My Name Is Essays

  • Personal Narrative: 5th Grade High School

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    lined against tables at the back of the classroom, I felt so anxious that I thought my head was going to burst. “Focus on something else”, I thought to myself. That 's exactly what I did. I focused on the strong smell of the clorox wipes which we had used earlier to clean every inch of the room. I looked at the troubled faces of all my classmates. Then, our parents walked in. “Don’t videotape me,” I whispered to my mom as she passed me on her way to an empty seat. She just smiled, looking amused

  • Creative Writing: Mr. Truman Capote's In Cold Blood

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    My entire life has changed due to my kindness. Therefore, should I no longer be kind? Why offer my assistance to others if the outcome is penalization? These questions torment my mind; do I acknowledge what's happening around me, or should I just drive by? All I wanted to do was help people, and now, all I do is suffer. The morning was bleak and tinted with gray—not that I cared. I no longer had a place where I was needed, anyway. The day I lost my job was the day nothing mattered; it was as if the

  • Personal Narrative: My Name

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    Your name is who you are; it’s the essence of your being. You and your name will go through thick and thin, young and old, and life and death together. You two are forever inseparable, like brother and sister, white on rice, or a fat boy and triple chocolate cake. My name happens to be Mykel. To many people I encounter in life, phonetically pronounce my name as “Michael,” “Mukal,” or even “Mah-Kawyll” by my Southern eleventh grade AP English teacher, Ms. Clawson, who always butchered my name with

  • Analysis Of My Name Is Red

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    The book My Name is Red, published by Turkish writer Orham Pamuk in 1998 and translated into English in 2001, presents a story set in Istanbul during the reign of Sultan Murat III in the 16th century. Covering a timeframe of about nine days, two main events set the story forward: the murder of the renowned illuminator Elegant and the return to Istanbul of Black after being in exile for 12 years. Instead of telling the story from one single point of view, the plot is narrated by multiple people who

  • Personal Narrative: Driving Down To Illinois

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    going to take from my school to my house, with all of my friends. Laughing and joking around. My parents had gotten a new house about 45 minutes away and I was switching schools and starting new. Not only that but my dog had recently passed and my whole house was just gloomy and dark. As I walked through my front door I realised that it was one of the last times I was going to do it. There were boxing laying in the living room and hallways. I pushed past them and walked up to my room to started

  • Names In Toni Morrison's Beloved

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    foremost with their own names. At first blush, it may not seem like that drastic of a problem, but a name is rooted within one’s identity, and for many slaves, this loss of identity proved to be problematic. Within the novel Beloved, by Toni Morrison, the issues associated with naming are discussed and how it represents so much more than something you merely refer

  • Knowledge And Truth In Joseph Conrad's Heart Of Darkness

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    Heart of Darkness by Joseph Conrad provides an essential link between the strict Victorian expectations and the contrasting paradigm of a Modernist text. Conrad’s own experiences aboard a steamship that travelled to the Belgian Congo provided much of the insight and inspiration for Marlow’s quest in the novel. Many of Conrad’s real-life encounters are reflected in the novel through the eyes of Marlow. This overlap between reality and fiction will be examined throughout this essay. Furthermore, this

  • Erving Goffman's Theory Of Social Interactionism

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    Social Interaction When studying sociology social interaction is defined as the dynamic sequence, which occurs in social actions between groups or individuals, which alter their actions and reactions based on the actions of their interaction partner. Erving Goffman created social interaction; it is also known as microsociology. Simply stated social interaction is the process through which people react to the people in their environment. Social interaction involves the people’s acts and their responses

  • Personal Narrative: My Name Willahelm

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    In English, my name means “Strong-willed warrior” and it is a German origin name. The name William was made from the Germanic name Willahelm, which was composed of the elements wil "will, desire" and helm "helmet, protection". The name William is like the Pledge of Allegiance it keeps being said over and over again. A smoke alarm that keeps going off. My name does have a story along with my middle name Douglas. If I was born a girl my name would´ve been Carolyn Lisa King. I wouldn't have liked

  • My Name: Sarah Vab Vue

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    My name is Sarah Vab Vue. My parents both decided on my name and it deals with much of history and understanding. “Sarah” also has a good meaning. It was inspired by my religion. “Vab” has a strong meaning in my culture and is very unique. It was initially given by my father and my mom agreed because of the hidden meaning. The word is simple but it gives me an standard to live up to. My last name is from my dad but it also puts me into the “Vue” clan. My whole name is very unique because of my multi-cultural

