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  • Cab Calloway: Swing Dance

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    mind when thinking of swing dancing. Or, perhaps one thinks of a soldier and his sweetheart reconnecting after the war on the dance floor. No matter what one pictures, it is very likely that everyone is familiar with swing dancing in some sense. This idea speaks to just how popular swing is and how it has survived the test of time. Swing dancing has a very unique history and way of development that has allowed it to still be danced often today. Some view the beginning of the swing era as when Louis

  • Swing Jazz History

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    “During the 1930s and early 1940s the predominant jazz style was swing. Swing, a dance-oriented style, typically was played in ballrooms by big bands of fourteen or more musicians.” (Thomas, pg.4) The role played by African Americans within the system during this era was revolutionary. The American public had become familiar and happy with big-band swing. Swing rhythm sections delivered a solid, basic accompaniment, built largely of long quarter-note strings exaggerated by the high-hat pattern. Often

  • Personal Narrative: Temple Run

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    came across this tire swing that was above an eight foot

  • What Was The Impact Of Fashion In The 1920's

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    1920s fashion The 1920’s also famously known as “The Roaring 20’s” was filled with many positive and negative things that have had a strong impact on the society in that time period. From the “Great Gatsby” like parties, with the swing dancing, and the big rise in the stock market, to the abolishment of distributing alcohol, the 20’s were glamorous times. There were new innovated and some might say “scandalous” styles in the fashion. One of the biggest events that impacted society and the fashion

  • Curley's Wife Character Analysis Of Mice And Men

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    Curley Character Analysis Of Mice of Men was written by John Steinbeck and was an interpretation of the Great Depression and its effects on the people. The Great Depression is the economic recession and it began on 1929 and lasted till 1939. It was the deepest and longest-lasting economic downturn in the history of the Western industrialized world. Each character represented the person that was affected by the Depression. Lennie represented the mentally disabled, Curley’s Wife represented the women

  • Narrative Essay About Human Trafficking Experience

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    house my family would spend weekends at. Situated at the top of a steep hill, the house was surrounded by old, stately trees. In one of the trees there was a rope swing that was positioned to be pushed out over the hill. When I swung out, with the ground growing further away, I almost felt like I was flying. Life is a bit like that swing. There is no danger until the rope breaks. I landed on my wrist and had to be rushed to the hospital to make sure there weren’t any internal injuries. 2012 was the

  • Recess Narrative

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    the class for recess, I ran for the swings to meet my friend where we swing every afternoon recess. Whenever she got on the swing, she would hold onto the swing, run up, and jump on the swing and start swinging. I could never and still can’t do that, however, I still tried it. I ran, jumped up, and over jumped the swing. You would think that I would just fall on my back and get up and try again, but of course that did not happen. My pants caught onto the swing and and I fell back. I did not hit

  • Improvisation In Swing Music

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    Europe. Jazz is also categorised by polyrhythms, blue notes, call and response and improvisation. Swing music The swing era was the period of time around 1935–1946, when big band swing music became the most popular music in the United States. The era's beginning is dated from Benny Goodman's performance at the Palomar Ballroom in Los Angeles in 1935, bringing the music to the rest of the country. Swing music was performed by large dance orchestras divided into sections

  • Swing States Influence

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    Swing States and There Influence “A Democrat who lives in Kansas will never cast a meaningful vote in a presidential election in his or her life,” according reporter Ed Grabianowski. With this extreme statement Grabianowski is relaying the idea that in a democratic majority, like Kansas, one single persons vote isn’t significant. However, in contrast, states with where there is no definite majority each individual vote is central to which party the state will fall. These “important” states are called

  • Swing Vote Analysis

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    Swing Vote In Swing Vote, a film starring Kevin Costner that came out in 2008, the outcome of a presidential election comes down to the vote of one man, Bud Johnson. The only problem is, Johnson could care less about almost everything, except his daughter, Molly. Molly, played by Madeline Carroll, runs the household, while her father constantly goes to the local bar. She is very intelligent and loves politics. Her love for politics is actually what causes the major plot of the story. The movie,

  • Jazz The Chameleon: Jazz

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    stated earlier, jazz is an umbrella term, one that is associated with many different styles of music. Swing music, as this group of musicians was labeled, is one of those said styles of music. In the early 1900’s, during the “Swing Era” jazz and swing music’s sole purpose was entertainment, specifically, it served as dance music which was often performed by large bands or dance orchestras. Swing as a style is a way of playing rhythm in jazz characterized by an excited, bouncy feel, hence why it was

