Quatrain Essays

  • What Is The Theme Of Remembrance In The Poem For My Memory By H. Lawrence

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    Remembrance is the action of remembering something, a previous experience in which one has embedded deep in their mind. This is the theme in which my chosen poems embody. While the subject matter may differ, the language devices are similar to one another and the theme is the same. An example of this would be the two poems 'Paino' and 'The Mink' which each possess different styles and subjects but they both relate to the same theme. Furthermore, I believe the poems: 'Poem at thirty-nine', 'Remember'

  • Horror And Romanticism In Edgar Allan Poe's The Raven

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    A Deeper Look Edgar Allan Poe is famous for his numerous literature pieces. Edgar Allen Poe was an American writer born in Boston, MA on January 19, 1809. His writing styles of Horror and Romanticisms gave way to many detective storylines. Poe suffered from depression in his life, and can be seen through his work. One very world wide known poem is “The Raven”, it has been an incredibly popular choice among readers for many years and will still be studied and enjoyed for future years to come. Not

  • Romeo And Juliet Quatrain Analysis

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    Verona, presents the theme and plot of the story. It is written in Shakespeare’s distinguish Sonnet form of three quatrains and a couplet. In the first quatrain the focus lays upon the situation in Verona, followed by the run of the tragedy, showing the spectator a preview. The last quatrain drives the forces of the tragedy. The couplet functions as a conclusion of the prior quatrains, appealing to the audience in the way of an invitation. The prologue serves as an introduction into the topic and

  • Examples Of Quatrains In Romeo And Juliet

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    The first quatrain or stanza helps describe the setting of the play and introduces the conflict which is one of the main issues. The second describes the young lovers and indicates that they have an unpleasant fate from the start, also it sums up the plot of the play. Also, it includes more detail to follow the first. The third suggests how the feud will end and the last 2 lines reminds the audience that there is more to the play than meets the eye. This helps to outline the main issues of the play

  • Summer Runnin Is Comin Quatrain Analysis

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    get out. The first quatrain contains description of the school life. Someone who conscientiously working through essays and assignments but as the school year ends, they becomes less and less verbose. The quatrain describes how quickly the year's gone by, how time has almost disappeared because the student was so preoccupied with his work. The quatrain is in present tense and late in the school year. The second quatrain is also in present tense, like the first quatrain the second one describes

  • Youth And Sexuality: Harlem Dancer By Claude Mckay

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    coexist. In the first quatrain, the poem begins by denoting the sexuality within the poem. The words "prostitutes" and "half-clothed body" are inherently sexual. In contrast, the next two lines of the quatrain contain the words "flutes" and "picnic day" which are youthful, innocent, and light. Creating an entirely different image and feel from the first half of the quatrain. A simile appears in the third line, "Her voice was like the sounds of blended

  • Emily Dickinson Slant Rhyming Structure

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    similarities in sound. In addition to this, many of Dickinson's poems use an ABCB rhyming structure, meaning that the second and fourth lines of the quatrain rhyme while the first and the third do not. As an example of her methods, the poem "This was a Poet - It is That" displays Dickinson's use of slant rhyming and an ABCB structure. The first quatrain of the poem employs a perfect rhyme: "This was a Poet - It is That/Distills amazing sense/From ordinary Meanings-/And Attar so immense" (Dickinson

  • Metaphors In Batter My Heart

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    The implied metaphor in the first quatrain is the word ‘batter’ in the line “Batter my heart, three person’d God: for you.” This is metaphoric in the sense that it is implies comparison of a human’s heart into a material thing that has to be hit or hammered to get fixed. If the author speaks of having his heart battered, then it implies a feeling or status of being broke. It is only broken things like a damaged chair or table that need to hammered or battered in order to be repaired. With this metaphor

  • Rhetorical Devices Used In One Art

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    speech, and parentheses in order to convey resignation and regret in “One Art.” Her turn in tone shows that while everyone has lost something and can get used to it, losing a person is unlike anything else. A villanelle features five tercets and one quatrain, a shift that Bishop uses to manifest the difference in tones directly on the page in structure. Inside the first five tercets, nothing massively important is lost. “Door keys” and an “hour badly spent” is average for readers. So far, everything

  • Petrarch Sonnet Analysis

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    Though the order of the sonnet, with three quatrains and a couplet, follows the Elizabethan sonnet, the controlling idea of the love for one woman follows Petrarch’s style. The Volta of Sidney’s sonnet number five takes place in the last six lines when the controlling idea of the quatrains change. Quatrain one’s controlling idea describes that people are “ought” to love the soul rather than the physical appearance because it is God given. Quatrain two describes that people “adore” and worship

