Situation comedy Essays

  • Mad Hot Ballroom Reflection

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    Mad Hot Ballroom, directed by Marilyn Agrelo, is a documentary filmed in New York City. Throughout the film, students and faculty of elementary schools teach a ten-week ballroom dancing course in preparation for a city wide competition. Unbenounced to the children, simply by being themselves, they would be teaching their audience a valuable lesson about adolescence, socialization, and institutions. Throughout the film there were a handful of behaviors that one would consider typical for the age

  • Analysis Of Shameless

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    age. Fiona decided that if she wanted to stay in the house her sister would have to get an abortion. In this example, the showrunners present a problem that can occur in a working class family without criticising girls who find themselves in this situation. Both sides can be understood, Fiona wants to protect her sister and assure that Debbie finishes High School, while the pregnant teenager seems to be ready to be a

  • Reflective Analysis Of The Movie 'All In The Family'

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    Dream”. The fact of the matter is a lot of these culturally related jokes within the All in The Family series were more degrading and derogatory. You can spin it however you want, whether the culturally centered jokes illicit laughs, in no real situation should any person of colored be referred to as a “spade” or a “coon”. When these “humorous” judgements and statements come from a more demeaning approach there is no way to justify the use of this culturally specific humor. Many minorities want to

  • Happiness And Well-Being Analysis

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    just great at the time. Recent research shows that regularly experiencing them creates an 'upward spiral', helping to build our resources. So although we need to be realistic about life's ups and downs, it helps to focus on the good aspects of any situation – the glass half full rather than the glass half empty. Be comfortable with who you are No-one's perfect. But so often we compare our insides to other people's outsides. Dwelling on our flaws - what we're not rather than what we've got - makes it

  • The Beulah Show Analysis

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    In the episode “Beulah Goes Gardening” of The Beulah Show, an American situation-comedy series on ABC Television from 1950 to 1952, the Henderson family are described as a great example of the typical white middle-class suburban household. Additionally, Beulah, as their maid, serves the family in many ways. When the Hendersons are busy going out for their business, Beulah not only cooks for dinner but also goes gardening. It is noticeable that in televisual life, men and women get different roles

  • Examples Of Morality In The Truman Show

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    In the film, “The Truman Show”, one can make a solid case on the pro’s and con’s of not only real vs fake in America, but also the questions of morality vs immorality and which is which? In the United States alone, I believe most can agree that there has been an obvious shift in the meaning of morality along with the obsessions of what is real and what is fake. In the film, the main theme is that the main star of the show Truman played by Jim Carrey, comes closer to the discovery that his entire

  • Satire In The Simpsons

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    Term Paper Due date: 29 November, 2014, 11:55pm IST Satirical Commentary on Modern American Society (Case Study - The Simpsons) Introduction Through this term paper we are representing a sitcom about the average Ameri- can family,social and moral issues through unusual medium of animation. This show satirizes di erent aspects of modern American life from educational,political to religious and di er- ent aspects of society and social institutions like the basic nuclear structure of family using various

  • Literary Analysis of 'One Flew over the Cuckoo's Nest'

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    Moral Lense Literary Analysis of One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest The 1950s, the context of which One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest, a novel by Ken Kesey, was written, was called the Era of Conformity. During this time, the American social atmosphere was quiet conformed, in that everyone was expected to follow the same, fixed format of behavior in society, and the ones who stand out of being not the same would likely be “beaten down” by the social norms. In the novel, One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest

  • Definition Of Movies Essay

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    Movie Definition Movies, also known as films, are a type of visual communication which use moving pictures and sound to tell stories or inform (help people to learn). People in every part of the world watch movies as a type of entertainment, a way to have fun. For some people, fun movies can mean movies that make them laugh, while for others it can mean movies that make them cry, or feel afraid. Most movies are made so that they can be shown on big screens at cinemas or movie theatres. After movies

  • 1980s Sitcom Analysis

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    years the content was criticised. In the 1980s alternative comedy started to emerge onto British sitcoms, alternative comedy Is a style of comedy which rejected established stereotypes and sometimes they also had a political component. alternative comedy was also found in cartoons, one of the first alternative comedy sitcoms to come on the British television was The Young ones and then carried on with BlackAdder. The young ones was a comedy sitcom based on four students living in the same house and

  • Humor In Charlie Chaplin's Film Modern Times

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    his essay Laughter: an essay on the meaning of the comic from 1911 breaks down comedy into what he believes to be its essential forms and origins. While Bergson makes many valid points, Charlie Chaplin’s film Modern Times that was brought to screens only twenty years later seems to contradict many of Bergson’s theories, while Bergson seems to contradict even himself over the course of his essay.