  • John Proctor's Blackening My Name

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    The Crucible (1952), one’s name is considered their reputation. Names are held at very high stakes. Many do anything to save their name in town. For example, Reverend Parris is trying to defend his niece Abigail from being accused of lying about witches. Referring to John Proctor, Reverend Parris exclaims, “excellency, since I come to Salem this man is blackening my name” (Miller 105). The words “this man” highlight how Parris is willing to do anything to save his name even throw Proctor under the

  • Grice's Cooperative Principle Analysis

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    This paper aims to examine the understanding of violation of Gricean maxim of Cooperative Principles by children and adults of age 15 to 60 years and show that their understanding depends on identifying and accessing relevant contextual information. They did differ in gender, education, social and economic background. Their implicit understanding of maxim of quality, quantity, relation and manner were accessed through a survey which consisted of answering to questions based on flouting conversations

  • Sandra Cisneros My Name Summary

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    author of “My Name”, Sandra Cisneros and the author of “My Name”, Ryan Schey, both wrote about their acceptance of their name. They both use many metaphors and simile when talking about their names. The readings show how the authors feel about their names, also how people feel about their names. They come with research and knowledge about the names they were given. I will analyze “My Name” by Sandra Cisneros and “My Name” by Ryan Schey in order to describe the relationship between a name and personal

  • Personal Narrative: My Name Alondra

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    Alondra it's my name, I am seventeen years and two months old and I come from a Hispanic/ Latino background . On October tweenty on the hospital of San Juan Morelia Michoacan Mexico at seven thirty at night after twelve long hours of labor I was born. I was given the name Alondra because of a telenovela my big sister loved to watch. When I was a year old I had to go to Mexico City and live with my grandma from my mother's side, since my big sister got hepatitis and my mom had to take care of her

  • In History Jamaica Kincaid Analysis

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    the opportunity to fully vet out each point that she makes, an opportunity she wouldn’t have gotten had she written her essay in chronological order. Throughout each anecdote that Kincaid tells, the theme of names and giving things names is central. Kincaid argues that by giving something a name, one unrightfully takes ownership of it and erases its history. Kincaid, who is from the South American country of Antigua laments the loss of her country’s history at the hands of famed fifteenth century

  • Comparing The Stroop Effect And The Horse Race Model Phenomena

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    levels were congruent vs. incongruent and for task the levels were name the word vs. name the color. Results Data from the Stroop test experiment was calculated using a 2x2 factorial design that was within subjects. There were two independent variables (factors), congruency and task. Both variables had two levels. For congruent the levels were congruent and incongruent and for task the levels were; name the color and name the word. The results show a main effect of congruence that is; everything

  • Calypso's Death: A Short Story

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    It was always hard to tell if she was telling the truth. She was good at that. Sometimes, she just wanted to make him happy. “Well, Calypso it is. What should be her 2 middle names?” Hmm, what should her two middle names be. “Two, wowsews!” He was surprised. He was only two. He hadn’t heard of people having 2 middle names before. He didn’t know how to say his Rs very well, either. “Yeah, two! Isn’t that crazy!?” She was wondering what he would think about that. She liked it when her son, Prince

  • The House On Mango Street My Name Analysis

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    In the beginning, Esperanza is not completely ready to grow up. She does not believe her name fits her, or the outcome of her destiny. Also, Esperanza believes she does not belong on Mango Street and is ashamed of living on Mango Street. “My Name” is a vignette about Esperanza’s name. She believes her name does not match her personality, and she wishes to have a different name. Esperanza does not like her name, even though it was given to her by her own parents.

  • Personal Narrative: My Name Offers And Their Meanings

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    seem to grab my attention. It is has always been a challenge to find one of these personalized items with my first name… Kendall. It always seems to be Kendal with one L, and that is not me. This has become a big game throughout my family and friends to see who can find “Kendall” on any type of merchandise. Throughout my name search on random objects I have realized that not finding my name, Kendall, in any store reiterates me being a unique individual. According to the name Kendall comes

  • Place By The Window In Esperanza's The Vignette My Name

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    In the vignette My Name, Esperanza is at the beginning of this development. She describes her name, which symbolizes the person that she has to be for her family, or the role that her family has put her in. She explains that she was named after her great grandmother, a woman whose freedom was taken away from her. Therefore, this name is also associated with her and her situation. At one point, when talking about her great grandmother, Esperanza says “She looked out her window her whole life, the