Pentecost Essays

  • Salvation In The Old Testament

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    Christianity explains salvation as redemption by God’s grace through faith from unrighteousness and sins to Cleanliness, also known as Salvation. The Bible explores salvation in different perspectives including reconciliation, redemption, ransom, forgiveness, and justification. Even though the Bible is a unitary book, the new and the old testaments present salvation in different aspects. However, the different aspects are complementary. In fact, the Old Testament presents many prophesies about salvation

  • Pentecost: The Holy Spirit

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    Pentecost The Holy Spirit started to guide and influence the church at pentecost, and it continues to guide to this day. The Holy Spirit guides the apostles to preach the good news. The Church would be lost without the guidance of the Holy Spirit. In Church history there are many instances where the Holy Spirit guides people to make the right decision. Many people decide to set aside the Holy Spirit in there lives. They continue to choose bad decisions, and continue to not listen to Holy Spirit

  • How Did Pentecost Spread The Holy Spirit

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    Pentecost has come, The Holy Spirit Has Arrived What Have We Been Waiting for? The message of Pentecost is the message of the resurrection of Christ. Pentecost can be explained as the birthday of the church, where the apostles are empowered by the Holy Spirit go out and spread the good news of Jesus. Pentecost is a feast that celebrates the holy trinity and the coming of the Holy Spirit and the third person of the trinity. What Has Happened? Just the other day all of the disciples were gathered

  • Social-Psychological Context Analysis

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    physical, cultural, social-psychological and temporal context. Physical context is the tangible or concrete environment, the room, park, or auditorium. The physical context of the interaction is happening at a briefing or meeting room, where Marshal Pentecost wanted to see Raleigh Becket and Mako Mori. Besides that, cultural context involves the lifestyles, beliefs, values, behavior, and communication of a group. The cultural context is that in the scene when Raleigh Becket protected Mako Mori in saying

  • Figurative Language In Hugh Pentecost's 'Kind Of A Murder'

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    Different types of figurative language can change the different readers point of view and the nature of the story. The author of “Kind of a Murder”, Hugh Pentecost, uses figurative language multiple times in his short story, one being the amount of times onomatopoeia was used to the sad parts of the story. In the Morgan MIlitary Academy, it seemed everyone was afraid around the nicknamed headmaster, Old Beaver,at Morgan Military. So when the students heard him coming down the hall in a particular

  • Analysis Of Purple Hibiscus

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    The inevitable communication between English and the several languages speak in Nigerian people in Nigeria. Their language differs according to their speech patterns, and habits. The varieties of language use both educated and un-educated Nigerians for the sake of lives. According to Herbert Igboanusi: ,, There is the national variety of English also known as Nigerian English (NE) and the ethnic variety of English exemplified here by Igbo English (IE) Author Adichie uses both languages that is, she

  • Anointed Herald Of God's Kingdom Analysis

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    was charismatic. This is because to have a charismatic ministry goes against what is secular and scientific. Today many do not have the Pentecostal view of ecclesiology, because they do not recognize the transference of the Spirit on the day of Pentecost from Jesus to the disciples. The power of God that enabled Jesus to do signs and wonders is with us too. It is to our advantage, Jesus said, that he goes to the Father, because only then would the Spirit come upon the disciples and they would do

  • Eschatological Nature Of Jesus Ministry Essay

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    INTRODUCTION Anderson notes that Jesus' mission "was not entirely completed in his death and resurrection" (p. 189). He understands that Jesus' missional activity continues as he sends the Spirit to form and gift the church to participate with him in his ongoing paracletic ministry on earth. The Eschatological Nature of Apostolic Ministry Anderson’s position in chapter 12 is Jesus' ministry has a distinctly "eschatological nature" in that it brings into the present, piece-by-piece, and through the

  • Holy Spirit Outline

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    the earth” The promise was full-filled in the Upper Room, by tongues of fire. Acts 2:1-4, (KJV) “And when the day of Pentecost was fully come, they were all with one accord in one place. And suddenly there came a sound from heaven as of a rushing mighty wind, and it filled all the house

  • When We Kill When Essay

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    narrator, of the story tells of how he is responsible for Mr. Warren’s “death”. The moment of death for Mr. Warren, was the last time the school boys teased him. Mr. Warren looked pleadingly at the main character, Pentecost, for help because he has stood up for Mr. Warren before. Pentecost decided to look away rather than to resolve the issue once and for

  • James Dunn's Baptism In The Holy Spirit

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    to the disciples as being parallel to Jesus’ Jordan experience and it is for empowering for mission and this Pentecostal experience is paradigmatic to all believers. He strengthens his case by adding that “the Spirit came upon the disciples at Pentecost (Acts 2), not as the source of new covenant but as the source of power for effective witness.” Since it is a separate event from conversion, the gift of the Spirit is bestowed upon those who are already converted. Therefore for Jesus the Spirit

