Ninth grade Essays

  • Multiple Literary Devices In Short Story: Jesus Shaves By David Sedaris

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    David Sedaris’s short story entitled “Jesus Shaves” is a very interesting tale of a man and his fellow classmates in a French class trying to learn about important holidays. Sedaris uses multiple literary devices in his short story that drives the point towards learning about what Easter really stands for. In the early part of the story the teacher of the French class states, “And what does one do Easter? Would anyone like to tell us?” (435). This quickly deboogles the minds of the students in the

  • Importance Of Personal Experience

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    Finishing school is one of my biggest goals. Not just for me but for my parents. I want to make my Mother and Father proud. Show them they’ve did their job as a parent and raising a successful child that knows more than what I knew before. My 12 grade year of high school. I went to a school that’s called , Jordan Christen Prep. They’ve told me their an accredited high school. They also told me they could help me reach my goals and graduate (ON TIME) . Also get me where I need to be in school. Instead……

  • My Life In The Odyssey

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    My life has been consistently inconsistent since the day I was born. I have been moving from place to place, without staying anywhere for more than four years. As a result, the setting of my life is always changing, and by extension, the people, places, and experiences are ever changing. In some cases, this is pleasant, but in others, it poses problems. My life is comparable to "The Odyssey" in the categories of "Calypso" (temptations), "Athena" (helpful guides), and "Ithaca" (values and goals)

  • Michelle Obama's Speech Rhetorical Analysis

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    “American high schools are a disaster”. High schools in America are described as the major issue in USA’s education system. High school students in America score are well below the average international score, which is worrying for a country like USA. But what is holding back American teenagers? Everything seems to be up for grabs for American high school students, which reflects the First Lady’s speech at an education event with DC High School Sophomores. DC High School have since the First Lady

  • Argumentative Essay On Too Much Homework

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    quotes around the word dosage. When using this word, he means dosage as the amount of something; in this case, he means the amount of homework. In today’s society, homework is given out too much. Having too much homework stresses a person out, lowers grades, and doesn’t get done because one has little time available. “[S]tudies have found that high school students may also be overburdened with homework- so much that it’s taking a toll on their health” (Levy 3). Stress can be caused by excessive

  • Fitness Goal Essay Examples

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    My fitness goal is to gain muscular strength (endurance) and to be flexible. I want to at least get a 40 on the pacer. I choose this goal because I want to improve my muscular strength as well as my flexibility and endurance. In this, my short-term goal is to never give up while I am trying any of these techniques so that I can slowly improve on my goal. My previous goal was to get at least 25 pacers and to get 30 inches in sit and reach. I accomplished muscular strength and endurance because I

  • The Crash Reel: Documentary Analysis

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    This is the most inspiring documentary I have ever seen. Kevin Pearce, his family, and his friends are inspiration to us all. I randomly turned it on, on net flex, and was immediately interested, even I don’t know about snowboarding. It was interesting to learn about snowboarding and how dangerous it is. The Crash Reel is a sports documentary directed by Lucy Walker which premiered at the Sundance Film Festival in January 2013. “Lucy Walker is an English film director. She is best known for directing

  • Reflective Essay: How I Love Changed My Life

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    Introduction For many years I suffered with the disease to please and boy did it cost me. I was miserable. Contributing to others dream and making them come true was my life. All the while watching my dreams die by the wayside. My brain was full of ideas that I suppressed just so others could go ahead of me. I longed to be accepted. I needed to be needed. It made me fel like somebody. Crazy right? I chose relationships that I could play the hero in because I thought if I could save someone they

  • My Goals In Life Research Paper

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    My family is very important to me and help me make decisions about my future and help me along the way. What my future looks like is really important to me and setting goals is very helpful. I have a goal in school to get a 3.5 gpa or higher. My grades also matter to me a lot and this is helpful because I hope to get into a good university. Keeping my priorities straight with my family, school, and friends can be a struggle sometimes but I work hard to keep them in order and have the best possible

  • Critical Literacy Reflection

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    So far, this Drama and Critical Literacy Class has definitely been one of the most nerve racking thus far! Since I had never been involved with any speech or drama in high school or college, I was anxious to find out what the expectations of the class would be. When we found out we would be responsible for writing a monologue and performing it, I was petrified! I had to think about what drama really meant to me and what direction I was going to take with my assignment that would be fitting in