  • Frank Sinatra At The Sands Analysis

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    (1960s), many things had taken place such as the death of the president John F. Kennedy, the war in Vietnam, the fight for civil rights, the younger generation trying new things such as drugs, and experimentation with music. Although the popularity of Swing was already dying down, Frank Sinatra continued his singing career with this type of Jazz which still appealed to a majority of audiences at the time. Before his career flourished, Sinatra sang in different big bands and appeared in many films in the

  • Symbolism In Night And The Book Thief

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    symbol can be a color, a book, or a person. For example, Melissa de la Cruz used symbols when she stated that “Black is the color of night. White is the true color of death.” In Night by Elie Wiesel, The Book Thief by Markus Zusak, and the movie Swing Kid, symbolism found in music is a common theme that they all convey. Music symbolizes peace, comfort and freedom in the two novels and the movie. In Night by Elie Wiesel, Juliek playing the violin in the crowded barracks is a symbol of peace, safety

  • Swing Kid Film Analysis

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    Peter Müller of Swing Kids At the start of the 1930s, Germany began to experience the effects of the worldwide economic depression. The government at the time, the Weimar Republic, was perceived as weak to many Germans, and the democratic rule was unable to provide the country with a solution to its economic despair. With the Weimar Republic’s lack of popularity and the increasing anger and impatience amongst Germans, Adolf Hitler offered false promises of a prosperous future that raised the hopes

  • Baby Swing Research Paper

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    Why AC Powered Baby Swing is Best for You Tired of changing batteries very often in your infant’s swing? Fortunately many types of baby swings are out in the market with various features and options and most of it are AC powered. For many families with newborn or infants, a baby swing is indeed a must have. Others call it “sanity saver” as it can calm, entertain, soothe and cuddle fussy and colicky babies. This baby gear can imitate the rhythmic rocking motion that works magic on your little one

  • Bebop And The Intricacies Of Music

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    quarter notes to eighths is significant. But even to me, some of the innovations of bebop are noticeable. There is much more emphasis on individual creativeness and solo technique, which is different from the highly structured sets that characterized swing bands. Beboppers were often creative interpreters of existing jazz standards. For instance, in some of Charlie Parker’s work, he would keep a song’s harmonic structure but replace its melody with an inventive and technically dazzling improvisation

  • Summary: The Rhythm Society Orchestra

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    The Rhythm Society Orchestra Swing Jazz Band The concert I choose to attend, was a swing band called; The Rhythm Society Orchestra. The orchestra performed on July 2, 2015, in a small town about an hour away. In the community of Howell, Michigan, the concert that was put on by the Opera House of Howell, outside in the courtyard; in front of the town 's courthouse. The show started at 7:00 pm, and ended at 9:00 pm, which was free to the public to enjoy. Upon arriving, I had learned there would not

  • Reflection On The Movie Swing Kids

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    Swing to the Left or to the Right: A Reflection on Swing Kids We are part of each other’s history. Everything we do or say affects not only our lives but also the lives of others because history is a communal experience. We have a choice on how to respond to all that is happening around us. History can either bind us or set us free. We are constantly shaping and reshaping ourselves, by everything we do and do not do, in a world where there is no real neutrality. We live in a turbulent world today

  • Swing Kids Movie Essay

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    In the movie Swing Kids directed by Thomas Carter, Peter and Thomas are Hitler Youth by day and swing kids by night. However, as time goes by, the boys find this difficult to maintain. As they get deeper in the Hitler Youth Movement, Thomas becomes committed to the Nazis, while Peter decides to take a stand as a resistor. The light skinned and blonde hair, Thomas Berger, lives a well off life. Thomas’s physical and athletic appearance makes him stand out among the other Germans. His family’s wealth

  • When The Bed Breaks: Duke Ellington's Life And Music

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    Duke Ellington was an African American composer, pianist and bandleader who composed thousands of songs over his 50-year career during the World War 1, The Great Depression and World War 2. Duke Ellington was born on April 29, 1899, his parents were James Edward and Daisy Ellington. With his father, a Methodist, and his mother, a Baptist, Ellington 's upbringing had strong religious influences. An artistic child, Ellington passed up his art scholarship to study at the Pratt Institute in Brooklyn