  • 'Bluebeard' By Charles Perault: An Analysis

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    The phrase “curiosity killed the cat” was used to convey that unnecessary investigation or prying could lead to dangers. A man named Charles Perault, wrote the fairy tale “Bluebeard”, published in 1697, which helps argue the phrase and shows the extent of which the dangers can come to: death. However, the course of events in the fairy tale was used for the purpose of scaring the audience of children who read the tale into behaving and following the rules in the hopes that they do not become reckless

  • Comedy And High Comedy In David Ives's Soap Opera

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    According to Kennedy and Gioia, comedy is rooted “from the Greek komos, a reveal, thought to be originated in festivities to celebrate spring, ritual performances in praise of Dionysus” (882). The term comedy can refer to an entire work or simply only parts. Comedy, which can range from romantic (the guy gets the girl and they live happily ever after) to satiric, which is when “human weakness or folly is ridiculed from a vantage point of supposedly enlightened superiority” (Kennedy and Gioia 882)

  • Slapstick Comedy Analysis

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    Some people find violence amusing, others do not. Amusement through violent action between characters is called slapstick comedy. Happy Gilmore uses an iota amount of slapstick comedy through beating up others, unintentionally hurting others, others hurting him, and hurting himself. Happy Gilmore uses slapstick comedy through beating up characters. He beats up his young caddie. " 'Where are you going with those clubs, punk? ' 'Mr. Gilmore, I 'm your caddie! '" (Happy Gilmore 00:19:31). Happy Gilmore

  • Standardized Testing Satire Essay

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    With the use satire, people have been made famous through this literary work. Many would laugh about the subject of standardized testing. What is the point? Through the use of parody and low comedy, The Simpsons satirizes the judging of standardized tests in the episode “Standardized Testing.” Although everyone in the world has disparate views on educational systems, we should see all aspects of it together. The pragmatic way of seeing the positives and negatives of standard testing comes from the

  • Laughter In The Film 'Office Space'

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    Comedy is often used as a method of escape. It separates us from reality which at times, can become quite overwhelming, especially in a work environment. After a long day of hard work we seek out a method of relaxation. Theories of laughter have proved to be very effective. Superiority theory, incongruity theory and the relief theory. All of those terms come to one conclusion; laughter is a safety net and is it the best way to relieve stress. Aristotle, 384-322BC – laughter is a form of derision

  • Le Tartuffe A Comedy Analysis

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    Comedy plays an important role in the majority of Molière’s writing. It sets the tone for the play, entertains the audience and most importantly helps the playwright to achieve their theatrical objectives. In Le Tartuffe the nature of the comedy used is satirical. This essay will examine why Molière was inclined to use this style of comedy and how the comedic techniques accentuate the main theme of the play. Molière was one of France’s most successful playwrights of the 17th Century. Due to this

  • Why Is Beowulf A Hero

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    A hero does not fight for fame and glory but for the greater good. A hero is someone who goes through adversity to help others in desperate times. A hero fights evil, and defends people. Beowulf should be considered a hero because he is a strong, brave warrior who defended his people and slayed evil monsters. Beowulf proves himself to be a strong, brave warrior by killing Grendel the monster. This proves that he is strong and brave because no one else could kill Grendel let alone face him. Beowulf

  • Pain In Shakespeare's Play 'Twelfth Night'

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    Twelfth Night coursework- Draft 1 Question: ' 'Plato argued that comedy blends pain with pleasure. How far do you agree with the view that Shakespeare has crafted 'Twelfth Night ' so that the audience feels both emotions? ' ' Shakespeare’s play ‘Twelfth Night’ was a dramatic comedy written at the beginning of the 17th century, towards the middle of his career. The title, ‘Twelfth Night’ is a reference to a celebration called epiphany, which occurred on the twelfth night of Christmas in Shakespearean

  • Relief Theory, Incongruity And Superiority Theory

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    theory. It is a combination of all three concepts that attempts to fully encapsulate the complex subject of racial comedy. Firstly, relief theory argues that the act of laughing helps individuals to “subconsciously overcome inhibitions”. It states that jokes and laughter can help to increase ease of interaction between different social groups, making previously uncomfortable situations abundantly more manageable. Next, incongruity theory places an emphasis on the element of surprise. It asserts that