  • Persuasive Essay: Why Homework Should Be Successful For Students

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    This is proven by Mark Trifilio, the principal of Orchard School in Vermont, when he decided to discuss homework amounts with teachers. At this meeting with teachers, he proposed an experiment: stopping all homework in every grade for six months. Surprisingly, all of the teachers signed yes—some passionately. The results showed that after six months, “Students have not fallen back academically, they are doing better now that they have time to be creative thinkers at home and

  • The Perks Of Being A Wallflower The Outsider Analysis

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    The outsider in The Perks of Being a Wallflower The perks of being a wallflower by Stephen Chbosky is the first novel that comes to mind when talking about outsiders. Saying that Charlie, the main character of the novel is shy is an understatement. Charlie has an extremely difficult time with feelings and how to express them comparing to others, even if they may be confusing for anyone. The entire book is written as a series of letters to a “friend”. His letters give us an intimate look into his

  • Personal Narrative-My Native Language

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    kalian lahir dan dibesarkan di Indonesia tapi seperti orang asing. Ngak kenal dengan bahasa negara sendiri. Kalian seharusnya malu.” Translateed roughly into, “All of you should be ashamed of having no knowledge of your own country’s language.” my grade 8 Bahasa Indonesia teacher, spent the whole class period lecturing about nationalism. And since that day I started noticing the language gap that I had with my native language, Bahasa Indonesia. No doubt Indonesia is my home country, but why do I feel

  • Good Study Skills Essay

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    For high school students, homework, assignment, internal tests and final exams is like a horrible nightmare. The best possible method to diminish your tension and steady pressure is follow smart study. Any type of high school student can get good grades to accept some smart learning rules. Achieving remarkable score should be the major focus of any pupil when the student is undertaking high school study. Following lectures or notes and simple classroom learning are not sufficient when the motto is

  • The Jade Peony Analysis

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    It is a custom in the Chinese culture for some families to hang a wind chime in honor of their loved ones on the day that they pass. This is what the fictional character, Sek-Lung’s, father did in the short story, “The Jade Peony” written by Wayson Choy. Choy, being born a Canadian of Chinese descent, highlighted the struggle of living in between two drastically different, and distinguished cultures through Sek-Lung. The seven year old boy narrates his everyday adventures with his Grandmama. She

  • Personal Narrative Essay: How I Overcame My Hard Times

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    “Life has a funny way of working out just when you start to believe it never will.” This is a quote I found on Pinterest, but I’ve already experienced this feeling. The bad things that happen do get better; even if it takes time, I know it because I thought it wouldn’t but it did. My experience with bad times made me feel extremely bad, but I have people in my life that have given me their help to become a stronger person. I’ll try to explain how I emotionally overcame my hard times. First, I’m

  • Essay On Distance Running

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    Introduction: Distance running is popular nowadays, lots of people engage in it. As a result, there are more competition held by organization. The purpose and strategy are then important for the runner. In the modern world, people may participate in distance running for different purposes such as exercise, fun, economic, travel, or cultural. Also, distance running improves cardiovascular health, aerobic fitness to increase the activity of enzymes and hormones which will make the muscles and the

  • Why I Want To Study Abroad In College Essay

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    I have a passion to travel and go on new adventures; I want to see all that the world has to offer me. I get such a thrill when I purchase airline tickets or find a new place I get to discover. I spend the majority of my free time searching for cities to explore and people to meet. In fact, my weekly planner reads, “Where to next…” on the cover in bright, bold letters. There was never a question or hesitation in my mind when it came to studying abroad in college— it was part of the reason I chose

  • Importance Of Textual Criticism In Literature

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    experience between the author and readers or hearers. It looks at the structure of the text, development of plot, the role of the language are the main concern in this method. This method includes textual criticism, literary criticism, rhetorical criticism, narrative criticism, genre studies, and canonical criticism. 4.1. Textual Criticism Textual criticism is a method, which tries to re-establish the original text of an ancient document. None of the original manuscripts, or autographs, of any

  • Narrative Essay On Disneyland

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    Some people may think that Disney is only for young children and their parents. Although, in my experience, this is far from the truth. For me, a day in Disneyland is filled with excitement, wonder, and joy. My dad and I often go to Disneyland, to this day. But, when I was younger my family and I would frequently visit the happiest place on Earth. I will never be able to forget my very first visit to the parks. It was a chilly autumn day and my brother and sister had just gotten out of school,