Nursing specialties Essays

  • Novice Nurse Narrative Report

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    essential to have the knowledge triad of leadership, efficient healthcare utilization, and complete my NNP. I will graduate with a Master’s in Business Administration with a focus in healthcare finance and operations in January 2017 and a Master’s in Nursing with a leadership focus in the Aug of 2017, and I am confident my education and work experience has been further preparing me for this

  • Patient Satisfaction Model

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    Satisfaction exists when an individual accepts that a ratio of input (how much money and time they spent and how much pain they had, etc.) and output of the service (how much better their health become) is fair. Moreover, equity theory relates to social comparison theory because an individual compares a value of the service he or she received to other individuals (Bowling et al., 2012; Linder-Pelz, 1982; Newsome & Wright, 1999; Swan, Sawyer, Van Matre, & McGee, 1985; Williams, 1994). 3.4.6 Multiple

  • Dr Jennifer Lee Walden Case Study

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    Dr Jennifer Lee Walden is a board certified plastic surgeon that currently resides in Austin, Texas with her two twin sons. Both sons are under ten years of age. The doctor thought that it would be a good idea to move Austin because her young sons would have a chance to get to know their family members. The doctor is a proud mother of those two sons and the founder of Jennifer L. Walden, M.D., PLLC and Walden Cosmetic Surgery Center, PLLC, a private plastic surgery practice and ambulatory surgery

  • A Career: My Career Goals For Becoming A Nurse

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    that will be necessary for this career. This includes honesty, dependability, and being a leader. I realize this dream continues to come closer to reality. I will be graduating high school next year with my Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA). This is an advantage as I apply for nursing school. This career best fits me because I will have the necessary qualities and skills needed, I will have the education required, and I am going to significantly impact the lives of others. Human beings have unique

  • American Vs Pediatrician Essay

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    P.A vs. Pediatrician Ever since I was a little girl, I have always dreamed about being a doctor. As I got older I learned about the different types of doctors I could be and I came across a pediatrician, a doctor who treats children. I was so content on what I wanted to be until I discovered what a physician assistant does. I was told it is not common to become a PA and then go back to school to be a medical doctor. With that in mind I needed to figure out what I want to do with my career before

  • Personal Essay: Pursuing A Career Path In Medicine

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    remember that I felt very anxious and helpless, but speaking to her on my way to the hospital made me feel important and accompanied by compassion and positivity. This experience allowed me to show the most compassion towards my patients as a Certified Nursing Assistant during the summer before college. Working as a CNA allowed me to have close contact with individuals from different backgrounds and needs, and has exposed me to different emotions and beliefs that I have come to respect. I’ve come in to

  • The Glass Menagerie And The Secret Life Of Walter Mitty Character Analysis

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    By examining the actions of the characters in The Glass Menagerie by Tennessee Williams,The Truman Show, and “The Secret Life Of Walter Mitty” by James Thurber, the reader can see each character struggles with and withdrawals from their realities. We also see the author gives each character a way to make their realities a little better. Throughout each story, each character struggles to accept their realities. A struggle with acceptance was shown in “The Glass Menagerie” when Tom was arguing

  • Summary Of Ambulance Girl By Jane Stern

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    DId you know that no medical degree is required to be an EMT? Neither did I, until I read Ambulance Girl. In this memoir, Jane Stern tells of her experiences becoming a certified EMT at the age of fifty-two. The beginning half of the book details her training, while the second half is comprised of tales from “the field”. Additionally, Stern discusses her struggles with anxiety and depression. In the beginning of the memoir, Stern had a horrible anxiety attack on an airplane. The airport was having

  • AIM-High Personal Statement

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    career path of a doctor. I will obtain a general overview of various fields within the scope of medicine. Moreover, throughout the program, I will be able to experience various sections of the medical field, which will allow me to identify the specialties I am most interested in pursuing. Ultimately, I believe I will be confident in the areas of medicine I plan to focus on in my future

  • Essay For Health Care Admission

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    few months to see his daughter get married. Several specialties, including neurosurgery, neurology, radiation oncology, and medical oncology, were involved in his care. With radiation and Temodar, he was able to be a part of his daughter's wedding. I aspire to be the backbone of such a healthcare team. I want to represent patients at tumor boards and try to formulate plans to help ease the patient's pain and suffering. To be part of a specialty that can help reduce the pain and suffering of patients

