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  • Medical Imaging Essay

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    Chapter 1 INTRODUCTION In medical science, imaging technology plays an important role in the diagnosis of the disease . It helps the doctor to see the interior part or portion of the body with ease which results in easy diagnosis i.e. doctor can make effective surgeries which is crucial for the diagnosis of disease and doctor can look inside easily without opening or closing too much part of the body. In the medical imaging there are different kind of alternates through which images are taken and

  • Radiologic Technologist

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    Wilhelm Conrad Roentgen, and the first ever x-ray was actually of his wife's left hand on December 22, 1895. This machinery took off and is used all over the world by a Radiologic Technologist. A Radiologic technologist performs all types of medical imaging procedures, but most commonly x-rays. Radiologic technologists are also known as radiographers or x-ray techs. They provide a high standard of patient care, prepare patients for examinations, and explain procedures. Radiologic technologists have

  • Optical Coherence Tomography Essay

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    Angiography is the most commonly used technique to visualize the blood vessels with particular interest in the arteries, veins, and the heart chambers. This is traditionally done by injecting a radio-opaque contrast agent into the blood vessel and imaging using X-ray based techniques such as fluoroscopy. The image of the blood vessel thus obtained is called an angiogram or angiograph. Depending on the type of angiogram, access to the blood vessels is gained most commonly through the femoral artery

  • Radiolabel Inflammatory Bowel Disease Case Study

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    blood cell and platelet. The radioactive agent commonly used to radiolabel the white blood cell include 99mTc -HMPAO and 111In-oxine. Technetium-99m is used in the blood or injected into patients systemic circulation so that it can be detected by medical equipment such as X-ray. Technetium exametazime under brand name of Ceretec which commonly perform radiolabel

  • Forensic Evidence Analysis

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    scientific test that can prove a connection to a crime. The information obtained in any test must be admissible in a court of law. There are many branches of forensic sciences; one branch that is not well known is forensic radiography, or forensic imaging. “Conducting examinations that use ionizing radiation to gather and analyze forensic evidence constitutes forensic radiography” (ASRT. (2010).). Radiography uses ionizing radiation to capture images of bones and soft tissue. When these images are

  • The Role Of Ultrasound In The Medical Field

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    In the medical field, ultrasound played a significant role due to the fact that doctors can't see the patient’s organ failure without going through a surgery of opening the patient’s body. Ultrasound is one of the most safest and painless solution to this. Ultrasound imaging is known as sonography. It is known that ultrasound is a type of sound that is too high pitch for human to hear. It is approximately more than 20 000 Hertz. Ultrasound is the opposite of infrasound, which is a sound wave

  • Nuclear Medicine: Nt1310 Unit 9 Final Paper

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    1. Write a brief introduction about the diagnostic imaging modality. Nuclear medicine is a section of medical imaging that uses radioactive medication known as radiotracers or radiopharmaceutical (Understanding nuclear medicine, 2009). Radiotracers are given to the patient through injection, swallowing or inhalation, which makes the body radioactive for a short time. The radiation is detected by a special camera, and then the image is produced. (Cain, 2013) NM is used to treat and diagnose diseases

  • Becoming A Radiologist

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    facing new challenges each second of the day. Radiologists use medical imaging to look at the inside of people's bodies to diagnose them. “Radiologists are physicians who performs and interprets diagnostic imaging tests and interventional procedures or treatments that involve the use of X-ray, ultrasound, and magnetic resonance imaging equipment” (Tanja). They preform image-guided procedures, but they are not responsible for other medical needs of the patients being treated. They deal less with interaction

  • Physics Of Ultrasound Essay

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    Physics of ultrasound Dr. Madhav Swaminathan, Dr. Aashish Jain Abstract: Medical practice of ultrasound is constantly expanding. It is now used for not only screening and diagnosis of various diseases, but also to enhance care in the field of anaesthesia and intensive care. Ultimately, the quality of care depends on imaging quality. Practitioners of ultrasound therefore need to understand the physics and principles behind the technology in order to create optimal images. In this article, we will

