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Identify: a) Mecca: Mecca is a town in western Arabia, and was a bustling market town. The location of this town was between two routes, described in the text as, one connecting southern Arabia to India, Syria, and Palestine, while the other went through Mesopotamia to Africa. This allowed goods such as silks and spices to come through Mecca bazaars. b) Kaaba: As stated in the chapter, the Kaaba is a shrine that Arabs come to pray at, and was also a place where local gods/goddesses statues were kept. Many Muslims now believe this shrine was built by Abraham, a prophet. Arabs who came to pray at the Kaaba made Mecca a pilgrimage center, which brought profits to merchants. c) Khadija: Khadija was Muhammad’s wife who encouraged her …show more content…

The reason for this is described in chapter 11; it was because Muhammad angered merchants in Mecca who were scared of neglecting their idols and losing their pilgrim trade after he rejected traditional Mecca gods. Therefore, this journey was made in 622, which was made the first year of the Muslim calendar.
b) caliph: A caliph was a successor of Muhammad, the first being Abu Bakr. Due to caliphs, Islam spread quickly beyond Arabia.
c) mosque: Mosques are also known as masjids, and are where a majority of
Muslims go to pray. These houses of worship assists Muslims with their second pillar of the Five Pillars of Islam
d) hajj: The hajj is one of the Five Pillars of Islam, and states how all Muslims, who are able to, are required to visit the Kaaba in Mecca.

3) How did Muhammad become the prophet of Islam?
Muhammad became a prophet after receiving a vision from the angel Gabriel. He was told to spread the word of the one God, Allah, and the religion of Islam. His wife, Khadija encouraged him to follow his calling.

4) A. What are the Five Pillars of

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