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  • Personal Goals In Nursing

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    Being knowledgeable in promoting a high quality of life and optimum health appealed to me. Mastering and understanding the body’s response to diet and exercise intrigued me. Studying the art and science of human anatomy and movement interested me, which resulted in choosing nursing as my career. UCI would be great for me because I am a dedicated achiever of my goals, and will finish the Master of Science in Nursing program with an open mind and a driven spirit. I am not afraid to make mistakes, as

  • Literary Theory In Pride And Prejudice

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    Literary theory is a new way of looking at everything surrounding us. It frees society from what enslaves it. This essay will elaborate upon how literary theory has enabled readers to have a different notion of the texts they read and their surroundings. I will use the works of Rolland Barthes, The Death of the Author (1967) and Bakhtin, Discourse in the Novel (1975) and feminism more specifically Simone de Beauvoir and part of her book The second Sex (1949) where she talks about woman being the

  • The Chosen Character Analysis

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    “Good character is not formed in a week or a month. It is created little by little, day by day. Protracted and patient effort is needed to develop good character” (Heraclitus). In every novel, there is always a special and significant character that all readers will notice and impressed by. In the book The Chosen, a boy named Reuven Malter had impressed many readers of all age groups. His distinctive characters are shown throughout the incidents that had happened in the book. Many people appreciate

  • Case Study: A Visit To Aruba

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    Aruba When you land at the Reins Beatrice International airport, you might be tempted to think you are not in the Caribbean due to the ruggedness of the terrain. Despite the miniature size of Aruba, the island is a bundle of contrasting landscapes. You find chiseled cliffs and salt-sprayed headlands along the east coast with sand dunes and cacti groves dotting the landscape in other places, instead of the rainforest as is common with the other islands in the vicinity. You can visit the island of

  • Analysis Of Hillbilly Elegy

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    In the excerpt from Hillbilly Elegy, a memoir written in first person point of view, J.D. Vance writes about the time he spent at Yale, but also the identity crisis that follows with it. Throughout his memoir, Vance presents the theme that the identity that one grew up with, in a place where they felt a sense of belonging, will stick with one forever, despite stereotypes or new environments. Top schools, including of Harvard, Stanford, and Yale — the school Vance went to — are meant for the most

  • The Creation Myth In The Way To Rainy Mountain

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    The creation myth found in The Way to Rainy Mountain fulfills the characteristics described on page 33. This myth describes how the universe and life began. For example, “it (tree) began to rise into the air …the seven sisters were borne into the sky, and they became the stars of the Big Dipper” (55). Secondly, The Way to Rainy Mountain creation myth explains the workings of the natural world. By way of illustration, the seven sisters came to the stump of a tree while being chased by a bear,

  • Motivation Statement For Motivation In Nursing

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    The motivation to pursue a career in nursing has always seemed to be part of who I am, and some of my earliest memories are of my mom and her grandma, both registered nurses, talking about being a nurse and caring for others. Inspiration from my mom and great-grandmother was complimented by one of the biggest inspirations in my life, my cousin Jacob. I was just eight years old, but still vividly remember Jacob being born and visiting him for the first time in the hospital. Jacob was born with Downs

  • Personal Narrative: Growing Up In The Ghetto

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    What exactly is the hood? The hood is a slang term for the ghetto. Many people may associate the hood with the birthplace of criminals, people with no lives, and even what some people would call “gangsters”. From the outside looking in, one would assume the hood is a horrible place to be, and those were my exact thoughts in the beginning. Is the hood as dangerous as it is described? I never realized as a kid that I was different than everyone else who lived in my neighborhood, — different, but not

  • Informal Formative Assessment

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    Schools and teachers assess students in numerous methods, for a diversity of reasons – ranging from extensive classifications of judging, sorting and ranking, to more subtle explanations, determining students’ needs and level of understanding. Educators have distinguished a very strong difference concerning summative assessment and formative assessment; however the distinction is believed to be modified between how data is generated and how assessments are used. This paper will focus on formative

  • Conformity In Kurt Vonnegut's Harrison Bergeron

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    Kurt Vonnegut's Harrison Bergeron is a short story published in 1961 that I would describe as having the theme of futuristic-science-fiction. The short is set in the year 2081 where in the United States new amendments to the constitution has equalized all humans. Although, the author does not mention how this dystopia came to be and if the rest of the world has equalized all human beings, it is clear to me that in this dystopia, equality is an illusion, equality is not real. As I read this short