  • Medical Imaging Technologies Case Study

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    career engagement of Ms. Grace Hart towards Medical Imaging Technologies Sales. II. Background of the case Seeking for a new sales Manger the Medical Imaging Technologies desired Ms. Grace Hart who knowingly was only seven years out of university that came from Digital Medical Instruments (DMI) as a sales manager to become their own in their top five regional, It was a major league for Ms. Hart. Ms. Hart having a great exposure towards Medical imaging equipment it was an advantage in her new fieldwork

  • Dental Dentures

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    Dental dentures are artificial replacements used for your natural teeth and gums. If an accident, poor dental health, or disease has caused you to have only a few healthy natural teeth or none at all, a dentist or prothodontist will recommend dentures to replace the missing teeth. Dentures are most ideal if you have significant erosion of the gum and jaw line which makes other dental procedures such as crowns and implants less desirable. They also may be used to replace an entire row of teeth rather

  • Pros And Cons Of Ict In Health Care

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    record the entire medical history of patients on just one document thus freeing people from the cumbersome task of searching through huge amounts of

  • Fine Needle Aspiration Cytology

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    Abstract Fine Needle Aspiration Cytology (FNAC) is an axillary diagnostic technique for swellings in head and neck region. Its non-invasive, relatively easy, less painful and quicker method when compared to other methods of tissue sampling and readily accepted by patients and having a high diagnostic efficiency. Though it is a very simple method, it is usually abandoned in the field of dentistry due to inadequate skill. This article reveals about the history, armamentarium, procedure, advantages

  • CTA Advantages And Disadvantages

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    lymph nodes. The three-dimensional image thus obtained is a digital image, with a defined spatial dimension and grey-scale characteristics. This 3D image of the thorax can be studied, stored, acquired and shown as an informational structure bases on imaging. Using this principle the bronchial tree (and the surrounding structures if needed) can be identified, and removed from the larger image and studied in 3D digital space. Most of the companies now offer virtual bronchoscopy software with their scanners

  • Tenon Disorders: A Literature Review

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    maneuvers, which may contribute to increasing the visibility of normal ligaments and improved detection of tears (1). US has shown valuable results in the evaluation of the normal and pathologic anatomic structures of the ankle and provides an imaging

  • Disadvantages Of Image Segmentation

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    Using segmentation in medical images is a very important task for detecting [16] the abnormalities and tracking progress of diseases and surgery planning. Segmentation must not allow regions of the image to overlap. The main aim of medical image segmentation is to study anatomical structure, identify regions of interest, measures tissue volume to measure tumor growth. The main goal of literature survey is to present various image segmentation methods, to

  • The Importance Of Effective Communication Barriers

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    Most Common Barriers to Effective Communication with children, young people and adults can have a huge effect on relationships. Physical barries has to do with poor or outdated equipment used during communications, background noise, poor lighting, temperatures that are too hot or too cold. This can halt learning and pupils will become disengaged. Emotions like anger or sadness can taint objectivity. Also being extremely nervous, having a personal agenda or “needing to be right no matter what” can

  • The Importance Of Ultrasound

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    Ultrasound can be used as an alternative to x-ray for many investigations to minimize the use of radiation. The utility of ultrasound in the NICU lies in its portability, reliability and lack of radiation exposure. In NICU, ultrasound can be used for a wide range of indications, such as research, proceed guidance and rapid assessment of critical emergencies. In addition, ultrasound can be a guidance to improve safety and success rate of clinical procedures, such as umbilical vein catheter (UVC)

  • Research Paper On Dermatology

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    Throughout medicine there are many different types of fields that one can pursue. One popular field that is pursued is Dermatology. "Dermatology is the scientific study of the skin and its diseases (Definition of "dermatology")." Being a dermatologist is not an easy task. It is time consuming and takes determination to make it through all that is required. Dermatology requires multiple years of schooling to receive full accreditation of a dermatologist. It is one of the most highly competitive fields

  • Quantum Mechanics: The Effects Of Linus Pauling

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    substance is known as a synthetic blood plasma to be used in emergency transfusions for bad injuries in combat times (Linus Pauling, 6). He also invented the oxygen detector, this device checked oxygen levels in submarines, airplanes, and several medical environments (Linus Pauling, 6). A theory theory that was produced by him was the idea of orthomolecular medicine, the way his theory worked is he thought that using large amounts of vitamins could treat anything that is going wrong with the body