Midwifery Essays

  • Essay On Importance Of Nursing Practice

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    Title: Integrating the core professional values of nursing/midwifery is important for the delivery of safe, high quality care. Discuss this statement using relevant literature/studies Introduction: This is an essay which will discuss the core values of nursing and also professionalism in nursing practice. This essay will outline a definition of values and focus on the core values from an Irish but also, an international perspective. This essay will discuss how these values are important in the career

  • Midwife Responsibilities

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    The role and responsibilities of a Midwife. In the UK Midwifes have to follow the Nursing and Midwifery Council (NMC) codes once they are registered as a midwife. As a midwife, you 'll be involved in: Midwives have a lot of responsible and are involved with patient in anything to do with a pregnancy and babies. From the day a patient wants a baby or is pregnant to the days even after pregnancy. A midwife will be involved in monitoring and examining women during pregnancy; developing, assessing and

  • The Midwife's Parentice Analysis

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    Karen Cushman’s The Midwife’s Apprentice accurately portrays the relationship between a midwife and her apprentice and the technology and methods used by a midwife in medieval England. Often, midwives did not treat their apprentices with respect. Midwifery was a craft involved in the guild system. Within guilds there are superior positions and inferior positions. In this case, the midwife Jane holds a superior position over her apprentice Alyce. Towards the beginning of the novel Cushman writes, “Beetle

  • 6 C's Of Nursing

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    THE ROLE OF THE NURSE Nursing is a health care professionalism that focuses on any individuals for example for children, adults, disabled person and those who have other religion or other culture. It includes a range of specialties that varies from country to country. According to the international council, nurses must care and safeguard the public also practise autonomously and be responsible and accountable for safe, compassionate, person-centred, evidence-based nursing that respects and maintains

  • Argumentative Essay On Midwife Pros And Cons

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    as certified doctors, such as an obstetrician or an obstetrician-gynecologist. The practice of midwifery constantly brings controversy due to the concern of reliability of midwives and their approach for their methods of practice. With evolution, there have been many advances in technology, resources, and education, that prove that midwifery is just as commensurate as the practice of a doctor. Midwifery evolved from from what people thought was “witchcraft”. Midwives weren’t seen as actual practitioners

  • Midwife Interpersonal Skills

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    told. For this reason, a midwife must possess certain qualities to enhance the overall experience. Therefore, good interpersonal skills and selfconfidence are essential qualities for every midwife and these will be discussed in relation to good midwifery practice. The origin of the word midwife means "with-woman". A midwife journeys with the woman through her pregnancy forming a partnership with a shared objective, to end the journey with the safe arrival of a baby. Good interpersonal

  • Patient Satisfaction In Health Care

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    In summary, the nursing practice is ridden with numerous shortcomings that make it hard for patients to be satisfied with the provided health care services. This paper has provided an evidence-based model in health care provision. The need to improve patient satisfaction in the nursing practice has necessitated the implementation of relevant policies that have yielded positive results. With the nurses embracing concepts, such as teamwork, altruism, leadership, empathy, and communication, patients

  • Nursing: The Importance Of Evidence Based Practice In Nursing

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    Every nurse, at some point, has questioned why something is done. Perhaps the procedure misuses time, is painful for the patient, or is unnecessarily unsafe for the nurse. Is this process or procedure utilized because of an outdated method or is it proven to be the best practice? Thus, every nurse, and especially nurse leaders, have the unique ability to question, research, and discover enhanced nursing processes that can improve patient and nurse outcomes alike. The purpose of this discussion board

  • Essay On Eating At Night

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    Abstract: Eating at night, especially in a very late hour, it has become very common among teenagers and young adults these days. Many evidence and studies showed that this behavior has a very negative impact on health and people should consume less amounts of food they eat at night. The Social Cognitive Theory is the best intervention that could be used to help in finding a solution to this issue. Introduction: “For years, we said a calorie is a calorie no matter when you consume it” (Dubost,

  • Midwifery Practice

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    definition “with woman”. Midwifery is a collaborative profession that prides its self on autonomy. This essay will explore midwifery within New Zealand focusing on the midwife and professional partnership. Voiced within this assignment is an understanding of the scope of midwifery practice. This paper delves into the roles of the Midwifery Council of New Zealand and the New Zealand College of Midwives and explains the functions they hold with regulation and support with midwifery care. Furthermore, this