  • Eminem Song Analysis

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    Beautiful by Eminem As part of our English A language and literature syllabus, we studied the language of persuasion under part 2 of the syllabus. My primary source is a song written by Eminem titled ‘Beautiful’. I have chosen to write a song review of Eminem because it will help me understand the deep meanings of the massage that Eminem is trying to convey. It will be aimed to inform the target audience about the massage that Eminem tries to convey through this song. My target audience will be

  • Whoso List To Hunt Analysis

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    hunt” encompasses the love of a man for a beautiful, yet unattainable woman. Wyatt compares the unattainable love to the hunt of a hind, a female deer. The first quatrain introduces the hunt to the readers. The second quatrain counters the idea of hunting the female and rather acknowledges the task as unimaginable. The focus of the third quatrain regards the new idea that the female belongs to somebody else. The concluding couplet relies the ownership of the female, while revealing why the hind is unreachable

  • Emily Chubbuck Judson's Sonnet To Winter

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    The poem “Sonnet to Winter” by Emily Chubbuck Judson, is a classic poem that moves this message. There are many techniques that add to the poem to find theme,which are the descriptive of words,and the use of literary devices. What helped in moving the poem was the usage of description in the piece. The detailed imagery through the author’s words illustrated the hidden theme in the passage. As Judson uses a variety of the senses into her poem, the peace of winter comes alive. One way in which the

  • The Tyger Poem Analysis

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    existence? William Blake’s poem “The Tyger” questions creation in the 24-lined poem. The poem consists of 6 stanzas that include 6 quatrains with a rhyme pattern of AABB. Blake uses a variety of poetic devices, that include symbolism, personification, imagery, alliteration, and metaphor to show the theme, which is the wonder of creation. Blake starts the first quatrain with the use of alliteration in the first line, “Tyger! Tyger! burning bright” (1.1). The beauty and power of this majestic beast

  • Analysis Of Francesco Petrach's The Eyes That Drew From Me Such Fervent Praich

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    Francesco Petrarch employs the Italian sonnet’s form in “The Eyes that Drew from Me Such Fervent Praise”. More specifically, “The Eyes that Drew from Me Such Fervent Praise” is divided into an octave followed by a sestet. The first two quatrains introduce the speaker’s situation: he is mourning the loss of a beloved woman, probably his companion. The rest of the sonnet consists of two triplets forming a sestet, in which the speaker comments on his situation that was previously revealed.

  • Poem Analysis: Petrarchan Sonnet

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    The Shakespearean sonnet has the rhyme scheme as ABAB CDCD EFEF GG which form the three quatrains (four lines in a group) and a closing couplet (two rhymed lines). But the problem is usually progressed in the first three quatrains where each quatrain with a new idea is growing out of the previous one. Sometimes the first two quatrains are behallowed of the same thought, resembling the octave of the Petrarchan sonnet, and followed by a similar volta. Most surprisingly

  • Imagery In 'For That He Looked Not Upon Her'

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    speaker uses miserable diction and visual imagery to tell the readers and his love why he cannot look upon her face. Containing three quatrains and a rhyming couplet at the end, this poem displays a perfect English sonnet using iambic pentameter to make it sound serious and conversational. This is significant because most sonnets are about love and each quatrain, in English sonnets, further the speaker’s

  • A Critical Analysis Of Shakespeare's 73rd Sonnet

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    his lover’s impending death yet continues to love him. The author compares himself to the seasons, a sunset, and the last embers of a fire in the first, second, and third quatrains, respectively. Common threads of nature and self-exploration run through the sonnet. In keeping with the common thread of nature, the first quatrain explores aging through the lens of seasons. The “yellow leaves” or “none” at all follow the natural progression of trees in the winter months, from late fall when the leaves

  • An Analysis Of The Poem Glowing Fission A Hope

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    Quatrain one states that while looking up at the night sky, we see the same stars. these same stars scattered across the sky millions of miles away, and how amazing it is that can we understand them. Quatrain two states what, and where the stars are, and then changes to talk about humans that have left their mark. The third quatrain talks about the couplet’s theme, stating that if we live our lives, we will be remembered as a star (Bruinsma 1-14). This, however, is just the base of the poem. This

  • Emily Dickinson Poetry Comparison Essay

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    When it comes to analyzing poems, or comparing and contrasting, there are many different elements to consider. No two poems are the same. Although Maya Angelou’s “Still I Rise”, Emily Dickinson’s “Wild Nights – Wild Nights!” and the legendary William Shakespeare’s “Let Me Not to the Marriage of True Minds” differ in many ways, they contain several similarities, including theme, language, rhyme scheme, meter, and stanza forms. The first similarity that these poems contain is the theme