  • John Singleton's Boyz In The Hood

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    Boyz in the Hood, a film written and directed by John Singleton presents a look into the lives of three young males living the Crenshaw ghetto of Los Angeles. The film focuses on the struggles which beset these young men as they try to build a life for themselves in this hostile environment. Presented are themes of family, racial discrimination violence among several others. However, what stands out is the role of the decent daddy played the character, Furious Styles. Though he still comes out at

  • Who Was Buckeye The Rabbit Analysis

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    1. “‘But you don’t even know the difference between the way things are and the way they're supposed to be. My God,’ [Bledsoe] gasped, ‘what is the race coming to? Why, boy, you can tell anyone you like- sit down there . . . Sit down, sir, I say!’” Relectanly, I sat, torn between anger and fascination, hating myself for obeying.” (Ellison 142) In this quote, Dr. Bledsoe is yelling at the narrator for the immature way he handled Mr. Norton by taking him to Trueblood’s cabin and the Golden Day. As he

  • Theme Of Death In Literature Essay

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    Death has always been one of the most essential elements in weird fiction. It brings the dark and creepy atmosphere in the story which creates the attraction of the tale. There are varied types of death used in literature; in “The Night Wire” by H. F. Arnold, Morgan died in such a mysterious manner that readers can hardly explain what really happened, whereas the deaths of Mrs. De Ropp in “Sredni Vashtar” by H. H. Munroe and both characters in Hugh Walpole’s “The Tarn” are more obvious. From my point

  • Juan De Oñate: The Last Conquistador

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    Juan de Oñate: The Last Conquistador Your name Name of the University Juan de Onate: The Last Conquistador Juan de Onate, described as the last conquistador was a great person who led hundreds of families to settle in one of the oldest European colonies in the United States in search of unimaginable wealth. Juan de Onate was born in 1550 to aristocrats Cristobal de Onate and Catalina de Salazar in Vera Cruz, Mexico. Cristobal and Catalina were wealthy Spanish colonists and proud owners

  • Descriptive Essay About Guanajuato

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    Guanajuato, Mexico is where it all began. Its where my family cultivated their Mexican traditions. It is a place that is known, for the colonial cities, especially San Miguel de Allende. San Miguel de Allende is located in the eastern part of Guanajuato in a hilly area. An area that at the moment you get there you fall in love with the: architecture, food, art, monuments and the infinite amount of things. It is a place where you can travel to and experience a unique trip. Year after year, ever

  • Poverty And Inequality Essay

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    Inefficient policies all around the world and especially in our country are contributing to problems in the society. And the biggest problem which the world faces today is the problem of “Poverty” and “Inequality”. It is hard for one to determine whether poverty causes inequality or is it the other way around because both these problems are interrelated. Poverty is something which is caused due to transferring wealth in to the hands of a specific group and the unjust policies of the government.

  • Innocent Voices Film Analysis

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    Innocent Voices The film is regarding an 11-year-old boy Chava, during a time when there was a civil war ging on between El salvador’s guerrillas and the army. There was a system as per which when a child becomes 12 years old, the army of El Salvador will take to fight the war against the guerrillas. The USA provided arms to Salvador army, which adds to a long list of cases in which thex exploited countries to meet their needs. In one of the scenes in the film there was an example of passive resistance

  • Essay On Golden Ratio

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    words it can be concluded that how beautiful a person is will affect the outcome of their life. However, can beauty be calculated? Scientists and mathematicians such as Leonardo Da Vinci and Luca Pacioli have created extensive research on the topic most notably in Da Vinci’s artistic piece “The Divine Proportion” where Da Vinci used the “Golden Ratio” to apply to nature and humanistic aspects of life. The first time that I discovered The Golden Ratio was in a book called Math and the Mona Lisa written

  • Sonata N. 3 Analysis

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    Sonata N.3 in F Minor op.5 With this work, dedicated to the Comtesse Ida von Hohental, Brahms leaves the piano-sonata form to never return to it The second and fourth movements were composed first, in the summer of 1853, the remaining ones during the fall of the same year, he was just 20. It is the only composition Brahms showed to Schumann during its elaboration. Commentators discerned a kind of self-portrait in it and it is very diversified in its integrity. Brahms displays a very well established

  • Henri Braconnot (Chitin)

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    History In 1811, Henri Braconnot (Botany director at the faculty of sciences in Nancy- France) extracted chitin for the first time and named it as ‘fungine’, he noticed that it is not soluble in sulfuric acid. In 1823, Auguste Odier, a French scientist extracted chitin from cuticle of beetles and named it after the Greek word for ‘tunic’, ‘chiton’ and after that ‘chitin’ was used. In 20th century scientists studied more about polymers and their uses, and discovered useful properties. Chitin is environmentally