Thomism Essays

  • Peter Singer's Utilitarian Theory On The Ethical Treatment Of Non-Human Animals

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    In the film, "Louis Theroux's African Hunting Party", South African wild game farmers advocate trophy hunting as a necessary activity for saving certain species from inevitable extinction due to illegal wildlife poaching. However, when considering Peter Singer's utilitarian theory on the ethical treatment of non-human animals, the process of shooting and killing an animal to preserve its species seems counterintuitive. Applying Singer's perspective, my position is that trophy hunting is morally unacceptable

  • An Analysis Of Martin Luther King's A Letter From A Birmingham Jail

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    In Martin Luther King, Jr.’s “A Letter From a Birmingham Jail,” he provides answers to fundamental metaphysical questions regarding the nature of the human soul. Though his letter is addressed to a group of eight clergymen criticizing his direct action campaign in Birmingham, his ultimate aim is the uplifting of human personhood. Underlying King’s letter is a philosophical, hylemorphic anthropology which puts an anchor deep into a certain conception of personhood, and binds all people who are to

  • Existentialism In The Fight Club

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    “Life has no meaning … It is up to you to give it a meaning, and value is nothing but the meaning that you choose.” This is an existentialist quote by Jean-Paul Sartre which helps to explain the beliefs of one who follows this philosophy. Existentialism is a complex philosophy emphasizing the absurdity of reality and the human responsibility to make choices and accept consequences. This philosophy was created during the second world war, when Europe found itself in a crisis of death and destruction

  • Thomas Aquinas Argument

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    Aquinas Thomas Aquinas was a well-recognized philosopher and theologian whose main interest was to teach and share with everyone the importance of religion and the existence of God. As he was a theologian, Aquinas main focus was church. His work was popular during the Scholasticism era, which was the peak of the medieval church. Aquinas principal working tool was the way he explained his arguments based on reasoning of his own. With the help of reasoning, Aquinas could conclude God’s role in this

  • Xo Case Study

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    1. Discuss the moral principle being followed by the XO. XO (Hunter) is acting based not only on the orders given to him but he thinks also the consequences of the orders being given. He is acting with due respect for the good of the many and not to just set the fire for war; it is here where utilitarianism comes in. Utilitarianism acts where the greater value is between either pleasure or pain. He is also applying the Principle of Double-effect under its guideline where there must be sufficient

  • Demonstration Importance In Teaching

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    The term demonstration is rooted in the Latin word demonstrare, meaning to show or explain (Wiktionary, 2006). This meaning is very close to the most relevant common definition, “a description or explanation, as of a process, illustrated by examples, specimens, or the like” (, 2006). Demonstrations differ in terms of informational and physical individualities done by the teacher as well as the difficulties placed upon the learner. In addition to observing the example (e.g., activities

  • Saint Thomas Aquinas: What Is God?

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    “What is God?” As a young boy, this is the question Saint Thomas Aquinas posed to his schoolmaster. While the schoolmaster’s answer is never recorded, Saint Thomas spent the rest of his life trying to answer the question, “What is God?” The driving motivation behind why Thomas sought to answer the question was his love for God and for knowledge. Thomas was both extremely studious and pious, and these traits were evident throughout all of Thomas’s life. They were paired with an amazingly unusual

  • Ethical Dilemma Same Sex Marriage

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    God. In order to identify whether something is correct, we have to ask ourselves if it is consistent with its natural laws of nature or purpose. The most prominent articulations of this theory are the ne given by Thomas Aquinas also better known as Thomism. Thomists were the most influential in outlining the universal declaration of human rights in the United Nations and therefore this theory is pretty invasive in moral thoughts. The most interesting aspect of this theory is the notion that ethical