What Is The Theme Of Remembrance In The Poem For My Memory By H. Lawrence

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Remembrance is the action of remembering something, a previous experience in which one has embedded deep in their mind. This is the theme in which my chosen poems embody. While the subject matter may differ, the language devices are similar to one another and the theme is the same. An example of this would be the two poems 'Paino' and 'The Mink' which each possess different styles and subjects but they both relate to the same theme. Furthermore, I believe the poems: 'Poem at thirty-nine', 'Remember', 'Ode of Remembrance', and 'For My Mother in Her Mid-90's', do exceptionally well to express this theme of remembrance. 'Piano', being a poem which features remembrance through the use of language that the poet, D.H. Lawrence uses along with the subject the poem is written about, his childhood memories. We see a change in tense in each stanza as he is reflecting on his thoughts and memories. With each changing stanza, the fluctuating tense creates the effect of recollection going back and forth in his writing. …show more content…

"Softly" is represented by piano or p in musical terms with 'Piano' being the title. I feel the term represents the how the poem should be read along with how the memory in itself feels to Lawrence.I find that 'Piano' features literary devices with repetition being used throughout the text. D.H. Lawrence features a regular use of repetition in the poem to further emphasize the theme of remembrance in his work. An example of this repetition would be his use of the words "singing", "child" and

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