  • Describe The Holy Spirit

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    1. Explain the difference between the way Irenaeus and Tertullian approached the doctrine of the Trinity and the way the Cappadocians did so. (3pts) • The Irenaeus believed that the Holy Spirit was with God before the creation. He described the Holy Spirit (identification of wisdom) and the Son (word) as the two hands of God. He uses this metaphor to explain God’s work. They don’t perform the same work but their work completes each other. • Tertullian argued that the Son and Father are the

  • Reaction Paper About Lutheranism

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    Lutheranism Lutherans: Origins, history, beliefs, rituals and worship, ethics and community Chibunze Uzo   Table of Contents Origins 2 Beginnings 2 Influences 2 History 3 Early Developments 3 Missions and Expansions 3 Beliefs 3 Sacred Narratives 3 Rituals and Worship 4 Sacred Time 4 Symbolism 5 Ethics and Community 5 Community Organization 5 Leadership 6 Works Cited 7   Origins Beginnings Lutheranism began as a reformation against the Catholic Church in the early 16th century with the efforts

  • The Christological Temporal Cycle

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    Christological temporal cycle has two cycles: the Christmas cycle, which begins with the time of Advent and culminates with the Epiphany; and the Paschal cycle, which begins with Ash Wednesday, Lent, Holy Week, Easter Triduum and culminates with Pentecost Sunday. The Christmas cycle begins at the end of November or the beginning of December, and includes: Advent, Christmas, Epiphany. Advent is the time of joyful waiting, for the Lord comes. The great figures of Advent are Isaiah, John the Baptist

  • Obey Hendricks Politics Of Jesus Analysis

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    In chapter one of Obey Hendricks ' book, The Politics of Jesus, he contends that the foundation of the bible shifted from personal deliverance founds in Genesis to collective deliverance detailed in Exodus (Hendricks p14.). What prompted the shift? How did it influence Jesus’ ministry and teachings? The answers can be found in the Hebrews’ exodus from Egypt, the years in the wilderness, and the Babylonian exile. In essence, Hendricks sketches the blueprint from which Jesus developed and exercised

  • Spanish Culture Vs American Culture Essay

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    celebrate are: Lent (Cuaresma), Holy Week (Semana Santa), Christmas (La Navidad), and Three Kings Day (Los Tres Reyes Magos). As a traditional Christian the holidays you would celebrate are: Lent, Palm Sunday, Maundy Thursday, Good Friday, Easter, Pentecost, Advent, and Christmas. Roman Catholics value symbols as do Christians (i.e. the cross), but take it a step further by surrounding themselves with many other symbols such as: rosary, the Virgin Mary, and images of Saints. Roman Catholic’s also have

  • Fire From Heaven Summary

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    Fire from Heaven By, finishing up the readings in Module 5 from the Fire from Heaven: The Rise of Pentecostal Spirituality and the Reshaping of Religion in the Twenty-first Century, one will take what they learned and apply it to their daily life. In this book of Fire from Heaven: The Rise of Pentecostal Spirituality and the Reshaping of Religion in the Twenty-first Century, the author Harvey Cox provides a provoking memoir of this explosion of spirituality. Which he sees a change that signifies

  • How Did Bartolome De Las Casas

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    Bartolome’ de la Casas in the sixteen century, published an eloquent defense of Indian rights about maltreatment of the indigenous peoples of the Americas in colonial times. He tried to protect the Native Americans from the worst exploitation. In 1513, as a chaplain, Las Casas participated in Diego Velázquez de Cuéllar 's and Pánfilo de Narváez ' conquest of Cuba. He participated in campaigns in Bayamo and Camagüey and in the massacre of Hatuey. He witnessed many atrocities committed by Spaniards

  • Prophetic Immature Analysis

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    Prophetic interpretation is based on heaven-sent dreams and visions rather than a “the word of the LORD.” This means that the message is in the imagery portrayed with an angel often telling the prophet what the symbol represents. We are presented with vision, dreams and times that will take place in the end, they will bring a better understanding to hearts of the listeners , this ministry helps us to better understand the prophecies of Jesus just like some of his parables, “they may be ever seeing

  • Reflection Of Paul's Pneumatology

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    Paul’s pneumatology found in his writings has been a matter of interest in recent New Testament scholarship. Gordon Fee has been a great contributor in this area and in Paul, the Spirit and the People of God he outlines the various elements found in Pauline pneumatology giving us greater insight into this subject. In this paper I will highlight some of these elements that are unique to Paul and are not found in the Synoptic Gospels and Acts. The first distinctive of Pauline pneumatology is the