  • Definition Essay On Family Culture

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    The word “family” has different meanings for everyone. For some “family” can mean both parents – mom and dad. Others might have seen one of their parents walk out. Some have felt the burns of divorce. Still others grew up with just knowing one parent and not ever questioning where their other parent was. On the other hand, some might even view “family” as the friends they surround themselves with. However, when it comes to family culture, that holds more of a broader definition due to the range in

  • Becoming A Nurse: A Case Study

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    A person chooses to become a nurse for many different reasons, however nurses must learn, understand and acquire certain qualities to fit the role efficiently and aid patients effectively. These certain qualities are essential to nurses in different fields all over the world. Some qualities nurses must have are knowledge, empathy, advocacy, collaboration, accountability and communication. These qualities were put on a Coat of Arms for a group project using unique symbols that clearly represent each

  • Brown Girl In The Ring Analysis

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    Brown Girl in the Ring, written by Nalo Hopkinson, is set within a Caribbean-Canadian community in Toronto and it is a reflection on the unique national and ethnic identities of the Caribbean diaspora. The language plays an important role in the story, since it serves as a means to identify not only the various national distinctions within this Caribbean community, but also the relationship between the Caribbean community and the larger Canadian society. However, through Hopkinson’s description of

  • Explain The Role In Supporting A Baby And Parent.

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    There are a number of roles involved in supporting both the baby and parent(s). From the minute parent(s) find out they are having a baby, health professionals become involved. These include: Midwife – The main provider of care for a pregnant woman is a midwife. Midwives are well qualified and skilled to ensure full support is given throughout pregnancy and during birth. Obstetrician – A doctor who specialises in pregnancy and birth. Obstetricians can be heavily involved if there are issues during

  • Talcott Parsons Sociology

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    Introduction It is rightly said that Health is the first of life and wealth serves as the next of life .The meaning of Health varies from person to person rather than being absolute. According to WHO (1946) Health is defined as a complete state of physical, mental and social well being and is not just the absence of disease or frailty. It is an essential right of every individual to attain a complete pleasurable standard of health without the distinction of race, rituals, political beliefs or the

  • Midwifery In Nursing

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    4. Discussion Nursing and midwifery is a stressful profession due to requirements of patients’ care. It requires a high degree of self-regulation and EI. Especially when this care is provided to the women during the stress of pregnancy and child birth. Nursing students work as caregivers in clinical areas early in their education. So, EI is required to help them to control their emotions; as inability to control emotions can lead to increase anxiety, stress and negatively affect the quality of care

  • Carpal Tunnel Syndrome Literature Review

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    CHAPTER ONE: BACKGROUND AND LITERATURE REVIEW 1.1 Background Carpal tunnel syndrome is the entrapment of median nerve at the wrist. The median nerve originates from the brachial plexus at level of C5 to T1. It passes down through the midline of the arm in front of the elbow joint supplying muscles of the forearm continuing to the hand supplying the front of the thumb, the two first fingers and the lateral half of the third finger (Elsevier 2001). The symptoms in carpal tunnel syndrome include numbness

  • Midwifery Professional Relationship

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    (OT). Currently, I am working in Obstetrics and Gynecology (O&G) ward after getting midwifery courses. As one of the senior trained staff nurse with midwifery, one of my responsibilities to orientated and guided new trained nurses who are posted into our unit. Mentoring is a complex term but as in health profession, it is a voluntary professional relationship between a mentor and mentee. The Nursing and Midwifery Council (NMC 2008a), defines “the role of a mentor as someone who facilitates learning

  • Midwifery: Personal Statement

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    been focussed on perusing a career in midwifery. The care and support that both my partner and I received throughout the Antenatal, Labour and Post-partum periods was outstanding and this made, what I can only describe as the most intense and incredible experience of my life. I would feel a huge sense of satisfaction and pride in knowing that my hard-work will allow me to guide thousands of expectant parents and families through this lifechanging journey. Midwifery is the only career I can see myself

  • Midwifery Personal Statement

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    Despite the fact that child birth and the human body have always fascinated me, and that I'm sure delivering new born babies into the world could provide unparalleled job satisfaction, when I spoke to Irvine midwife Jackie Reid she made it clear that midwifery can be a tough, hard slog. She pointed out that midwives work with women in a highly emotional state and try to guide them through the biggest, and most scariest event in their lives, a responsibility not to be taken lightly. Another woman who influenced