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  • The Misfit Character Analysis

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    A good man is hard to find is about a family who are planning to travel to Florida. The whole family is excited to go except the grandmother, who doesn’t want to go. To make her case, she tells her son Bailey, his wife, and their three children that there’s a criminal named the Misfit headed to Florida. The Misfit is one of the main characters in the story. The author, Flannery O’Connor, introduces him explaining his background and motivations. In doing so, she portrays a character that is both mythical

  • Modamil Research Paper

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    MODAFINIL:DRUG OF THE MODERN ERA Modafinil(commonly known by the brand names Provigil, Alertec, Modavigil etc) is an oral drug that is used to induce wakefulness in patients with sleepiness. It reduces fatigue and enhances alertness in an individual. It is also known as nootropic. It is usually taken once in a day with or without eating your meal. Modafinil is approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration for the treatment of narcolepsy or Obstructive sleep apnea hyperpnoea syndrome (OSAHS)

  • Opioids In The Dentate Gyrus

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    and dynorphins, which both have effects on excitability, but with contrasting effects (11). The difference between these two peptides is that enkephalins bind to delta- and mu- opioid receptors (DORs and MORs) whereas dynorphins bind to kappa-opioid receptors (KORs). However, unlike galanin receptors, opioid receptors can be activated by exogenous opiate drugs, which means that overdose can be possible because it is not reliant on an endogenous ligand. For example, the MOR agonist morphine can bind

  • The True Protagonist In Stephen Crane's The Blue Hotel

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    a “dime-store novel”-- it is actually quite complex in meaning (Roberts 117). This complexity is derived from the fact that it is difficult to identify a clear protagonist or antagonist in the story. That being

  • Themes And Symbolism In 'I M Not Scared'

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    The novel ‘I’m Not Scared’ written by Niccolò Ammaniti uses contrast, symbolism and motif to create an impact on his audience. Contrast is used between the characters Antonio Natale and Michele Amitrano, through their opposite personalities and morals. It is also shown through the adult world and the child world, showing the different challenges between the two. Symbolism is used to show the poverty that the protagonist’s family is experiencing, through a plastic gondola and Michele’s younger sister’s

  • The Yellow Wallpaper Symbolism Essay

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    The Yellow Wallpaper by Charlotte Perkins Gilman is a short story told through diary entries of a woman who suffers from postpartum depression. The narrator, whose name is never mentioned, becomes obsessed with the ugly yellow wallpaper in the summer home her husband rented for them. While at the home the Narrator studies the wallpaper and starts to believe there is a woman in the wallpaper. Her obsession with the wallpaper slowly makes her mental state deteriorate. Throughout The Yellow Wallpaper

  • The Character Of Linda In Willy Russell's Blood Brothers

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    English essay Reem Al-Ahmad 10 Dunes How does Russell present the character of Linda to an audience throughout the play? William "Willy" Russell is a British playwright, lyricist and musician, who wrote a grievous play ‘Blood Brothers’, in 1983 set in Liverpool. Russell uses a strong yet effective literary convention, dramatic irony as the base, and builds up throughout the play. The play follows with two twins separated at birth due to social class matters, demonstrating a set of events that lead

  • Analysis Of The Film Twelve Angry Men

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    The American Government is made up of three branches: judicial, legislative, and executive. Americans are very fortunate to have a judicial system in the United States, which is based on the idea that everyone is innocent until proven guilty. The same problems still happen today in 2018 that happened in 1957 when the movie Twelve Angry Men by MGM was made. Common reasons jury duty is not popular include taking time off work, not getting the same amount of pay as if one is at work, and simply just

  • Power Of Words In Julius Caesar

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    Robin Sharma once said, “Words can inspire. And words can destroy. Choose yours well.” The power and strength of words is easily underestimated, but can be seen in William Shakespeare’s “Julius Caesar” through the characters, Brutus and Mark Antony. These men use their speech to persuade the audience to follow their personal beliefs. Both individuals use different tactics to appeal to the readers such as through emotion or logic. The power and effectiveness of words is displayed in George W. Bush’s

  • Father Son Relationships In Chinua Achebe's Things Fall Apart

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    Valentina Quiceno McGrover English 1H: 2A 19 March 2018 Psychology and Effects of Father Son Relationships Fathers like all compulsory aspects in life have an influence, Chinua Achebe's novel Things Fall Apart demonstrates the importance of a father and his role through leading characters. The leading character Okonkwo was affected by his father's non fulfilment in his tribe Umuofia, the absences and failure of his father Unoka caused a great hollowness in his life. Okonkwo and Unoka are portrayed

