Recreational diving Essays

  • Personal Narrative: The Punta Cana Vacation

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    The Punta Cana Vacation Have you ever had a vacation where your child does something horrible in public at a swimming pool? A vacation is when one or more people are gone for an extended period of time. When I was four years old me, my mother, my father, my grandpa, and my grandma went to Punta Cana to get away from the cold weather. It has been happening, ever since we left Illinois and Missouri. So, we boarded the plane and took off to Punta Cana, everyone was either taking a nap or watching a

  • Personal Narrative-My Trip To Wisconsin Dells

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    The summer of 2017 I went with my uncle to Wisconsin Dells. It was my first time going to Wisconsin Dells. There were so many things to experience at the waterpark from the long lines of people, to the many water slides, to the loudness and the smell of chlorine. We arrived at the waterpark at about ten o’clock. There weren 't very many people there. My cousin and I began by going on many waterslides, from tube slides to body slides. It was awesome because we didn’t have to wait very long. A little

  • Personal Narrative-Swim

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    Around two years ago, when I was just a young swimmer , my coach asked my swimming group what a swim meet was. The reply came back with some confused looks and the rare nod of a head. She then told us what a meet was. I then told my parents about this new type of competition, they signed me up and brought me to a strange place, leading me to where I am now, with legs trembling and about two and a half feet above the ominously still pool on a white platform. As I stare at the water, it stares right

  • Personal Narrative: My First Day At Salem High School

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    The first day of swim practice, freshman year. The first day of walking onto a pool deck filled with seventy girls and a scary coach. The first day of my high school experience. The first day of an unbreakable friendship. I slid into the frigid water of the Salem High School pool with two other girls that day. One was chatty, friendly, funny; the other: quieter, more reserved. As the season went on, my teammates and I got to know each other, and our lane of three became a fun-filled group of five

  • Cause And Effect Essay On Lifeguarding

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    The pool area is warm and the lights have a soft, yellow glow to them. In the background are parents, already in the metal bleachers, ready to watch their kids attempt to swim for forty-five minutes. I dress in a red tie-dye shirt with a large black cross on the back and the words “lifeguard” displayed on the front. Black shorts, a pair of Crocs for shoes, and a black plastic whistle on a yellow string complete the outfit I am required to wear for my job as a lifeguard. As the noise of people talking

  • Personal Narrative Essay On Swimming

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    When I was eight years old, I joined the Shaker Sharks swim team. I was put in the lowest group and struggled to swim even a 25. I considered swimming a hobby at best, not even realizing it was a sport. Two years later, my family and I moved to Solon. I switched teams to join the Solon Stars Swim Club. The environment was far more competitive, which I noticed immediately. I was also beginning to understand the value of a team, a support system greater than oneself. One time at a meet, I had been

  • My Lifeguard: A Short Story

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    You never know how helpless you are until you have a near death experience. One summer, when I was young, my family and I went to a water park. I didn’t know how to swim, but thankfully the majority of the park required no swimming ability. For one of the rides, I wanted to get out of my tube and jump around, but once I climbed out, I immediately sunk to the bottom. I tried to kick back up and just as my legs gave in, a lifeguard climbed in and pulled me up. I was grateful to him, but something was

  • Free Narrative Essays: The Great Chesapeake Bay Swim

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    The Great Bay Swim Every year, on a sunny Sunday morning in early June, there is an amazing group of people who participate in the Great Chesapeake Bay Swim, swimming the width of the Bay right between the spans of the Chesapeake Bay Bridge, 4.4 miles. They are endurance athletes whose stories and motivations are as widely diverse as they are. They are mature and young, life-long athletes and people who have found fitness to overcome life’s challenges, couples and parents and children and solitary

  • College Admissions Essay: My Passion For Swimming

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    I was raised in a semi-strict learning oriented environment. My family consists of my father, mother, eldest brother, and younger brother. We all lived in Ewa Beach on the beautiful island of Oahu, Hawaii. The neighborhood was very lively with kids in almost every household along the alleyway. Growing up academics was a huge priority as it is for many students today. Although, I have always had an enormous passion for swimming. The guiding light of my journey as a swimmer all began with my older

  • Faded Memory Reflection

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    Exploring the literal and symbolic use of reflections and how these link with memory and past influences in my two works Faded bones and Ancestral Memory The word ‘Reflection’ can mean many things, among these are sending back or mirroring (as in the return of light, heat, sound or energy from a surface); an image seen in a mirror or shiny surface; and serious or careful thought. I have explored both the contemplative aspect as well as the play of light through my works Faded bones and Ancestral

