules, principles, traditions, and any other resources and practices developed by human as a person of society.”. Culture is read

  • The Feminist Roles In Ahmad Ali's Twilight In India

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    Discussion: Ahmad Ali’s novel Twilight in Delhi presents a sad picture of the decline of Delhi and the climax of the British conquerors who stripped the Delhi of its glory and grandeur that was typically Indian. The old values and life styles that were venerated by the Indian people, were seen giving way under a foreign life style. In analyzing this fall of Delhi, Ahmad Ali’s feminist stance is also explored where he compares the beauty of a woman with the beauty of the Delhi city. That’s why female

  • Swot Analysis Of Fifa World Cup

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    Content SWOT analysis is a tools used to identify whether the internal and external factors that favarouble and unfavourable to achieve the goals of country to host the FIFA World Cup. Strength and weakness are considered internal factor, while opportunity and threat are external factors. Internal factor can include financial resource, multi-cultural, good transportation and facility. External factor can relate to political, environmental or economic trends. According to malaymail online report,

  • Importance Of Climatology

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    1. INTRODUCTION Climatology is the scientific study of spatio- temporal characteristics and variation of climatic elements like rainfall, temperature, evapotranspiration, humidity, pressure, winds and air masses. The word Climatology is derived from two Greek words ‘klima’ and ‘logia’. The klima means place or zone and logia means the study of climate. The climate is the average study of weather. The standard average periods for climatic analysis are 30 years defined by the World Meteorological organization

  • Universal Pain In Babel

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    Universal Pain and the demonization of the other. Much like Babel, the film Crash presents characters with seemingly separate lives but end up being linked in some way. This intersection is an attempt to demonstrate how people can be separated by many things but are united by pain. The title Babel is an allusion to the Biblical story of how God made people start speaking different languages so that they would not be able to continue building a tower so tall that they would consider themselves greater

  • Short Story: Ramadan Murtabar

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    When I was young, my sisters lived with my grandparents in Hulu Langat whre is a small kampung (village) nearby my house. The journet takes 20 minutes to reach and I am living with my parents. Every weekend I will follow my parents to pick up my sisters. In a period of time, along the journey picking up my sisters, I saw there were many people were setting up their store at the empty area. Normally night market can be found every week but the market that I saw is only available in a period time.

  • Miss Mecca Analysis

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    Through the eyes of an artist creating art is to go on a journey of self-discovery, which can be deeply personal and or spiritual. The ‘Mecca’ that is spoken of in this play represents the revelation of Miss Helen’s spiritual goal and personal fulfillment through rough challenges she had to face and the courage she needed to have to continue on her path to freedom. Through creativity and exploration she can achieve the freedom that was long desired by Miss Helen. Miss Helen is spiritually comforted

  • Road To Mecca Analysis

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    Noah O’Niel Thomas Student number:53730879 Assignment 02 second semester Topic: (C) The Road To Mecca (Athol Fugard) The road to Mecca highlights the struggle women had to face in regards to the social expectations, religious beliefs and gender inequalities bestowed upon them. Miss Helen, Elsa and Katrina have different predicaments which pertain to womanhood and societies expectations of them. Women have created their own mindsets which they believe is ideal yet it is through the challenges

  • The Road To Mecca Analysis

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    The community of New Bethesda perspective of women and marriage weighted heavily on the relationships depicted in The Road to Mecca. Abuse, alcoholism, affair and marriage not of love these are the situations that are faced by the characters. Men and society are largely to blame for these problems. This is evident with Katrina in her abusive relationship with Koos. (Fugard 2003: Act 1 pg23) Similarly with Helen’s relationship, her marriage kept her bonded. She was not free to make her own choices

  • Relationships In The Road To Mecca

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    The drama written by Athol Fugard, The Road to Mecca, addresses different relationship situations and circumstances. These relationships are depicted by the author himself, Anthol Fugard. With reference to the statement “There’s nothing sacred about a marriage that abuses the woman,” the following essay will regard three, unique, woman and their relationship experiences with their significant other. Fugards depiction of Katrina’s experience of abuse in her marriage was very complicated, as there

  • Road To Mecca Summary

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    The Road to Mecca was written by Muhammad Asad was a very entertaining book about the author’s experienced and observation in Islamic culture throughout his journeys to Middle East countries as a reporter for Frankfurter Zeitung. The book explained a remarkable experienced of the author’s journeys in Arabia, Palestine, Syria, Iraq, Iran, Libya, Egypt, and Afghanistan. Moreover, the author also went to the European countries and he started to realize the beauty of Islam when he observed a lot of corruption