  • Friendship In Romeo And Juliet

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    A Friend in Need is a Friend Indeed The best friendships to have are those that help you develop your emotions towards yourself and others. In William Shakespeare’s Romeo & Juliet, the disposition of two significant characters are evidently displayed to demonstrate the true qualities of friendship. Firstly, Romeo’s cousin and friend, Benvolio demonstrates that he surpasses Mercutio as a friend because he comforts Romeo in his times of need. Secondly, Benvolio shows that he is capable of defending

  • How Does Hamlet Affect The Theme Of King Hamlet

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    How can a character in a play cause chaos and madness between other characters while that character is not physically present at the time of the scene? How can other people make their actions and feelings based on an action from someone who isn't there anymore? In Hamlet by Shakespeare, there is a character that makes other people make actions and stir their emotions around during the entire story to make them act a certain way towards others and even make a certain individual want to kill another

  • The Story Of An Hour Literary Analysis

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    Hour of Freedom “The Story of an Hour” is a short story written by Kate Chopin. It details a wife named Mrs. Louise Mallard, who struggles with a heart condition. After learning of her husband, Brentley Mallard’s death in a railroad accident, Mrs. Mallard deals with grief in many stages. Chopin incorporates many literary devices throughout “The Story of an Hour,” but imagery is the most evident. “A Short Guide to Imagery, Symbolism, and Figurative Language Imagery” describes imagery as “a writer

  • Logical Reasoning In Lord Of The Flies

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    American soldier Ambrose Bierce once said, "Logic: The art of thinking and reasoning in strict accordance with the limitations and incapacities of the human misunderstanding." Logical reasoning is crucial for maintaining order and making good choices. This is displayed in William Golding's novel, Lord of the Flies, in which a group of British schoolboys is stranded on a deserted island and must learn to fend for themselves to ensure survival. Ralph uses logos to make sensible decisions that benefit

  • Examples Of Deception In Othello

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    e themes of jealousy and deception in the domestic play “Othello” by Shakespeare are one of the major ones, because they build up the plot of the story and appear through out the text. The jealousy and deception have touched each character of the play: Othello, Iago, Desdemona, Roderigo, Cassio, Emilia, Bianca and Brabantio, however Othello’s jealousy has been manipulated by perhaps most jealous character Iago, who’s jealousy has caused unwarranted deaths, what makes him a villain. Othello, the general

  • Compare And Contrast Winter And Winter Driving

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    Winter driving is vastly different from summer driving. A different set of driving skills is required in the winter due to extreme weather conditions. Winter is by far the hardest season for drivers to navigate, while the summer is the easiest. This essay will compare and contrast winter and summer driving to show that winter is the most technically difficult. Driving in the winter differs from driving in the summer; however, either way the experience is in some way the same. On a cold winter

  • Ever After Short Story Analysis

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    Ever After: The Real Cinderella “What is that phrase you use? Oh, yes. Once upon a time......there lived a young girl...” (Dialogue Transcript). Girls dream of fairytales and finding their prince charming just like Cinderella, but the fact is fairy god mothers do not exist. In July1998 (Ever After) director Andy Tennant delivered Ever After: a Cinderella story. Writers created this fairytale without magic pumpkins or unrealistic glass slippers, making it relatable for viewers. This dramatic romance

  • An Analysis Of Alexander Pope's 'Rape Of The Locke'

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    Alexander Pope's "Rape of the Locke" is a complex piece of literature that comments on the foolish mindsets of the nobility, notably: the foolishness of placing supreme value on physical beauty. Pope communicates this view in a variety of ways, but it is made most visible when observing language and form. Pope uses concise and intentional naming, structure, and contrasting language to showcase that placing ultimate value on physical beauty leads only to death and despair; this is clearly showcased

  • Essay On The Role Of Mental Capacity In Macbeth

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    The capability of the human mind is convoluted and still not understood to this day. In the modern day, mental capacity plays a key role in the verdict of most criminal trials. The association of mental disease and disorientation plays a key role in the trial of Macbeth. Through the role of the witches, Lady Macbeth, and the scene of the killing, it clearly indicates the vulnerability of Macbeth's mental state, therefore making him not guilty of the murder of the King of Scotland by Georgia law of

  • Friendship In John Knowles A Separate Peace

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    While there are a plethora of themes in John Knowles' novel, A Separate Peace, one of the most significant themes is friendship. The World English Dictionary defines a friend as "a person known well to another and regarded with liking, affection, and loyalty." A Separate Peace explores conflicts between two close friends, Gene Forrester and Phineas. Gene is a studious, hardworking boy, while Phineas, or Finny, is an adept, natural athlete. They are well acquainted at the beginning of the story, but