  • Personal Statement

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    parent, regardless of culture, is apparent. Any parent wishes for the health of their child. Unfortunately, this wish is not always granted. Thus, the capacity for pediatrics to alleviate a child’s illness draws me to it. Pediatrics is a challenging specialty, intellectually and emotionally with unique challenges”

  • A Career As A Pediatrician

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    Pediatrician is a children doctor that’s maintains the health of children. “Pediatricians manage the physical, mental, and emotional well-being of their patients, in every stage of development -- in good health or in illness.” (University of Maryland Medical Center) Commonly, pediatrician deals with anywhere from infants to young adults of the age of twenty-one. Pediatricians do anything from delivering a baby to treat kids that have different types of diseases. To become a Pediatrician you have

  • The Pros And Cons Of Marijuana

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    Being a college student, I, myself, have heard and seen a majority of the favored drugs that are used and passed around campus. A few of those drugs include alcohol, Adderall, cough syrup, and the most commonly abused drug, marijuana. This particular type of drug is the most popular around campus, so I am very familiar with it. Marijuana is the most debated about drug around the world. Many, including myself, have wondered if it is safe enough to be used recreationally or if it should stay illegal

  • Pediatrician Case Study

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    What I Will Say: Pre-Questions: Who they are? and What they do? explains that general pediatricians are doctors who work take care of babies, teenagers, and adolescents. They have general medical knowledge and understanding how treatments affect development growth stages in different age groups. Average Wages Point 1: General Pediatricians states that the average wage for a general pediatrician is around $46,252- $376,461. *insert screenshot of graph* According to www

  • Pediatrics Personal Statement

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    Currently, Pediatrics is the main specialty I am considering going into. From personal experiences as being a patient when I was younger and my previous volunteer experiences with children, continuing to serve children has been one of my goals. I enjoyed those volunteer experiences which ranged from educating children at a local summer program throughout high school and assisting in their care at Kids Come First Community Health Center during my gap year. All of these experiences led me to join the

  • Np Role Model

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    the advanced practice registered nurse and its' educational requirements. The model defined the educational requirements as "formal education with a graduate degree or postgraduate certificate awarded by an academic institution and accredited by a nursing or nurse-related accrediting organization." (Summers, 2011, p. 11) It also requires that the curricula within these educational institutions comply with the "3 Ps: three separate comprehensive graduate-level courses (the APRN Core) in advanced physiology

  • Statement Of Intent To Be A Nurse Practitioner

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    funding for education, proceding to nursing school was a grand opportunity. The privilege to attend a government subsidized school where top students in the region compete to get into the program that allowed only 60 students per year was indeed a blessing. As clinical rotations began, what was once considered a mere opportunity evolved into a true passion for caring as I truly love and enjoy nursing and helping people. In 1993, I completed my Bachelor’s degree in Nursing in the Philippines where I began

  • Professional Nursing Reflection

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    Professional Reflection Due to the high relevance of FCC to pediatric nursing, Stollery Children's Hospital's mission and my personal interest, I decided to conduct some research and prepare myself to become a sufficient graduate nurse who can deliver compassionate, competent, individualized family-centered care to my patients. Some of the professional activities that I have implemented during the preceptorship include: (1) determined my weakness regarding FCC and developed a learning plan with

  • The Meaning Of Professionalism In Nursing

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    The meaning of professionalism in nursing profession is different meaning to different people. In order to encompass a high-quality working environment, professionalism is very important. Professionalism is a characteristic of productive workplace. In the profession of nursing, each nurse has to display a certain degree of respect and responsibilities to meet the standard values of caring. Professionalism is critical in

  • Health Belief Model Case Study

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    I chose to use the Health Belief Model, borrowed from the behavioral sciences, which explain the health behavior of the individuals. According to Rosenstock (1988), Health Belief Model contains six constructs: 1) perceived susceptibility, 2) perceived severity, 3) perceived benefits, 4) perceived barriers, 5) cues to action, and 6) self-efficacy. Rosenstock, Strecher, and Becker (1994) describe perceived susceptibility as whether or not a person regards themselves as being susceptible to an illness