  • Descriptive Essay: Marilyn Monroe's On The Beach

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    The promise of a warm soothing summer becomes irresistible after enduring endless winter nights of the northern latitudes. The seductive allure of radiant heat of the sun on the naked body, warmed by the sunbaked sand and sound of waves splashing on the beach becomes too great even for someone hailing from the oven baked Lahore. And then those risqué expectations On the Beach — It's one of those Hollywood cliché that needs no explanations, just imagine a cocktail full of unexpected delights, Sangria

  • Why Do Drugs Be Panned In Sports

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    Panning Drugs in Sports A healthy mind come from a healthy body, this quote is used a lot whenever people want to live healthy and become disease free because having a good health have become a hard thing among people. There are many types of people in this world, there are people who are interested in nutrition and there are people who are interested in sports and nutrition. Those types of people are considered in the very top level of their good health, but having a very good health comes with

  • Essay On Pole Vaulting

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    There are many different types of different hobbies and sports for people to choose from. Because I am an active competitive athlete in track and field, I find the sport extremely enjoyable to participate in, and just as exciting to watch. Learning how to become a successful, hard working athlete takes time and patience. More specifically, being a pole vaulter, the training and technique needed to be successful in this particular event is crucial. If interested in the sport of pole vaulting, it

  • How To Write A Narrative Essay About High School Swimming

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    When I walked into the pool area on my first day of high school swimming practice in seventh grade, I made two goals for myself to accomplish during my high school swimming career: break the Sartell school record of 55.88 seconds in the 100 yard backstroke and win the MSHSL Class A State Championship in that event as well. For six years, I trained everyday with these goals in the back of my mind. After numerous trips to the State meet, I had yet to achieve what I had set out to do. When I qualified

  • Figurative Language In Lynne Cox's Swimming To Antarctica

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    The autobiography that I read was Swimming to Antarctica by world renowned swimmer, Lynne Cox. In the novel, figurative language was often used to create lucid sentences and vivid setting, which makes it an interesting and easily comprehensible read. This essay will be discussing the main theme and tone using figurative language written by the author, Lynne, as examples. In my opinion, the figurative language in Swimming to Antarctica assists in the development of the main theme which is: anything

  • Olympic Swimming In P. H. Mullen's Gold In The Water

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    How many people know about Olympic swimming and the hardships the swimmers must undergo? With great reviews, Gold in the Water by P. H. Mullen, shows exactly what the swimmers go through mentally and physically and the history of the Olympic sport. The two swimmers put their bodies through hell and back with the ridiculous training they each undergo. The Swimmer Kurt Grote was a man of speed but he did not start out that way. For example, "Grote got into competitive swimming at the relatively late

  • Swimming Pool Case Study

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    A swimming pool is a place where you can have fun during your leisure time. It is a place where you can swim with friends and your relatives. However, these swimming pools need to clean it from time to time. A swimming pool requires proper cleaning, servicing and maintenance. A slight negligence in maintenance can be detrimental. Removing the debris and maintaining a balance of water is not enough. Equipment such as the pool pump, filter among others require servicing from time to time. There are

  • Personal Narrative: My Second Log Entry

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    2nd Log Entry During my first log entry, I pointed out my personal goals I hoped to accomplish during this class. As a beginner swimmer, I was mainly interested in conquering my fear of water. As of week four I could say that I am now comfortable being inside a body of water. First week I could not even get my entire body into to the swimming pool. As of right now, I could get into the pool without any anxiety, and I am able to float on a water comfortably. Not only I managed bobbing, but also I

  • Lifeguarding Reflection

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    I was halfway done with my 300 yard swim to pass the prerequisite to be a lifeguard. I finished The nervousness was effecting my stomach. I stumbled out of the pool and over to trash can. Where I lost my last meal to that can. I noticed that my vomit was red but i didn’t have time to think about it I had another test to complete before I could go home. That is to tread water for 2 minutes not using arms. I start my head is bobbing in and out of water. My mouth opens and I start choking and I am done

  • Personal Narrative: My Swim Career

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    My swim career the motivation of my life How my swim career motivates me forward is a long story. It all starts when I was very young still in swim school. Here in Egypt to graduate from swim school to swim team you have to go through a series of test. These tests are called stars. They are three stars. In swim school, my "class" was divided into two the more advanced one, A, and the less advanced one, B. I was on the B team be a use at that time I was quite a horrible swimmer. Throughout the three